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The PENPAL story has received a great deal of attention around the internet. I've revised and expanded it; now I want to publish it.
The PENPAL story has received a great deal of attention around the internet. I've revised and expanded it; now I want to publish it.
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Academy Award winning producer on board make a PENPAL movie!


Hello penpals,

I hope that you've all been well! 

I thought that I'd shoot you a quick message to let you know about something exciting relating to PENPAL. Just before the book was launched on (8/15/2012), I received an email from an Academy Award winning producer named Rich Middlemas. He loved the original stories and wanted to check out the book, so I sent him a copy. He read it, and he loved it! Over the course of several conversations, it became very clear to me that Rich would be a good fit for this project, and so I'm very happy to announce that he and I have partnered up! 

Right now Rich is trying to find a place for PENPAL in Hollywood! 

We're still a ways away from sitting in front of a big screen watching PENPAL, but we're certainly closer than I ever dreamed we would be.

It goes without saying that I wouldn't have come this far were it not for your help; the support you showed me through the Kickstarter was really incredible, and I really can't thank you enough for it. You were the first to get the book, and I wanted all of you to be among the first to know about this new development. I really hope this thing goes the distance – maybe we can share a popcorn ;) 

All the best, 


Packages have shipped!

All of the packages have been mailed out to everyone who submitted the survey! You should be receiving/have already received an email about the status of your package, so keep an eye out! If you haven't received your package by the end of the week (in the U.S.), then let me know; international orders, please give it a little more time. I hope everything arrives quickly and safely!

I really hope that you enjoy Penpal, and I can't thank you enough for your support. You guys have been amazing. The book will launch to non-Kickstarter people soon, so if you like the book, I hope you'll let everyone know by telling them straight to their faces and/or by leaving a review! :)

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thanks so much!


P.S. When you get the package, unroll the poster and lay it face down on a flat surface and put some heavy books on top to flatten it out again!


Soon you may begin to receive notifications that your package has been shipped. I've started printing out the shipping labels to get them ready for pick up by the USPS. They should be here Monday to whisk all your packages away! :)

Every aspect of this project has been trickier than I expected, but everything looks great, and it should all arrive quickly and in great shape. Remember the posters? Would you like to know how I was going to ship them originally? I was going to...fold them. Yup. I was going to put TWO big, fat creases in the middle of your poster because I didn't know how else to get them to you with the books. But I figured it out:

Step 1: Hand-roll and bag every single poster

Step 2: Never want to roll posters again

Step 3: Buy bigger, heavier, and more expensive boxes that could fit the posters.

The cost of buying and shipping these boxes is higher, but that's fine. The posters will get to you without creases or bends now. 

For now, keep an eye out for your shipping email -- it should be coming from 

They'd better bring a big truck...

The books are here! The delivery man wasn't happy, but I sure am. Everything for every package -- the books, bookmarks, posters, collector cards, stickers, pins, shirts, and collector boxes -- are all here, just waiting for you. But please don't try to find me so you can come get them; there's just no need. I'll be sending them to you soon. 

When? How about next week? If everything goes smoothly, I'm going to be packing up and mailing everything sometime next week. When your package ships, you should receive an email notification, but more about that later.

If you didn't fill out your survey, please do that now. Otherwise, I won't be able to mail your package. If you've moved, then I'll need your updated address. If none of this applies to you, then just sit back and wait just a little longer. They're coming.

For now, I have some things to take care of...

We're Penpals Now

The eBooks have been sent out! I can't thank you all enough for your support and encouragement! 

The email came from, so if you don't see it, check your spam filter. There were a couple addresses that got bounced back. Message me through Kickstarter to get everything straightened out.

I really hope you like the book, and I can't wait to hear what you think.

All the best,