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Control the Petrograd Soviet or the Russian provisional government as they struggle for power during the Russian revolution!
Control the Petrograd Soviet or the Russian provisional government as they struggle for power during the Russian revolution!
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Games on the Water... Last Call for Address Changes... Skulk Hollow KS Launch

Posted by Keith Matejka (Creator)

Hey Dual Powers Team,

Update time! Games are on the move.


Games are on their way to their respective fulfillment destinations.  Let's break it out per region.

  • ASIA - All copies for backers in Asia are at VFI, the fulfillment center for distribution for this game in your region. Once we have addressed locked down later this week, games will start to be delivered to backers. Asian backers are likely to receive their games first.
  • AUSTRALIA - Copies of Dual Powers destined for Australia are on their way from China via boat to Aetherworks. I suspect they'll have received them by the end of next week, and fulfillment will begin. Hopefully they begin to arrive at your doorstep by November 9th.
  • EUROPE - The games are on a boat called TIHAMA. Its ETA in Southhampton England is Nov 15th. Once they arrive and make it through customs, they'll be trucked to Spiral Galaxy for fulfillment. I'd estimate games starting to arrive on people's door the first week of December, depending on SG's current workload.
  • US / CANADA / REST OF WORLD - The games are on a boat called VIENNA EXPRESS. It's ETA in Jacksonville, FL US, is Nov 21. Once they make it through customs and delivered to Quartermaster, fulfillment will begin. US backers will start getting their copies in the second week of December. Quartermaster will also ship out the Rest Of World orders as well. Canadian orders will be split out, and trucked up to the boarder, and Snakes & Lattes will take over the shipment to be sent through the Canadian post.  In terms of timeline for Canadian backers, it's a little tough to estimate, but I'd guess the 3rd week of December. I'd love to have fulfillment complete across all continents before January.  I'll update as I know more.


So, we need to lock down mailing addresses since the games are on their way.  I just sent an email through Jet Backer to everyone to double check their mailing address. We are locking down address changes in 48 HOURS. If you have concerns about your mailing address situation please send me a PM, so we can discuss details and figure out the best course of action.


Pencil First Games, lead by Eduardo Baraf, launched a new project on Kickstarter that I (Keith) designed! I'm incredibly proud of it. We're funded and knocking down stretch goals. I'd love it if you would take a second to check it out.

Skulk Hollow is a 2-player, asymmetric, tactical combat game where players take the roles of either a band of Foxen heroes or a towering behemoth of a Guardian.





I know I've mentioned the latest project from Thunderworks (Lockup: A Roll Player Tale) a few times. I wanted to let you know the late pledge manager is currently up for that project HERE, if interested.

Till next time!



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    1. Mark Patoka on

      Excellent, just in time for Christmas delivery!

    2. Board Game Closet

      Awesome news. That seems super fast to me. Excited to check it out. And Skulk Hollow was so much fun to play. Great job on that design!