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The first pressure-sensitive, multi-touch input device. Morph enables users to interact with the digital world like never before.
The first pressure-sensitive, multi-touch input device. Morph enables users to interact with the digital world like never before.
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Photoshop Paintbrush Demo

Posted by Sensel (Creator)

Many of our backers have asked us for Photoshop support, so here it is: We're excited to officially announce that we are compatible with Adobe Photoshop! In the video below, we'll show you how to set up Photoshop to work with the Morph and paintbrushes. We can't wait to see the beautiful art you make with the Morph!

Note: This setup also works with a stylus/pen/pencil.

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    1. Sensel Creator on

      Nicolas, we are working on compatibility with CS as well. Right now we're currently using Photoshop CC on Windows 10 and Mac.

    2. Sensel Creator on

      Hyun-je, thanks for your questions.

      1. To clarify, we transmit pen tilt data only when you're using a paint brush. For a stylus/pen/pencil, we only send pressure and location data. The tilt data for a brush is computed based on the shape of the contact area against the sensor. Tilt data usually encodes two things: angle and the magnitude of the tilt. Since we can approximate brush shape as an ellipse, we can encode the major axis and angle of the ellipse in this tilt data. Photoshop then interprets the tilt into the orientation and width of the brush. This is actually much more intuitive than mapping the angle of a stylus to the shape of a brush. Eventually, we hope to feed the shape of the brush directly into Photoshop so we can bypass the constraints of the tilt data channel.

      2. Yes, there is actually a cursor. When you touch the sensor very lightly, we actually send "hover" events to the operating system. This recreates the N-trig/Wacom hover functionality you're used to. You can simply drag the brush lightly over the Morph to see where you are, and then press a tiny bit more to activate inking. Artists we've worked with get used to this interaction in no time and some actually told us they prefer this to having to hold their stylus away from the surface before inking.

      3. Monitor mapping / aspect-ratio adjustments is something that we're actively working on. We'll have a way to adjust this before the Morph ships.

    3. Missing avatar

      Nicolas LeDrezen on

      Is it compatible only with the last Photoshop Version or CS too?

    4. Hyun-je Lee

      Thanks for sharing this video!
      but I have some question about that support.

      1. how pen tilt option works? wacom supports pen tilt by another hardware sensor, but I know Sensel Morph has pressure sensor only.

      2. when I paint something, there is no cursor to see? n-trigs for wacom device has hovering feature for cursor pointing, but in this video, he looks like painting by eye measurement.

      3. Sensel Morph - monitor mapping. I think there is some difference between Morph sensor area and monitor size. so Is it possible to adjust those?


    5. Sensel Creator on

      Hi Antonio, Corel Painter was actually the first software suite that we got working on the Morph (here's a really old video: We haven't tried with Corel Draw but it should also work because we're piping the data over the standard stylus HID protocol. We'll let you know when we have a chance to test to make sure it works with the latest firmware.

    6. Antonio Jose Silva Veloso on

      Okay... And what about CorelDraw compatiblity with the Morph?

    7. Sensel Creator on

      Hi all, Affinity Photo and Paint Tool Sai are added to our list of software to be compatible with by the time the product ships! (Affinity was already on there).

    8. Wyando

      Looks great! Hopefully also for Affinity Photo...

    9. FuzzyScribbles on

      Ah omg. You've gotta try and make it compatible with Paint Tool Sai. I use that art program a lot for my art, it's my go to for blending.