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A 40 day, 11,000 mile journey is almost complete. With your help, we can help bring this amazing story to the world. Read more

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This project's funding goal was not reached on May 6, 2011.

A 40 day, 11,000 mile journey is almost complete. With your help, we can help bring this amazing story to the world.

About this project

We are excited to take the next step in our film release for the United States of Autism. Already winners of the Pepsi Refresh Project, we were able to travel 11,000 miles in 40 days around America filming families and individuals affected by autism. We have been able to generate a huge amount of interest in the film and we are looking forward to getting our message out there to the American people and abroad.

Currently, we are in need of funding to cover some of our post production expenses. As you can see from our trailer, we have many skilled individuals willing to give a lot of their time and effort to this project. However, we still need to travel the country to talk to the news media, hand out media kits, bring in and compensate animators, colorists, artists and editors to finish the film, and put together submission fees for our festival tour.

We really believe a movie like this can transcend the autism community. It is as much a story about America as it is about autism, and a lot of people have already expressed interest in moving it forward. We are already done filming and could almost finish the movie. However, we are here to make a great movie for the people of America about our families, friends, and individuals affected by autism.

This is why we're putting together a kickstarter campaign to finish our project.


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    An official United States of Autism t-shirt which we are producing for the film.

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