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I'm making a set of poster-sized relief prints, each hand finished. All backers get a hand in customizing the art they will receive!

My name is Gabriel, and I'm an artist. 

I can even prove it! My own sitefacebooktwitter all bear witness to my endless doodling. 

So what is this project all about?

I'm making prints - and not digital prints. Linoleum cut, relief prints, using CYMK process inks and watercolors, to be specific.The funding will go towards buying the highest quality paper, inks, linoleum, and press time at a professional printing studio.

The main focus of this project will be a 24" x 36" linocut. It will be printable as a diptych for the final tier of rewards - yielding a 3 by 4 foot print. (I think everyone should own at least one huge piece of art, but there are going to be plenty of smaller pieces created for this project as well.)

What makes this project super special is the level of customization. Every print is hand-colored after it's pulled, so each one will be unique. Not only that, every print larger than the postcards can be customized to suit your preferences. If you want a vibrant autumnal palette, or a calm sea-green composition, or even just something to match your sofas, just make sure to leave your email. I'll be talking to each funder to ensure they get exactly the kind of print they want, as I produce them.

               - a selection of the mini-posters that will be available - 

More specifically I'll be making these prints available:

  • The smallest prints will be about 4"x6" and will be a set of three different designs, perfect for post cards, gift tags or letters.
  • The next size up is a mini-poster (see above image.) The printed space is about 11"x12". I will make several more of these specifically for the project, and you can pick your favorites.
  • The next size up is a large poster size print called Radiation. It measures 18" x 24" and can be presented as a diptych or printed twice on a single sheet as 2'x3' piece. (The top image is two prints of Radiation, presented as a diptych.)
  • The final piece will be a print at least twice the size of Radiation, at approximately 24" x 36". Tentatively named Extropy, it's going to look something like the sketch below. This will be the largest piece created specifically for this project. The work can be presented as a diptych or printed on a single sheet as a 3'x4' piece. 

      - a sketch of Extropy, as a single piece and a diptych - 

My Motivations -&- Why I'm using Kickstarter

My art tends to be extremely time consuming. This cut-paper piece, the largest I've done, took over 100 hours. (You can see the making of a smaller piece here.)  I estimated once that it would take me about six months non-stop working to make a piece the size of a Rothko or Pollock. Transitioning into printmaking has allowed me to scale up my work far beyond the constraints of my cut-paper work, with the added benefit of being able to quickly produce large editions once the meticulous cutting of the linoleum is finished. Leviathan Color is all about making work with the same vibrance and detail as my paper-cut work, while pushing my art towards a monumental scale. 

Selling art can be difficult in the best of markets, especially as an emerging artist without institutional backing. Funding this project with Kickstarter doesn't just mean taking on an ambitious project; since I'll be tailoring the production to exactly meet the demand, I can get this work into your hands for a damn low price. I think if you look at the rewards you'll see it's an amazing deal.

I see this project as a small step forward towards a long, ambitious artistic career. If you like my work, and can help support my efforts, I promise you an amazing return on your generosity.

Thanks so much for reading this far, and I hope you'll lend me your support. Cheers!

A few last things: I will be emailing every funder individually to work out the details of the pieces, where to send them etc. I am not offering framing, so the larger works will be shipped rolled. Please add 15% to your donation if you want the work shipped internationally or to multiple locations. 


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    I'll send a hand printed and colored postcard, to anywhere you like.

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    A mini-pack of three postcard sized prints, each a different design.

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    A mini-poster print, from a selection of 5 different designs, hand colored to your personal specifications. Plus a thank-you bonus postcard.

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    Three of the mini-posters, your choice of designs and colors, plus a 3-pack of postcards.

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    Instead of Radiation, I'll put together a coordinated set of four mini-posters, plus a pack of postcards.

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    A copy of 'Radiation' a large poster sized print, your choice of one of the mini-posters, both colored however you like. Plus a pack of postcards.

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    Last Chance! One copy of the print Extropy. 24" x 36"

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    The real meat of the project. One mega-poster sized print, a copy of 'Radiation', a mini-poster of your choice, all of which will be hand colored to suit your tastes. Not to mention you still get a pack of postcards!

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    DOUBLE UP! A coordinated diptych of the largest piece (making a 3'x4' piece) a coordinated diptych of Radiation, a set of three mini-posters, and a double pack of postcards.

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