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A full sized wall mural will be painted by artist PLF (Peter Ferrari) to help make the west midtown area of Atlanta more attractive!

On the corner of Longley and West Marietta in the West Midtown area of Atlanta, there is a large white beast of a building just begging to be turned into an eye capturing art project.  Its been a victim of 'taggers' and graffiti that has to be constantly covered up with more white paint and creates an eye sore for anyone walking or driving by or when waiting to get inside of Carvers Country Kitchen across the street.  Hence the reason why some of us have decided to do something about it and get an artist in here to create beauty from the beast.

Atlanta artist Peter Ferrari, known as PLF in the art scene, has stepped up to tackle this art project and he has some great creative ideas for a huge colorful wall mural.  Its going to take about a month of prepping and painting and tons of paint but at its finish we should have a mammoth mural that should definitely turn heads.

The funding of this project will go towards all paint and prep supplies, as well as support funds for PLF during this large art endeavor.

A photo of the wall to be painted:

Please help fund this project and help us create more public art for the Atlanta community!

A photostream of previous art by PLF:

Some previous works by PLF:


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    you helped fund an Atlanta based artist to create something beautiful

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    A Magnet art with one of PLF's art pieces printed on it

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    One of the spraypaint cans used to paint the wall will be signed by PLF himself as a token of thanks for supporting this project. Also a magnet art from the previous pledge level

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    A 12x18 print of one of PLF's works and all the awards from the lower pledge levels.

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    An 11x11 framed painting (painted by PLF of course) which replicates a portion of the mural that will be painted on the wall along with everything from the lower tiers as well.

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