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The Pi-Bot is a uniquely designed (and affordable!) complete robot kit for anyone interested in building and programming robots!
The Pi-Bot is a uniquely designed (and affordable!) complete robot kit for anyone interested in building and programming robots!
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Manual Update and Video Tutorials

Posted by Melissa Jawaharlal (Creator)

To our Awesome Pi-Bot Supporters,

We have learned so much in these last couple months. Thank you for remaining supportive and understanding throughout.


Many of you have received your Pi-Bots. International Pi-Bots and classroom packs are on their way! Expected delivery times are country dependent but should definitely occur within the month. We didn't anticipate the amount of time shipping and handling would take (a full time job!).

Pi-Bot Manual

A couple days ago, we uploaded our Pi-Bot Manual and some sample codes. For those of you who are seasoned roboticists, you immediately noticed some discrepancies and may have been able to work past them. A very, very special thank you to Alan, Asterix, Jesse, and Jon for bringing these issues to us. We know how frustrating it can be to identify things like this and we can't tell you how much your support has meant to us and helped us and all of our backers! We want to fix these discrepancies (pin connections for wiring and programming) immediately but it does require some new pictures to be taken which will take some time.

Video Tutorials

We are working on pushing out our video tutorials which will allow you to walk through the Pi-Bot experience. We have already published an introduction to terminology video, gearbox assembly, and intro to electronics with breadboarding. Pi-Bot assembly (including tire assembly) and wiring will be up shortly.

Here is the link to our video tutorials page.

For those of you have started building from the manual - please do not continue using your manual and please only use the video tutorials for now! We don't want you to be confused further and really appreciate your understanding through this. We will publish the updated manual soon and will send out an update when we do.

For those of you who are ready to wire and are able to do so without further instructions - below is an updated wiring diagram with corrected pin connections.  

Thank you for all your continued patience and support!

Much love,

Lavanya and Melissa

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    1. William Rainbird on

      My nine year old son Nicolas and I just got done building our Pi-bot. What an excellent project; we loved the video tutorials. You both made it look so easy, and he just followed along. Now comes the moment of truth. We are back on-line to download the motor test. This is an awesome experience; thank you both and to all the fellow backers.

    2. Miguel Marco Rodríguez on

      I've just received my Pi-Bot pack.. I'm so excited thank you!!

    3. Phillip Anderson on

      Great I fig'd it'd be ground.

    4. Melissa Jawaharlal 3-time creator on

      @Asterix - thank you!
      @Phillip & Jack - hope Asterix's image clarified. We'll be sure to make the "common ground" more apparent in our updated manual we are working on.
      @Antonio - your kit should ship out by this weekend and have a generated tracking number sent to your email at that time.

    5. Asterix on

      Jack, Phillip, please take a look at this image

      The arrows in blue is where the LED ground should go. Hopefully that helps.

    6. Missing avatar

      Antonio Soto Miranda on

      You have information about tracking number for international backers. thanks

    7. Phillip Anderson on

      That's a big help! I thought I was going nuts with that pin 10 too. Jack asks a good one. My 2 ¢.

    8. Jack Hogoboom on

      Thanks for the update! At least now there aren't two connections going to pin 10. This still doesn't show where the LED ground wires should go. Can you add that? Thanks! Jack