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A benefit science circus show for technology for an elementary school in Westminster, CO. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on February 1, 2013.

A benefit science circus show for technology for an elementary school in Westminster, CO.

About this project

The money we raise from this Kickstarter will cover all costs for the show, so that 100% of the ticket prices can go to Sunset Ridge Elementary School.

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Cassie Drew, a teacher at Sunset Ridge elementary school in Westminster, Colorado, came up with the idea for Visindi Circus. Cassie recognized the amazing ways in which technology could be used to support learning and student engagement, especially for her young elementary students. In order to pay for the technology, Cassie realized she could share her passion for acrobatics and the circus arts, and get her friends involved, by producing a benefit circus show for her school.

Cassie found a passion for acrobatics at an early age and she was a competitive gymnast until she was 22. Cassie picked up aerial acrobatics as a side project, and then added circus arts to her performance repertoire. Over the last two years, she has performed partner acrobatics, aerial arts, and dance around the Denver/Boulder area.

When Cassie shared the benefit circus show idea to the local circus community, a surprising number of people expressed interest. Everyone involved is completely volunteering their time, from cast members to photographers and videographers, from musicians to crew (costumers, props and set building). The space at Westminster High School is even being donated for the performance! Relatively small costs include material for costumes and props, printing costs, and promotional materials. The greatest expense for this project is performer's insurance, which must be paid for each performer for the show. 

The money we raise from this Kickstarter will cover all costs for the show, so that 100% of the ticket prices can go to Sunset Ridge Elementary School.


Many of the cast and crew of Visindi Circus are unique to the circus world through their involvement in science and engineering. We have people building and designing satellites at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP). Others have degrees in physics and are certified to teach science and math in high schools. We have strong connections to the Physics Department at the University of Colorado, Boulder. So between our background in science and the purpose of the show to raise money for technology, it was a small leap to fuse our love of science into the show.

The show will center around two scientists who decide to go to the circus. One of the scientists comes from the circus and introduces the other to his friends and past life. The other scientist, who sees the circus through a scientist's eyes, shares her insights and connections with the circus artists and the audience. Amazing demonstrations of angular momentum, gravity, parabolic motion, and centripetal forces will weave together science and circus in inspiring ways.

Video credit: Katie O'Block with
Music credit: Bicycle Waltz by Goodbye Kumiko is licensed under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.

Risks and challenges

The greatest challenge we face is finding the time to create an entire show, practically from scratch. Most of the performers have full-time jobs and busy lives, so making time to meet and choreograph is difficult, to say the least. So we are finding ways to organize rehearsals efficiently. Full cast rehearsals are few and far between, but we already have them scheduled. Act rehearsals are more up to the individual performers, but the directors, Ian and Cassie, are keeping tabs on everyone's progress. We are confident that we will be able, through careful planning and efficient use of time, to create and polish the science circus show: Visindi Circus.

Another challenge we may face is injury. There is always the possibility that someone may get injured (on a skiing trip, or perhaps a poor step off the sidewalk). So we are writing the show in such a way that everyone can be replaced if absolutely necessary. We have a minimal cast, but every member has a wide range of skills, so every act has backups in mind.

Technology problems can arise in a new venue, so we are scheduled to use the performance space at Westminster High School for an entire week before our show to work out any tech issues. Also, as mentioned previously, we have bright scientists and engineers, some of whom dabble in sound engineering for musical performances. So we do not expect to meet any problems we cannot solve tech-wise.

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  • Yes, you get all rewards of value less than you pledged. For example, if you pledge $75, you will get the DVD, two tickets, a postcard, and your name in the program.

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  • We will have your name on a VIP guest list at will-call, both nights. So all you need to do is come to the performance of your choice with your guest! If you would like to have the tickets held for someone else, or held for a specific day, please send us a message with that information.

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  • As all the performers and crew are volunteers, we would like to host a small cast party for all participants in the show.

    Beyond the small cast party, all money beyond the needed $2000 will go towards future shows and projects, so we can share our passions for science, circus, and quality education with more students and communities.

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