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By Aviad Arik Herman
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Photographers from Israel, Australia, Sweden, Germany France and Italy chose to participate in this project. 

They have  invited people from their lives who face life with physical and/or mental challenges, to participate in a special artistic photography, that gave them the opportunity to make a breakthrough in their lives with courage and freedom - to be who they always wanted to be or do what they always have dreamed of doing, if they had 100% freedom - in front of the camera.

Among the participants in the photographies we have also people from the USA, UK, Lithuania & The Netherlands.

Thus, they let go of the limitations and constrains the conditions impose on them, and fulfill what is important for them in their lives.

The stories and photographies submitted are so powerful and inspiring!
The exhibition will be displaying at the Windows Gallery at Azrieli mall in Tel Aviv, Israel's most central, popular and powerful public mall.
It is free of charge and welcomes all people to visit and get touched, moved and inspired from all these photos.

We aim to keep The Swan Lake Project grow and share with more communities around the world. 
Each photo in the project means a miracle for another human being.

All artist covered their costs for printing in their home countries and shipping, in total we have 27 photographies.
We would use the money raised to cover the material needed to put up the exhibition - card boards and gluing process, as well and prints of 15 card-boards with information about the artist and the description of the breakthrough  in 2 languages - English & Hebrew.

Your help would be very much appreciated!

Thank you!

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