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The first pressure-sensitive, multi-touch input device. Morph enables users to interact with the digital world like never before.
The first pressure-sensitive, multi-touch input device. Morph enables users to interact with the digital world like never before.
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Shipping Update

Posted by Sensel (Creator)

Dear backers,

First off, we hope you're having a wonderful start to Thanksgiving!

We have some news to share. The good news is that our first round of devices are nearly ready to go. All the parts, including housings, PCBs, batteries, force sensing membranes, cases, and packaging are at our factory and we'll be starting final assembly and test of the first 500 units next week. These units will be completely assembled by early December.

Now for the less good news. The Overlays have been pushing our delivery schedule. We don't want to ship the Morphs without Overlays, since the Overlays are such a crucial part of the device and its "morphability". The first production samples of the Overlays will be arriving at our office from the factory during the month of December and once we give our approval to the factory, production Overlays will arrive a couple of weeks later.

We wanted to make sure the overlay designs were perfect and thus came delays. We've received quality feedback from industry professionals and previous beta testers and wanted to implement all of the feedback received.

Backers who have orders that do not include the below 3 overlays can expect to receive their packages in February. Kickstarter backers who ordered from our Early Bird Special who do not have the below overlays will be the first to get their packages.

Backers who have orders which include one or more of 1) The Drum Overlay 2) The Gaming Overlay 3) The Media Editing Overlay can expect to receive their packages by March.

We'll be making regular updates in the next few weeks as devices enter final assembly and as we receive production samples of our overlays for approval. Thank you for your patience and continued support, and for those of you in the United States, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Best wishes,

The Sensel Team

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    1. Rhonda Luongo

      When can I expect to receive my pledge?

    2. Sensel Creator on

      Hi Noa,
      If you're interested in changing your address please do so through the Backer Survey on BackerKit.

      If you have any issues let us know.

    3. Noa Katzir on

      since I backed the project I have moved appartments, and sent you my current adress, but never got confirmation that it was actually changed and registered by your team.
      can someone get in touch with me and confirm?
      thank you!

    4. Missing avatar

      Jason Hill on

      I would also be interested in the charges required to get the morph asap and the overlays when available. I was one of the original early bird backers.

    5. Sensel Creator on

      Hi Aaron and Noam, we'll be messaging you privately.

    6. Sensel Creator on

      Thank you, @Fadednotebook67! Your support means so much to us!

    7. Sensel Creator on

      Hi Henrique, sure! You can update your address via your backer survey:

    8. Sensel Creator on

      Hi Joseph, I'm sorry for your disappointment. We do employ professionals for our operations and processes but please keep in mind we are developing a brand new technology and new product concept. We look forward to getting you the device as soon as possible and appreciate your continued patience and support!

    9. Missing avatar

      joseph mcfadden on

      thanks for the update. btw. you guys are amateur. get someone who can help you with standard quality and production processes. and who can set realistic goals for you to communicate to backers. disappointed

    10. Noam Loop on

      Like Aaron I would also be interested in getting my hands on the morphs themselves together with the "innovators overlays" earlier than March. (Ordered a number of pre-made overlays but making my own was the main incentive to pledge for the Morphs). Would be great if these could be shipped separately! (I would also be willing to pay a reasonable amount for the second shipping package).

    11. Henrique Castro on

      How can I update my address? I am moving out of the US by the end of December

    12. fadednotebook67

      I am not 'thrilled' with the shipping delays, but damn I am thrilled that you're making sound quality choices and at the end I will receive the best quality product I can have. So meh to negativity and I look forward to my morphs!

    13. Aaron Levitz

      In fact, let me extend my last comment -- can I pay extra to ship the actual device portion of my order before any of the overlays are ready? I'd like to start developing my own overlays, and delaying that functionality by several months to wait for the factory ones seems a bit counterproductive.

    14. Aaron Levitz

      Can I just pay extra to ship my later overlays separately?