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No Milk, a short film about breasts. Read more

New York, NY Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on May 23, 2013.

No Milk, a short film about breasts.

New York, NY Shorts
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About this project

Welcome to No Milk. This short film is a truly conceptual piece, a "what if" story inspired by a dream, life... and breasts. We are thrilled to have this opportunity to partner up with people who support film. We love boobies, so any donations receive over our 25k goal will go to  The Keep A Breast Foundation™ is the leading youth-focused, global, nonprofit breast cancer organization.





Sasha is beautiful and tough. When she’s not at school battling bullies, she spends her days hanging out with friends and challenging authority in standard hormone-fueled fashion.

But Sasha's world is anything but standard; it’s an alternate futuristic world where breast milk has become unfit for human consumption and is strictly regulated by the militaristic medical arm of the government.

Until now, Sasha's main concerns in life have been BFFs and boyfriends, but boys find her ample cup-size revolting and her friendships are dissolving before her eyes.

Suddenly she’s facing a bigger, sharper problem that cuts deeper than teen angst and could alter more than just flesh.

Can comfort be gained at the edge of a surgeon’s knife, or should Sasha choose a whole-bodied future? In a state that grants only the illusion of freedom, does she even have a choice?



PRE-PRODUCTION: This phase will involve location scouting, casting, art department preparation. Pending the success of our fund-raising efforts, we will begin to solidify our schedule.

PRODUCTION: We plan to shoot the week of August 19th, 2013. We'll need 5 days to capture every element of this multi-location, 15 page script, some of which takes place in a school.

POST PRODUCTION: We will begin post production immediately after our shoot. This involves editing, VFX, musical scoring, sound mix and design. Our goal is to have a final cut ready by March 2014. Please note: the Kickstarter goal of $25,000 does NOT include post production costs.

We are excited to submit No Milk to film festivals globally in 2014.

  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Shooting Format: Digital 
  • Camera: ARRI Alexa
  • Picture: Color
  • Run Time: 15 min.
  • Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama


I love the idea of unhindered thoughts and wild dreams. Dreams offer us a chance to experience moments and witness visions we don't ordinarily have the opportunity to. I allow these visions, in concert with elements of day-to-day life to inspire my work.

Growing up in Coney Island/Brighton Beach as an only child I was embraced by a rich, complex culture with deep roots. I began my artistic journey as and painter and later found my voice in filmmaking. My first film, Dame Factory, is an award winning experimental short; it taught me to trust and believe in a vision.

My intention is to create imagery that goes beyond what has been visualized before in film. I believe boundaries are there to be challenged.

No Milk explores an alternate future society where the people's will to stay true to our human instincts has ceased. It's a society that rewards vanity and has forgotten how to nurture and love. I want people to leave with a true appreciation for our natural human instincts,  and for women our maternal instincts

As mentioned in our video, the initial idea for No Milk came to me in a dream. I woke up feeling so uneasy. What if this was our world? What if what makes a woman desirable was subverted? Coming from an advertising background where everything is possible this something I instantly wanted to expand on in a surreal narrative film. 

This is a collaboration as all grand projects are. We invite you to join us and be a part of something amazing. Please support any amount you choose and know that your contribution will help bring this piece of art to life for everyone to experience. No Milk will be submitted to festivals globally and is sure to make an impact.


Making a film is a rewarding but expensive undertaking. In fact, the Kickstarter goal of $25,000 only represents a portion of what we'll need to shoot the current script.

Donations towards this project go directly to financing equipment rental, insurance and shoot permit costs, production vehicle rentals, set build, catering and more.

Our aim is not to cut corners with a "just get it done" approach. Our budget is sensible but it is also a blueprint for a professional production; our crew will consist of working film and TV professionals and while some of them will lend us their time and skills for scaled rates or for free, our practices and set operations will otherwise be industry standard.

The need for fiscal support cannot be overstated, but we'll keep this request brief; we invite you into a partnership that begins with a generous monetary donation and ends with a finished work that could not have been made without you.

We can only offer trifles as gratitude for your support (See rewards to the right.) but we hope that the project itself is sufficient inspiration for your gift.


Left to Right: L. Simpson, Melanie Abramov, 2011
Left to Right: L. Simpson, Melanie Abramov, 2011

Melanie Abramov, Writer/Director

Website | @DameProd

Melanie Abramov is a director from Brooklyn, NY. She began as a painter and now uses motion graphics and film as a tool to express her surrealist artistic style.

Under her freelance alias, Dame Productions she has worked for clients such as Scion, Y&R, UVPH, Digitas and Ralph Lauren on high-profile commercial projects. Currently she works as a Sr. Motion Director for a top fashion house in NY.

Melanie directed her first award-winning experimental short film, Dame Factory, Inc. in 2010 and was selected as Scion AV’s filmmaker-to-watch in 2012, starring in the brand’s nationwide “What Moves You” commercial campaign.

L. Simpson, Producer

Website | Slated | @LoSim

L. Simpson has produced commercial and web content for a variety of clients including Leo Burnett, Discovery Communications and AGT International.

Simpson co-wrote the 2009 People's Choice Awards nominated film Pirate Fort with director Jessica Brillhart and produced Melanie Abramov's Brooklyn International Film Festival and Coney Island Film Festival award-winner Dame Factory Inc.

Currently based in Los Angeles, L. is developing several shorts in addition to a feature length project.


Skip this if you're familiar, but for those of you who are new to crowdfunding:

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Full FAQ available here.

Risks and challenges

When it comes to fulfillment of rewards, the only variable subject to change is the estimated date of delivery. All rewards are guaranteed pending success of the campaign.

If the film shoot stays on schedule for August 2013, delivery dates will likely be as stated. If the shoot date shifts due to logistics, all backers will be informed and will be kept up-to-date on revisions to the fulfillment schedule.

Filmmaking is a collaboration. Success depends on the team's ability to coalesce around the goal of making a great movie and on the commitment, creativity and vision of the team's leaders.

Both the producer and the director are experienced in their fields and are known for working smart and strong. As a result, we know this film can be succesfully completed and delivered on time in 2014 if we raise the necessary funds.

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    HOT SHOT – We get to make a movie because of you. We’re giving you an exclusive sneak peak at the process to show our appreciation. Your reward includes: Special Thanks in on-screen credits, shoot stills via digital download, 2-minute making-of featurette via digital download (available during post-production).

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    INTERNET STAR – We want the world to know! This pledge earns you a place on the film’s IMDb page. We have a couple of other goodies for you too that are exclusively yours. Here’s the full list: Special Thanks in credits everywhere they appear (Including IMDb), the official film press kit via digital download, original film music via digital download (available during post-production).

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    PARTY VIP – You just became the life and soul of our amazing screening party. Seriously. We’d like to show our appreciation with the following gifts: Special Thanks in credits everywhere they appear (including IMDb), VIP pass to party/screening, the final cut of the film via digital download (available after the film completes its run at film festivals); if overseas, you’ll get everything except the party pass.

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    LET’S TALK BOSS – You’re invaluable to us. We’re willing to give you access to a lot of different opportunities from casting stage through the festival run. Our starter list includes: Executive Producer credit, access to 1 casting session, access to 1 table read, 2 set visits, digital rough-cut screener, VIP pass to party/screening, digital copy of screenplay, dinner with the Director and lead actors; if overseas and unable to travel: You’ll get digital casting selects, a Skype group chat with director, producer and lead actor prior to shoot instead of access to casting session, table read and set visits, party pass and dinner.

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