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Bring back the American Dream for struggling families - Help American Winter make an impact in communities and legislatures nationwide
217 backers pledged $25,583 to help bring this project to life.

Only 4 days to go to raise $16,500 --and hundreds of requests for screenings across the country!

Posted by Gantz Brothers (Creator)

Over the last few weeks since American Winter debuted on HBO, we have received hundreds of screening requests from individuals and groups across the country who would like to use the film in different ways to educate, inform, advocate, or otherwise support their interests on a grassroots level. Inquiries have come from social services workers, foundation directors, schools, churches, union halls, government agencies, advocacy groups, and politicians. We are trying to field each of these requests and eventually provide a DVD of the film and materials to all of these folks, so that these groups can host screenings in local theaters, community centers, religious institutions, offices and even homes. Groups that host screenings will be able to use the personal stories and economic issues presented in the film as a point of entry into addressing the needs of the community in which the event is taking place. If hundreds, and eventually thousands, of these types of screenings take place in communities across the country, we can fuel a movement towards positive change in this country.  

To keep this work going though, we have to reach our Kickstarter goal.  We need to raise $16,500 more to meet our goal or else we get none of the funds contributed so far.  Please spread the word to your social networks.  Here are some sample tweets that you can use and a sample facebook post that you can use.  Thank you SO much for your support --we're gonna get there! 


The one film to see this year about rising poverty in America is the doc American Winter. Get involved, spark change

American Winter doc powerfully shows the American Dream is out of reach for nearly half of the nation. Ignite change

@AmericanWinter's Kickstarter campaign ends on Friday Apr 12th! Please support this important film, donate today:


AMERICAN WINTER, which is now playing on HBO, follows the stories of families struggling to keep their heads above water in today’s economy, and highlights the human impact of rising poverty, cuts to social safety net programs, and the fracturing of the American Dream. The filmmakers’ Kickstarter campaign to ensure that the film reaches key policy influencers and community leaders across the country ends on Friday April 12th and they still need to raise $16000. Please support the film and their outreach efforts by watching the trailer, and by donating to their Kickstarter campaign today:


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