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Amy Cova Dance performs at Jacob's Pillow 80th Anniversary Dance Festival on August 22, 2012!!!

Amy Cova Dance premiers a very fast man in a very short skirt at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival!

We are dancing, of course!!! The exciting part is that we are performing at a National Historic Landmark, the ONLY dance Landmark in the country! We are honored to be performing at Jacob's Pillow's 80th Anniversary Season. If you aren't familiar with the magic that happens at Jacob's Pillow, PLEASE check it out here: 

In its inaugural year, Amy Cova Dance is dancing with the big kids (and Riley too of course)!!! On August 22nd, we will premiere a very fast man in a very short skirt, our evening length dance that we have been working on since November 2011. With almost a year of creating, dancing, editing, showing, receiving feedback, reshaping, pulling apart and putting back together this dynamic work is itching for the opportunity to be performed at the world-renowned Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival. 

a very fast man in a very short skirt is a collaboration between choreographer, Amy Cova, composer Brian Trahan and the dancers of Amy Cova Dance, the ingenious, tenacious and arresting Jessica Jolly, Allegra Romita, Tara Sheena, Sophie Torok and Nadia Tykulsker (Liz Dugas too). The work, initially inspired by the rituals of the Tarahumara Indians evokes play as a means to explore the physical and mental strength necessary for growth, success and happiness. 

As a choreographer, this is the most prestigious project I have been a part of. I am honored and elated to have been selected to show my work on this historic stage. I feel like I've won the lottery!

a very fast man in a very short skirt will premiere on Wednesday August 22nd at 6:15pm on Jacob's Pillow's Inside/Out Stage. The performance is backdropped by the breathtaking Berkshire Mountains and it's FREE! So if you are in that neck of the woods, PLEASE come be a part of this historic evening.

Here's the Gist

I read a book my first autumn in New York City, November of 2010 to be exact. I knew by the second chapter that I was supposed to make a dance inspired by Christopher McDougall's Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World has Never Seen. Fast forward a year to November of 2011 when I was 7 months pregnant and completely inspired and motivated by the perfect little Miss Riley that was inside my belly. I was determined to be a mama that my daughter would be proud of; a mover and a shaker, a dreamer and most importantly a doer! For me that meant making work that challenges me as an artist and a person, work that makes people think, or feel something.

That's when I gathered an extremely gifted and luminous tribe of super dancing folks with which to collaborate. The dancers of Amy Cova Dance are indispensable; they are my muses and they are my critics, but most importantly they are my cohorts and collaborators. After nine months of dancing and playing and sweating and stressing in studios across NYC, our dance, a very fast man in a very short skirt is a very real world initially inspired by a text, but now something so different as it was birthed not just by Riley's mom, but by Jessica, Allegra, Sophie, Tara and Nadia.

Enter prodigy Brian Trahan, composer and musician extraordinaire. His initiation into this work was fast and furious. Imagine six dancers and one baby inundating you with rituals, play and movement! I'm pretty sure it's called baptism by fire. By then it was too late for Brian, he was an integral part of our dance and the world of a very fast man in a very short skirt!

Check out 2 work in progress excerpts of the dance below!!!

So here we are, almost a month before the big day. This is where YOU come in!!!

Why we NEED you. (Pretty please and thank you!)

We are bursting with pride that a very fast man in a very short skirt has been selected to perform at Jacob's Pillow's Inside/Out Stage. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to perform in a space that is so full of dance history and dance magic, real magic! We are humbled to be a part of Jacob's Pillow's 80th Anniversary Season.

However, we have incurred many significant costs along the way. Most importantly we MUST pay the dancers! These humans have given of themselves mentally, emotionally and of course physically over the past nine months in excess of 100 hours! Yep, wow! 

Another essential cost includes paying our phenomenal composer and musician (that's right he is playing LIVE at Jacob's Pillow!!!). We must also cover the copious cost of rehearsal space rental, costumes, travel to and from The Pillow, as well as room and board for the collaborators.

Kickstarter is providing this wonderful platform through which we can ask you, our friends, family and greater community for support in making this performance successful. We are asking for assistance because we need it, but also because we are extremely proud of the art that we are making and believe that it is important to share with you!

The kicker is that funding is all-or-nothing which means that we only receive your generous donations if we reach our goal! Amy Cova Dance thanks you in advance for your love and support. We can't wait to share a very fast man in a very short skirt with you!

Tara Sheena And Nadia Tykulsker
Tara Sheena And Nadia Tykulsker

A Bit More About Us

Please email us at

Please visit our brand new facebook page

Or our brand spanking new website:

You can watch us on Vimeo too!

Amy Cova is Founder and Artistic Director of Amy Cova Dance (est 2011). In 2009 she graduated from the University of Michigan. While attending university, Cova was awarded three grants from the Center for World Performance Studies and a research grant from the Rackham Graduate School. Her choreography has been presented internationally in Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica and Italy. Most recently, Cova's choreography has been produced at the Manhattan Movement and Arts Center, Dance New Amsterdam, the Alvin Ailey Studio Theatre, the John Ryan Theatre and Triskelion Arts.

Cova's choreography has been commissioned by numerous institutions including Eastern Michigan University, Grand Valley State University, Blue Lake International Fine Arts Ensemble, Performing Arts Dance Theater and the Detroit Institute of Art. Her choreography has been selected for performance in the American Dance Guild Festival (NY), DUMBO Dance Festival (NY), the Collaboration in Dance festival (NY), MOVE! Arts Festival (MI) and the Michigan Youth Arts Festival.

Cova has also choreographed for commercial and industrial productions including MTV, E! Television, ABC's Dance Fever, the NFL and Cadillac Motor Company.

Cova has been adjunct faculty member and/or guest artist at numerous institutions including University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University, Grand Valley State University, Wayne State University and Oakland University. Additionally she has taught for the Governor's School for the Arts (VA).

Cova has performed in works by many notable choreographers including Melissa Beck, Laura Dean, Bill DeYoung, Jessica Fogel, Rennie Harris, Peter Sparling and Paul Taylor. She currently performs with Nadia Tykulsker's Brooklyn based spark(edit)arts. Cova is a recipient of NYC's The Field's Emerging Artist Residency 2012.


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