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The PENPAL story has received a great deal of attention around the internet. I've revised and expanded it; now I want to publish it.
The PENPAL story has received a great deal of attention around the internet. I've revised and expanded it; now I want to publish it.
433 backers pledged $15,946 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Theo Swartz on October 7

      is the movie idea gonna work out?

    2. Creator Professor Snake on July 30, 2012

      Opening my package right now!!!

    3. Creator Dathan Auerbach on May 7, 2012

      The surveys will go out soon!

    4. Creator Michael Pena on May 7, 2012

      Can't wait for my email so I can fill the survey to get my $75 package! Good Job Dathan!!!! What is everybody else getting?

    5. Creator SirisC on May 4, 2012

      I first learned about and read your short stories 1 day before this kickstarter was over. Made me realize I haven't been picky enough in the books I read, none of the horror novels I've read have been as riveting as those posts on reddit. I can't wait to read the novel.

    6. Creator Zach Lyons on May 2, 2012

      I think we can get this to $16,000! We're almost there!

    7. Creator Jared Trezise on May 2, 2012

      Haha I just noticed there's no Penpal pens! They aren't iconic in the book or anything, just the name sounds appropriate huh. =P
      The art cards look/sound awesome! It's a shame they aren't postcard-sized. They're collector's cards though, so the size is good and probably more manageable, just I have a friend who collects postcards (or art of that size, to fit her collection) and it might have made a good gift! Looks like the original art is large enough though, which is good.
      Will the collector's cards be available at any later date? Or is this the final call? I can't imagine anybody parting with theirs from this Kickstarter for others to buy and finish their set later is all! =O

    8. Creator adveres on May 2, 2012

      I've got to say that this Penpal project continuously impresses me. You keep adding new things or creating new items for other people to enjoy. Really spectacular work!

    9. Creator D. on April 29, 2012

      I always stay away from nosleep (I'm a huge coward), but I definitely wanted to help out no matter what... so here ya go! Good luck on this! :)

    10. Creator Courtney Lee on April 22, 2012

      I'm so honoured to be able to back this project. It gives me chills.

    11. Creator Rob on April 18, 2012

      Can't wait. Thanks, and thank you KickStarter as well for allowing these opportunities.

    12. Creator Brian Anton on April 17, 2012

      Congrats on meeting the new goal! I've been thinking how awesome it is that we live in a time in which we have a place to discover awesome stories and writers like yourself, and how kickstarter has given this project, and so many others, the ability to become accessible. Can't wait for the full story.

    13. Creator Zach Lyons on April 17, 2012

      WOO! I made it $12,000! Haha

    14. Creator Todd Moreau on April 15, 2012

      Good luck to you! You made quite an impression on reddit, I CANNOT express how excited I am to read the entire novel, and share with friends!

    15. Creator Phil Foord on April 6, 2012

      Over 9000. :p There is a joke about that. On that note, I have read the stories several times and on a recent road trip, listened to the podcasts from the /nosleep podcast site. Sammy Raynor did an excellent reading and that two part podcast is the best they have made yet, in my humble opinion.

    16. Creator Jackie on April 6, 2012

      I'm so excited for this to happen. I heard about it from a Facebook friend and immediately got sucked into reading all six parts on /r/nosleep. You are an excellent writer, I can't wait to read your book!

    17. Creator Sky Yoder on April 6, 2012


    18. Creator Jan Wasdin on April 4, 2012


    19. Creator Matt Kimmel on April 4, 2012

      I am so excited that I get to be a part of the creation of this book. I have read the stories numerous times, and refered friends to them as well. I cannot wait for my copy of the book to come in.

    20. Creator Sally Thompson on April 3, 2012

      So pumped to be a part of the ground breaking of what I'm sure will be a very long and excellent success for Dathan. Cannot wait for the many nope nope nopes waiting down the road!

    21. Creator Dana Blair on April 3, 2012

      Goal destroyed, and then some! Congratulations! I can't wait for my signed copy =D


    22. Creator Bevin Cheng on April 3, 2012

      This is going to make a lovely early birthday present for my girlfriend. She loved this on Reddit. :)

    23. Creator Lewis Gentle on April 3, 2012

      Dathan the series is amazing I cannot wait to get my signed copy :D

    24. Creator The Redheaded Pharmacist on April 3, 2012

      I read all six of your Reddit shorts in one marathon session....and then immediately backed this project. Good luck with your Kickstarter project. Looking forward to reading this book.

    25. Creator Eric Johnson on April 3, 2012

      Can't wait to get my copy! A true work of art.

    26. Creator adveres on April 3, 2012

      Best of luck!

    27. Creator Marilyn on April 2, 2012

      Dathan, you are so talented and amazing! I have so much faith in you!!!

    28. Creator TG_Alibi on April 2, 2012

      Congratulations! I think this may be the quickest funded project I have seen on Kickstarter!

    29. Creator Greg Pennisi on April 2, 2012

      I'm throwing money at my screen but the picture of the book just stays on the screen! I can't wait for this book, Dathan. You're a gifted writer.

    30. Creator David Lithman on April 2, 2012

      Loved it the first time. Can't wait for the extended version! Congrats on already reaching your goal on Day 1

    31. Creator Alex Ace Vasquez on April 2, 2012

      Alright! Over 2000 dollars on the first day :D Just ordered the pledged for the book! Can't wait :D

    32. Creator Phil Foord on April 2, 2012

      Less than an hour and the goal is met! Go Go Dathan!

    33. Creator Jamie Stephens on April 2, 2012

      haha, almost there ALREADY!! Knew you could do it! "Faster MUSH! MUSH!" :)

    34. Creator Chris Lee on April 2, 2012

      I'm really excited for you! Good luck!

    35. Creator Rob Ivey on April 2, 2012

      Can't wait! Thanks, Dathan!

    36. Creator Phil Foord on April 2, 2012

      Dathan is a gifted writer and I am pleased to be able to back his kickstarter effort.

    37. Creator Jaime Blalock on April 2, 2012

      Count me in! I've been a big fan ever since I read your stories on /r/NoSleep! Great to see a fellow Redditor doing something with his talent, and I'm glad to help!

    38. Creator Jan Wasdin on April 2, 2012

      I loved the short story and can't wait to read the novel, plus I love the T-shirts!!!!

    39. Creator Jamie on April 2, 2012

      I am so happy for you and I'm glad you are able to get this started! I'm sure you're going to make this and more, so good luck :)