by Sensel

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    1. Philipp Beckers on

      Hehe. Now all we have left is a QWERTZ German keyboard layout and I'm good to go in terms of keyboard covers.

    2. Noam Loop on

      Another vote for QWERTZ. ASETNIOP should also be a lot of fun on this panel.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ben Bovée on

      I'd like to understand what is meant by a 3-D print overlay, and whether it would be possible to: create multiple keyboard character set arrangements with the keys, and introduce aa small set of keys with which I could choose which keyboard to use.

    4. Sensel Creator on

      Hi Ben,
      Once the device ships there will be a page on our website where you can design your own overlays and choose to have them 3D printed. Here is a video that explains 3D printing a bit:…. You can customize the overlays any way you'd like!

    5. ph451 on

      can you confirm that the AZERTY is an ISO Layout (105 keys, with the extra key near the left shift) and not an ANSI Layout ? thank you

    6. Wyando

      Oh, it seems there are not a lot of German backers for this :(
      Another vote for QWERTZ- Keyboard (German) layout
      (And it's not only the "Z/Y" that's different, that keyboard has "umlaut" (öäü)).

    7. Sensel Creator on

      Hi ph451, we're going to have an ANSI layout but may have an ISO layout in the future. We're considering doing a QWERTZ keyboard down the road, we will keep you updated.

    8. Dirk Arendt on

      Yes. A QWERTZ keyboard would be nice!

    9. Missing avatar

      Hoeru on

      Could there be a option in QWERTY + Japanese?