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The King has raised a call to arms! Create your character. Earn experience and confront the vile monster terrorizing the village!
The King has raised a call to arms! Create your character. Earn experience and confront the vile monster terrorizing the village!
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Games Rolling In... Next KS project for Thunderworks

Posted by Keith Matejka (Creator)

Hey team,

It's been three weeks, so here's the update!

Shipping Update Per Lane

- AU / NZ -- You should have your games by now. If you don't, let me know.

- Asia -- Most backers should have their games. There may be a few remaining that had an additional forwarder required to get it to you. If you have concerns about your order, please let me know.

Canada -- According to Snakes & Lattes (fulfillment partner in Canada), by the end of this week everything should be shipped.  So, you should have your game by the end of next week.  Soon!

US -- Most backers should have their copies by now.  The orders that included the Meeple Realty insert were sent out. I spot checked a few, and it looks like people have gotten them. If you haven't and need you tracking number, let me know.

- EU -- Ah, GamesQuest.... :) These are finally starting to ship out. Some backers have received shipping notices. Others should be in the next few days. They're coming, but it's been taking a lot longer than I was hoping for. I appreciate your patience.

- Rest of World -- You should have your games by now. If you don't, let me know.

- International backers who ordered the custom Insert -- These were shipped out. If you haven't received it yet, know that it's on it's way.  International shipments can take an unexpectedly long time.

Accessories Available

If you missed the custom metal coins, the Frogkin character sheet, or the Meeple Realty insert and you want to get in on those, I have them available for order on my webstore now. Also, I had some player mats made, which help organize the cards on the table, when playing Roll Player with or without the expansion.  It can also be found in my webstore.

New Kickstarter Project

Today I launched the Kickstarter for the next game from Thunderworks -- Dual Powers: Revolution 1917.

It's a great game from Brett Myers.  We've been working together for the last year or so to really polish up the gameplay. I'm excited of this one! I'd invite you to check it out.

We're having a giveaway for the first 48 hours of the KS campaign, if you email with the title "Poster Contest" and include your mailing address, you can win one of these great art prints of the Dual Powers cover with illustration from Kwanchai Moriya and graphic design from Luis Francisco!

16" x 20" Dual Powers Poster
16" x 20" Dual Powers Poster

Till next time.


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    1. Daniel Devilson on

      has anyone in the UK got their game yet? I had my shipping notice 9 days ago from gamesQuest, yet if i track it it hasn't actually been dropped off with royal mail yet and games quest haven't answered my emails.

    2. Mario Steigerwald

      arrived in Germany (Ulm) yesterday

    3. Afloplouf on

      Here in France, I had no shipping notice yet i found a "gift" in my mail box. I am so eager to test this game as soon as I can. I did have to remove the insert but both the base game and the expansion fit in the base game box. And i am impressed by the quality manufacturing of the game. The dice especially and even the plastic bags are top notch.

    4. Jesper Jühne on

      Last update 6 days ago stated I would hear news within a couple of days. Haven’t heard a thing from GQ. Should I be worried?

    5. David Hogarth on

      Last should read GamesQuest, not Gamesmaster.

    6. David Hogarth on

      Guys - never push anything Gamesmaster’s way again.
      I got the shipping notice Sunday and Royal Mail status is ‘expecting’. Same status today.
      So I try to follow up. No interactive capability - only option is to crate a ticket.
      The ticket acknowledgement arrived instantly, telling me to check FAQs and that the ticket was therefore closed - going on to say I could reopen the ticket by responding to the email and promising a personal response. So I respond and guess what - an instant return saying I’m looking at 8 days before anyone will look at my ticket.

    7. Mark Slater on

      GamesQuest sent me a tracking number on Sunday, status is unchanged, still waiting.

    8. Nate Sickler

      Never mind, actually looked at it on the site and it appears to. Time to order!

    9. Nate Sickler

      Does the insert hold the game and the expansion with sleeved cards or just the main game? This has probably been answered before but I’m not sure where to look.

    10. Keith Matejka 7-time creator

      @Jonas - Meeple Realty will also have it for sale on their website in the near future.

    11. Jonas Gabrielson

      Will the insert be available at Meeple Realty also or only through your webshop?

    12. Dean Gardiner on

      I had forgotten that I ordered the inserts (impulse spending I guess) anyway, I am glad I did. The inserts are great; easy to assemble and very organized. I liked the money chest so much I had to order another set of the metal coins. Thanks for a great game an awesome components. Looking forward to seeing other great games from your shop.

    13. Missing avatar

      Antoine Jones on

      Not a fan of 1-2 player only games. But im definitely dying to throw my money at Lockup

    14. ExcalibursZone

      I just ordered a playmat. I didn't remember it being on the survey and I saw it at a local gaming convention this past weekend. So now it'll be in my collection as well ;) Unfortunately, it won't fit in the box with all the other stuff heh

      Good luck with the new Kickstarter!