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A poignant, humorous, & intimate film which follows the transformation of a tumultuous mother-daughter relationship from hated to love.
A poignant, humorous, & intimate film which follows the transformation of a tumultuous mother-daughter relationship from hated to love.
198 backers pledged $50,010 to help bring this project to life.

News with less than 5 days to go!!

Dear Beloved Backers,

Sorry to keep knocking on your door. You are blowing me away.  We are at 61%. I have faith.   Together, we will make it!  We’ve got less than 5 days to go. 

Thank you for spreading the word. I have seen copies of emails you’ve sent to others that make my eyes water. I can’t believe how much love and admiration I am receiving. I'm kvelling.  This is certainly making up for what was missing in my childhood.

I’ve asked you to increase your pledge. You are doing it!!  Thank you!  Many of you have doubled even quadrupled your pledge.  I’m SO moved.  We will get there if everyone jumps in.


1. We are Indiewire’s project of the day.

2. China Incentive – Don’t miss out on the opportunity! 14 nights. Click here for details.  For four people it comes out to $133 a night with some meals included. THIS IS A GREAT DEAL.
I’ve heard from people who are really interested but don’t have friends who can share this trip with.

I have great matchmaking skills regarding people and I don’t just mean romantic matches. If you are interested in visiting China and are open to sharing these homes with others you don’t yet, please contact me.  I have an amazing couple who is ready to do this.

THE TRIP DOES NOT HAVE A DEADLINE.  You can plan this whenever.  My Kickstarter campaign does.  Let’s make this happen.  This truly is a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY.

Make this pledge now. If you can’t afford this alone. Remember, I will help you find a good match to share this with.  You will be doing a mitzvah.  You will become a big backer to this film, get an Associate Producer credit, many other goodies and a fabulous vacation in China.

3. In-kind services-
Yesterday, I received a call from Ken Schur of Park Avenue Post. Ken has followed my career since when I made A Dog's Life: A Dogamentary, another personal film I made with my dog, Chelsea, a Shih Tzu, who had tremendous healing power. We would visit hospitals and hospice and where she took more than one person out of coma. She passed away last year.  The film premiered on HBO. And got tons of press including a front cover feature in the New York Times and the Today show.   Ken is donating the color correction and audio post. Thank you, Ken!

4. Increasing your pledge can be a bit confusing on Kickstarter.  I noticed in some cases people have emailed me that they did it and believe it went through. I receive an alert from Kickstarter immediately after you make the pledge. It's called New Backer Alert and you have no idea how exciting it is to receive them. If I don't get one, it didn't go through. Here's the steps on how to do it.

Directions on how to increase your pledge:

a.. Log into Kickstarter. It’s on their menu bar on upper right in blue letters next to help.(use the email and password you used before)

b. Go to "My Nose: The Bigger Version" page.

c. Click on the Blue Button on the right that says "MANAGE YOUR PLEDGE".

d. That brings you to a new page that says “MANAGE YOUR PLEDGE”. The text is in green.

e. Under "Pledge Amount", type in the amount you wish to pledge (This will replace the previous amount you pledged- it is not in addition to what you have already pledged).

f. If the amount you pledged puts you in a new rewards tier, then you must choose the proper tier under "Reward Selection". If not, do not change anything.

g. After Steps 2 and 3, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the blue box that says "CONTINUE".

h. Click "CONFIRM" if the amount is correct, then click "CONTINUE TO AMAZON" to checkout. 

i. Type in your email address and corresponding password you used to make the original pledge and continue. (This is for your Amazon payments account).

j. The credit card you used earlier should be the same, so click "Confirm".

If you have any questions, please contact me. 

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!!

Have a wonderful day!!

All my love,

Gayle and my devoted MNBV team!

P.S. - Whomever takes this trip to China, you must contact me when you get back. I want to hear about your trip.

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