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July 5th, 1776: Our founding fathers learn what happened the night before and must decide what to do next; a colonial-style "Hangover."

What is this project?

The trailer above is just a glimpse at the final product you can expect once this project is finished. Our story is a comedy about the founding fathers the day after the declaration of independence was signed -- and they barely remember a thing. The film follows them throughout their day as they learn more about the night before, and more importantly, figure out what to do now that they've formed a new country.

Who are we?

Our entire crew and part of our cast is made up of hardworking students from Emerson College in Boston, MA. Emerson is known for its strong film community, and this project is a great example of that creativity and work ethic. Fifth of July is a production created by Frames Per Second, a film organization at Emerson dedicated to giving students experience working on film sets as well as producing quality short films. Other cast members are actors living in New England.

Key Crew:
Producers: Jessica Doherty, Nicholas Jagelski, Laura Wu
Director: Joshua Grossman
Director of Photography: Joshua Levy
Writer: Andrew Soupcoff
Production Designers: Mara Martin, Brannon Smithwick
Editor: Ryan Ross

Alex Rankine as Thomas Jefferson
Justin Grankewicz as Benjamin Franklin
Andrew Barlow as Sam Adams
Curtis Reid as John Adams
David Dominguez as John Hancock
Eric Wells as George Washington

Why do we need your help?

Student films need all the support they can get. In order to make our shooting weekend happen, we needed money for the following:
- Transportation for our cast/crew, props, and equipment (T fare, car rentals, truck rentals)
- Rent our Red One camera and other equipment from Rule Boston Camera and High Output
- Insurance for all equipment
- Buy props and rent costumes to make 2012 look like 1776
- Food to feed our hardworking cast and crew

We have remaining costs that contribute to all of the above categories, and we need to get funded in order for post-production to continue! We want this project to be completed by April, so we must raise this money now. Please contact with any questions!

Thank you for your support!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Our film has already completed pre-production as well as production, and this money will cover all remaining costs in the categories mentioned above. Our film is currently in post-production, so the only risks would be a lack of proactivity. This is not a problem, as evidenced by the progression of cuts our crew is working on to bring it to a final cut. But of course, there are always risks such as not completing a project on time, or the loss footage due to hard drive damage. The more funds we have, the less likely these problems will occur!


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