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The first pressure-sensitive, multi-touch input device. Morph enables users to interact with the digital world like never before.
The first pressure-sensitive, multi-touch input device. Morph enables users to interact with the digital world like never before.
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Your (Free) Morph Cases Are In!

Posted by Sensel (Creator)

After many design changes (to find the perfect look and functionality) we've gotten our final design for the Custom Morph Case down and now have final versions in the office!  We couldn't wait to show you what they look like, so here you go!  We hope you like them.  The colors were chosen based off of our brand color scheme.






If you  haven't already read the piece written by our Design Intern, Stephanie Lim, on the creative process that went into the Custom Morph Case, feel free to read it here.

We can't wait to ship these to you (with the Morphs and overlays inside, of course)! 


The Sensel Team 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Sapphira on

      I diffidently cannot complain at all about getting a safe and secure case for the product, but that pink as much as I understand the idea of keeping with the brand, doesn't really seem to fit many of the bakers who purchased. I myself strive to stay away from the color as it is seen as an overly used girly color. I think once I receive the product I will dye the case all black. For future cases I think a blue or sticking to all grey would be a great option. But thank you of course for striving for a great quality and having it be included for free. Excited to have the product once it ships!

    2. kokobin

      How much can I pay to get another colour?
      PINK is so yuuuuck!

    3. fadednotebook67

      Cannot complain about FREE (hot pink) case. Just smiling and thanking. So how long down the line do you project other colors? ;-)

    4. Sensel Creator on

      Hi Ulrike and Stephen,
      Apologies for your dislike of the color, we will have more color options for purchase down the line.
      All my best!

    5. Stephen Coles on

      I understand the desire for a consistent brand, but this hue makes the materials appear cheaper than they probably are. Pink is a polarizing color for fabric, but especially for tech products; if there is only one color option it should be a more neutral one.

    6. Ulrike Kleinert on

      The Prototype looked nicer to me .. more room for Tools and I liked the colors better but I'm happy to have a way to safely store my morph and overlays, so I certainly won't complain.

    7. Sensel Creator on

      Thank you, Marjorie!
      Hi Matt, we chose it because it is our brand color, and since the case is a free stretch goal we wanted to make it brand-centric for all of you Sensel fans. We will make other colored options available in the future! =)

      All my best,

    8. Matt Michelson on

      blog post is super cool. those colors on the other hand... yeesh :|

    9. Marjorie Murray-Ure

      Excellent! love the colors!