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The Pi-Bot is a uniquely designed (and affordable!) complete robot kit for anyone interested in building and programming robots!
The Pi-Bot is a uniquely designed (and affordable!) complete robot kit for anyone interested in building and programming robots!
1,107 backers pledged $113,175 to help bring this project to life.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hello Wonderful Pi-Bot Supporters!

We hope you are having a great Thanksgiving weekend! :) As we write this, we are also preparing for our family dinner this evening. We are thankful to have you as a part of our Pi-Bot Family - thank you for getting us started and keeping us going!

A couple updates:

1. As we move into the holiday season, consider giving the gift of an educational experience with the Pi-Bot, The Technical Alphabet (hardcover book and placemat), or a Fiat Lux Wearable Kit!

2. Our Fiat Lux Wearable Electronics Education Kit is live on Kickstarter and we'd like to share our recent press! First of all, thanks to Million Women Mentors (MWM) for featuring us on their Thanksgiving newsletter.  

Atmel also wrote a fantastic, exclusive blog on the Fiat Lux! You can also find more information about the Fiat Lux and our Shark Tank airing from UC Berkeley and USC's articles. With just 13 days to go on our campaign, every $ and every share counts extra! Don't miss the chance to grab one of these cool kits today! Thank you for your continued support!

3. Have you taken part in our Fiat Lux Challenge? As a Pi-Bot backer, you can take part in the challenge by answering some fun STEM questions and possibly win some cool free prizes! Check out our Facebook to learn more and participate.

We hope you have a fantastic weekend with your loved ones. Thank you!!

Much Love,

Melissa and Lavanya

Back on Kickstarter - Fiat Lux Wearables


To our Awesome Pi-Bot Supporters,

This has been an incredibly busy and exciting week and we have some more news we'd like to share with you! As many of you know we are airing on Shark Tank tonight at 9 PM EST/PST. To celebrate this moment, we just launched our "Fiat Lux Wearable Electronics Kit" Kickstarter campaign and would love for you to check it out. This is the first wearable electronics kit of its kind. Through creative design, circuits, sewing, and programming, the Fiat Lux brings to life any object. The bracelet below was designed and created by one of our students and uses our Pixelites (smart RGB LEDs) and is powered by the Fiat Lux microcontroller.

We have created a graphical programming interface to make the Fiat Lux accessible to elementary school students and above. The Fiat Lux is for everyone! Students, parents, friends, hobbyists - all can learn and create their own unique projects!

Fiat Lux means "Let there be light". Help spark creativity everywhere! We are very excited about this kit and would love your support in bringing it to life. 

Thanks so much and hope you are tuning in to watch Shark Tank at 9 PM ET/PT!

Much love,

Melissa & Lavanya

Catch us on Shark Tank on 10/30!!


To our Awesome Pi-Bot Supporters,

We made it to Shark Tank! We will be airing on the ABC show "Shark Tank" this Friday, October 30th at 9 PM ET/PT. Our little Pi-Bot will (hopefully) be making an appearance too!

We are ecstatic to share this news with you and want you to know how thankful we are that you helped us get started. We would not be here without you! We would love your support on Friday night - watch us on ABC!

New Product Coming

We have a new product on the way - a wearable electronics education kit called the "Fiat Lux". Stay tuned for more info shortly!

Much love,

Melissa & Lavanya

V2.0 & Our New Creativity Center!


To our Awesome Pi-Bot Supporters,

We hope you are doing well! It has been a while since our last update (sorry!) and we would love share some of the things that we have been up to.  

1.  Pi-Bot has now been upgraded to Version 2.0! Version 2.0 includes:

  • Extra fasteners and wires for just-in-case scenarios
  • Longer motor wires for easier wiring
  • Improved User Manual
  • Improved Video Tutorials

2.  We moved our center to a new space in Claremont, CA! Our Robotics Creativity Center is a space for students from 5 years old and above to exercise their creativity as they design, experiment, and program. We started out of our family's living room, moved to a space that was barely a thousand square feet in Pomona, CA and are now in a space double the size. If you are in Southern California or visiting the area, come visit us and say hello! We designed it ourselves - a mega undertaking this summer! Here are some pictures of our new space.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and we hope all is going well for you! We are working on some new, exciting programs and will keep you updated! 

Much love,

Melissa & Lavanya

Pi-Bot V1.5 now ready! And T-40 hrs left on our Tech ABC Campaign!


To our Awesome Pi-Bot Supporters,

We are so excited to let you know that our Pi-Bot Version 1.5 ("Pi-Bot V1.5") is now at our center and ready!

We have also updated our Pi-Bot Website. Check it out here!

In addition, we have created a "Pi-Bot: Educator's Guide". Please email or message us directly if you are an educator looking to lead a program or start a class at your organization.

Finally, we now have just 40 hours left on our Technical Alphabet Kickstarter campaign. This ABC book is a major step in creating technology literacy and awareness of our modern world at a young age. We would love your support on helping us surpass our goal so we can get these books printed and self-published in time for the December holidays. If you pledge for our Technical Alphabet campaign, you will receive a $5 discount on our Pi-Bot V1.5 as well! 

THANK YOU for all your help and support - we appreciate every one of you so much! Hope you have a great week!  

Much love,

Lavanya and Melissa