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Control the Petrograd Soviet or the Russian provisional government as they struggle for power during the Russian revolution!
Control the Petrograd Soviet or the Russian provisional government as they struggle for power during the Russian revolution!
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June Update... Wooden Parts in Production... Digital Files Approved

Posted by Keith Matejka (Creator)

Hey Team,

It's a few days past my promised 3 week updated. Apologizes for that. I was at Origins Game Fair last week. Now, I'm trying to get caught up. So, here's the latest.


  • The final pricing quotes with Panda have been finalized and signed.
  • Usually, manufacturers require 50% payment at the start of production and 50% at the end of production. I've received and paid the deposit invoice at Panda to get production officially underway. 
  • The wooden parts have all been approved and have moved into manufacturing.  This is likely the part of production that takes the longest, so it's good to get these going early. Panda has put in the order for the parts, so those should be wrapped in the next month.
  • The final files for all the printed materials were completed by Luis, and after a little back and forth, they are now approved. HUZZAH! This includes all the punchboard tokens, the rulebook, all cards, the box, and the board.

Next Steps

  • Next, I will receive the digital proofs, which should come in the next few days for approval.
  • Then, Panda will produce a "PPC", otherwise known as a Prepress Proof Copy of the game. It's main purpose is to double check that everything is looking good. For example, I'll make sure the cards have the proper backs, and the box is looking as is should.

Pledge Manager

There are a few folks that still need to provide their shipping address in Jet Backer, the pledge manager for this project. If you haven't gotten to this yet, I just sent out a reminder email to anyone who I am missing an address for. Please get this taken care of asap.

If you have pledged to receive additional items outside of copies of Dual Powers, this portion of the pledge manager will close July 6th. At that point I will begin to ship all orders outside of the Dual Powers copies.  If you have any questions about this, please let me know. Either email me at or PM here on Kickstarter. I try to respond within 12 hours, or sooner, if possible.


As I mentioned, I was at Origins this last week. One of the higlights for me, is I got to finally meet Kwanchai Morya, the illustrator of Dual Powers, in person for the first time.  It was great to finally shake his hand and talk about the amazing work he did on the project.

Also, I got the chance to talk about Dual Powers on the Dice Tower stream. Check it out below, if you missed it. 

Doing the streaming thing at Origins.
Doing the streaming thing at Origins.


Next up will be Gencon in August -- the biggest gaming show in the US. I'll have a booth, so stop by and say hello, if you plan on attending -- BOOTH 2954. Here's the cool interactive map on the gencon site, if you haven't seen it.

Herbaceous Sprouts

During Origins, I got the pleasure to share it with my good friend Eduardo Baraf.  He has a Kickstarter closing in 5 hours. I worked with Ed, Steve Finn, and Beth Sobel on this project, as I designed the solo mode for this game. Check it out. It's the best of the series (Herbaceous, Sunset Over Water, and Herbaceous Sprouts) so far.


Till next time!


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    1. Mark Patoka on

      I appreciate the detailed updates. Really hoping for a Dual Powers delivery for under my Christmas tree!

    2. Eduardo Baraf on

      Thanks for including Sprouts, Keith. Dual Powers is a blast! Can't wait to see the final product.