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We did it! The Joan Benoit Samuelson story is on DVD- Now we need to get the rights for the digital release.

We are looking for funds to complete our documentary on Joan Benoit Samuelson.  To this point we have a basic production in the can, but we are short some important material to finish the film. The film was shot in 2010 and since then there have been new material that needs to be added to the project. As the title implies, Joanie is always on the move and she has accomplished much since then that needs to be revised.  This is a movie for every runner and a testament to living the good life, honoring the environment and building healthy communities! By donating $25 you will get a copy of the DVD and be on our mailing list to keep up with "Joanie". 

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The challenge for us will be to revamp the packaging for the DVD with the new updates for video extras and how we will include them in digital downloads. DVD authoring is a complex creative process, as well the artwork development and production. The funds will enable us to take care of most of these issues. Autographed copies will be sent out to our funders will mean making sure that our "star" will be available to do this in a timely fashion.


  • ABC has a separate license for Olympic footage that will be available in digital downloads. We got the DVD rights but we later found out that the digital rights were also needed.

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