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Feminist Pop-Up Festival's video poster

A scrappy DIY festival happening around the country to connect feminist artists to their communities! Read more

Portland, OR Art
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This project was successfully funded on April 12, 2013.

A scrappy DIY festival happening around the country to connect feminist artists to their communities!

Portland, OR Art
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About this project

 We are thrilled to announce the premier of the FEMINIST POP UP FESTIVAL, a DIY festival that connects existing feminist art communities and mobilizes new ones!   

Currently, we are planning festivals in Portland OR, Brooklyn NY, Bangor ME, and Minneapolis MN for the spring and summer of 2013.  In the fall, we'll pick a new lineup of cities!  We have already been busy setting up performances, collaborations, workshops, and gallery shows.  The emphasis will be on local work in each of these cities, with friends and collaborators coming in from all over the country.  

The festival will be framed by the philosophy "let's talk about it".  In addition to structured performances and gallery shows, we will have open social gatherings where we talk about what it means to be a feminist artist and how we can help each other and our communities.  This will happen at bars, in workshops, at coffee shops, and public places all over the city.  

This festival was born from the never-ending conversation about being a feminist: how do you work as a feminist artist?  Who do you work with?  How do you manage power and confusion and inequality in the content as well as the process of your art making?  How does a community support artists making this kind of work?  Most often, we have to create this community from scratch, and that's where we come in! In these uncertain times, opportunities to network and support other artists are crucial, and we're thrilled to get the ball rolling.  

To get involved and find out more, find us on Facebook or email us...

Risks and challenges

Ok, ok, we get it: planning a national tour is kind of hard. It's a pretty big deal. But don't worry! We've done this before. Relax. We're professionals.

Rachel has successfully managed two national tours for her plays- one to the West Coast, and one all the way down south to New Orleans. She has worked as a tour and production manager for multiple other professional performance ventures, including Hollins University, as well as Zorongo Flamenco, APORIA and The Barebones Halloween Extravaganza in Minneapolis.

In addition, we have our fabulous collaborators! We are working with existing organizations in all of our destination cities, such as Hollins University in Virginia, APORIA in Minneapolis, and the University of Maine.

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    Send us three details about yourself and we'll make you a mini-performance via video. A monologue, a short play, a dance piece, a conceptual art moment- whatever we feel works best for you!

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    We will write you into the performance piece "Dark/Heavy/Full of Holes" that we are premiering at the Feminist Pop-Up Festival. One phone or email date will be required to find some material we can include.

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