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Participez à la restauration des courts-métrages de Buster Keaton !
Participez à la restauration des courts-métrages de Buster Keaton !
498 backers pledged €51,497 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      James Lomas on

      Received, however unplayable as it's restricted to Region A (the U.S.)I
      think it should have been made a bit clearer when given the option that the Blu-ray would not play in Europe, however probably my own fault for selecting that option when I could have had the DVD instead.

    2. Rodney Haydon on

      I received mine yesterday in Houston. I hope to be watching these tonight!

    3. Missing avatar

      John Bengtson on

      I received mine today in California. Looks fantastic! Thanks so much.

    4. Missing avatar

      Robert Duman on

      I received the blu ray today--thanks!

    5. Lobster Films Creator on

      Dear contributors,

      We are extremely sorry for the delay on the Blu-Ray deliveries. We are actually experiencing some logistic and agreement problems with Kino. We are doing our best for you to get delivered as soon as possible.
      No worries, they are coming!

      We wholeheartedly hope our new restorations will charm you and that you will still appreciate the genius of the man who never smiled in an unequalled quality.

      Sincerely yours,

      Lobster Films Team

    6. Benjamin Mouliets on

      Dear Michael, after experiencing Nicolas Pagnol's "Trilogie marseillaise" campaign, I can assure you this project is way better in terms of communication. Of course, it's a bit tricky since the French label works with Kino in the US. That must be a logistical issue (i.e. Kino sends the packages to France, and they bounce back to backers later). However, it would be nice to get the box sets shipped this week...

    7. Missing avatar

      Michael Haisma on

      I am disappointed with the lack of respect shown to backers. I am not sure whether there is a logistical issue with this release, or if it is an honest mistake, but I don't really care.

      When I see people are already ordering and receiving the same blu-ray on Amazon from the project I funded months ago, it makes me question whether I will ever purchase anything from Lobster or Kino again, let alone fund another Kickstarter. The most disappointing aspect is the extreme lack of communication to backers.

    8. Lobster Films Creator on

      Dear contributors, rest assured, we are in touch with Kino for the blu-ray shipment !
      Unfortunately, the delivery have lagged behind, you will be delivered soon ! We do everything for you to be delivered at the earliest...

      Best regards,

      Lobster Films Team

    9. Rodney Haydon on

      Still waiting for some response on when we can expect the blu-ray shipment.

    10. Missing avatar

      John Bengtson on

      Hi Robert - I too am wondering when we'll receive, as the Amazon ship date was on Wednesday. Haven't received mine yet in California.

    11. Missing avatar

      Robert Duman on

      According to, the blu-ray and DVD versions are released. If anyone gets their copy, please post!

    12. Kessa Sun on

      Yeah, we might get it before the street date, hopefully.

    13. Missing avatar

      Robert Duman on

      According to a web site, Kino/Lorber has a street date of May 24, 2016. I hope that means we will see the DVD or Blu Rays soon.

    14. Missing avatar

      Brian Dreyer on

      Has anyone received their DVD's?

    15. Lobster Films Creator on

      Chers contributeurs,

      Voici un moment que nous n'avions pas posté de mise à jour, nous en sommes réellement désolés !

      Ne vous inquiétez pas pour les récompenses, nombre d'entre vous les ont déjà reçu et les autres sont en cours d'acheminement.

      Concernant les liens de visionnage, nous avons retrouvé de nouveaux éléments de films encore plus beaux et souhaiterions vous en faire profiter en exclusivité. C'est pourquoi nous avons retardé la mise en ligne des vidéos. Pas d'inquiétudes ! Vos choix ont bien été enregistrés ! Vous recevrez un mail avec un mot de passe personnel dès leurs mise en ligne. A ceux qui n'ont pu choisir le nombre de liens nécessaires, n'hésitez pas à nous envoyer un message à l'adresse suivante : afin de nous envoyer vos autres choix.

      Pour ce qui est des éditions Blu-Ray, le coffret qui sera édité chez Kino n'est pas encore sorti ! Comme indiqué, cela se fera courant 2016 et un colis contenant la nouvelle édition vous sera envoyé de la part de nos partenaires. Nous allons quant à nous vous envoyer dès la semaine prochaine la première partie de votre récompense que vous recevrez sous peu.

      A tout ceux qui n'ont encore rien reçus, n'oubliez pas de répondre au petit questionnaire en ligne que vous trouverez dans votre espace personnel. Nous vous avons envoyé un mail à cet effet, ces informations sont capitales pour vous envoyer vos récompenses !

      Un énorme merci,

      L'équipe Lobster Films


      Dear contributors,

      It’s been a while since we have posted any updates, we are sincerely sorry !

      Do not worry about the rewards, a number of you have already gotten them and the rest are being delivered promptly.

      As for the online viewing links, we have found new and better elements to be restored, and we would like to share them with you exclusively. Which is why we have delayed the online uploads of the videos. Do not worry ! Your movie-choices have been registered ! You will receive an e-mail with a personal password as soon as they have been uploaded. For those of you who haven’t yet made their choices, do not hesitate to send us a message at the following address : in order for you to send us your choices.

      As for the Blu-Ray edition, the pack that will be edited at Kino International has not been released yet ! As indicated, it will be done by mid-2016 and a package containing the new edition will be sent to you from our partners. As for the rest of your rewards, you should receive them by next week.

      For those who have not received any part of their reward, do not forget to fill in the online questionnaire available on your personal account. An e-mail was sent to you for this purpose, these information are crucial for us to send you your gifts !

      A huge thank you,

      The Lobster Team

    16. Missing avatar

      Gary Docken on

      When will the products be delivered?

    17. Missing avatar

      Brian Dreyer on

      I haven't seen any Updates in awhile and was wondering what the status is.


    18. Missing avatar

      Robert Duman on

      Is there an update for those of us who backed for a blu-ray or DVD?

    19. Brandon Sawyer on

      I completed the reward form, but am having a problem. The form says...

      "Parmi la liste suivante, choisissez deux films pour lesquels vous souhaitez obtenir un lien de visionnage.
      In the following list, please choose two movies you would like to acquire the links to."

      ...but the form allows me to choose only one from the list. How do I resolve this?

    20. Missing avatar

      jannik hastrup on

      Great. Congratulations. Im looking forward to see the films

    21. Missing avatar

      shelley mitchell on

      There is nobody like Buster. It is impossible to overestimate his influence on the art of movie making. Thank you for your inspired and inspiring work.

    22. Shaune Steele on

      I am thrilled that you have reached your goal and will be able to work on the restorations! Congratulations to you all!

    23. Missing avatar

      Richard Warner on

      I am delighted that you have reached your goal and I am looking forward to the new restorations. Buster is in safe hands!

    24. Missing avatar

      Patricia Walters on

      Congratulations on reaching your goal!

    25. Missing avatar

      Colibri on


      Comme Andrew Pam, je voudrais savoir qui possédera les droits sur les versions restaurées? Es-ce que cela sera les ayants-droits de Buster KEATON avec une élévation dans le domaine public en 2036 comme l'ensemble de son œuvre? L'acte de restauration va-t-il être mis sous une licence permissive permettant à tout à chacun de mieux connaître cet artiste?
      Ou bien, allez-vous placer votre travail sous un care juridique qui ne ferait que prolonger l'exploitation de ces œuvres?
      Les contributeurs de Wikipédia signale qu'une soixantaine d'œuvres sont accessibles (et serait dans le champ du domaine public):…
      Allez-vous y apporter le fruit de votre travail de restauration?

    26. Ryan Stockstad on

      Congrats on reaching your goal!

    27. Missing avatar

      Ines on

      Hi there, just curious how the exclusive online viewing will work. Will it be through your website?

    28. Missing avatar

      Shawn buell

      Oops he did Harold lowyd, movies.

    29. Missing avatar

      Shawn buell

      My great grandpa did a lot of directing of these movies. So thank you from him. Fred guiol.

    30. Andrew Pam on

      Let me start by saying that I am a great fan of Buster Keaton and have been privileged to see many of his feature films and shorts in the theatre with a live musical accompaniment. He has been a great inspiration to other comedians and film-makers and it is important that his works are restored and preserved.

      HOWEVER. I have considerable concerns about this campaign. If Keaton's work is truly to survive into the future, it must be seen. And that means that offering the restored works only at great cost ultimately works against this aim. If you truly wish to ensure that these works will continue to be available in future, please consider releasing them under a Creative Commons license. A DVD or Blu-Ray release will soon become just as obsolete as the original films, if not more so.

    31. Benjamin Mouliets on

      C'est fait pour ma part - j'espère que ça va aller au bout :)
      Vive Buster Keaton !

    32. Jacob Gunness

      Much as I'd love to support the project - and I definitely think Keaton's films are worthy of further restoration - I must admit that I find the pledge levels to be way too expensive. (For instance, paying €30 to watch one short online).
      Why not make the levels more affordable and get far more backers on board? I can't be certain, of course, but I have a hunch that if you could watch a short for €10 or €15, you would end up with a lot more backers and more money in the end.

    33. Lobster Films Creator on

      Dear Susan,

      We understand your opinion about our rewards. Other contributors ask us the same thing.
      Our main answer for your comment is: that this is not a Kickstarter Project for a DVD or Blu-Ray Release, it is actually a film restoration project. The future release will be done by an editor, like Arte Edition in france.
      The DVD that we provide for the 120€ contribution will be bought from the distributor, therefore we will pay them.
      We do understand that 120€ could be a high price to pay, which is why we add some Exclusive Online re-view.

      We thank you very much for your support.
      Lobster Films Staff

    34. Missing avatar

      Susan Z. Swan on

      Postcards and a few one-time streaming of one or two of the shorts? Typically film Kickstarters provide an actual DVD of the film itself as a perk at a moderate level -- it's about buy-in and feeling ownership of a project. I would have willing donated at a level several times higher than I did to get what felt like a meaningful perk. Good luck on this wonderful project, but do rethink your bonus strategy (Flicker Alley's Kickstarter for MOD might be a good model).

    35. Missing avatar

      Agathe Berman on

      Forza Lobster,
      Somptueux projet
      With love
      Bermanaga :)

    36. Missing avatar

      Vayssieres on

      J'espère, que vous obtiendrez la somme désirée pour ce nouveau et fabuleux projet. :-) Cordialement...

    37. Lobster Films Creator on

      That's correct Rodney, we just have to post a reward update.
      Thanks a lot for your contribution !


      Lobster Films Team

    38. Rodney Haydon on

      I'm contributing to this project because I read a post from Serge Bromberg of Lobster Films saying that a Blu-ray will be available at the 120€ level (US release Q2 2016).
      Could you please confirm that is correct?