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Nearly 10 years in the making, Michael Zulli’s The Fracture of the Universal Boy is a 200+ page hardcover graphic novel.
Nearly 10 years in the making, Michael Zulli’s The Fracture of the Universal Boy is a 200+ page hardcover graphic novel.
523 backers pledged $32,794 to help bring this project to life.

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Rewards Preview II

Presenting the Advance Reader Copy of The Fracture of the Universal Boy. Outside of a handful of copies sent to the press, the only ARCs produced will be the ones that are made specifically for the generous patrons of this project.

Thanks once again to everybody, we're very excited to put this in your hands!

A Prologue


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Rewards Preview I

Here's a preview of the print included in the first of our rewards categories.

The print will be designed to fit into the book itself, printed in with K3 inks on an ultra-smooth archival rag paper.

Enjoy, and once again, sincere thanks for your support of this project.

Earnest Thanks

Hello everybody. Let me echo Michael's sentiment of sincere and heartfelt gratitude. It has been so wonderful to see the community of friends and admirers rally around this project. It's reinforced the notion that what we're doing here is both valued and desirable to a degree we never could have anticipated. Michael and I are both ecstatic about finally being able to bring this book to as a beautifully produced work of art in and of itself. It's been sitting on my hard drive for over a year now, and we cannot wait to put it into you waiting hands.

When this campaign started, I'll admit that I went into it with a wholly experimental mindset. While I've published small things via print on demand services such as Lulu, and a fully produced sketchbook from the brilliantly talented Shelly Wan last year, this is certainly my first try at something of this magnitude. I've always wanted to publish on a larger scale, the one thing holding me back was the financial aspect of it all. Frankly, it's a LOT of money to be asking a crowd of strangers for. So, after weeks of research, some coaching from my mentor Allen Spiegel (who publishes the BEST art books in the business, bar none), much research and many, many drafts of proposals, press releases and other bits and bobs, I felt prepared to embark upon this grand adventure. Would it work? Could we REALLY succeed?

Well. Not even four days later, and here we are already. The speed at which this has all happened is astounding. Both Michael and I are absolutely FLOORED by the amount of support and enthusiasm people have demonstrated. We've had serious industry giants tweet about it. We've had Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool get behind us in a big way. We've had pledges from literally all over the world. I see the twitter feeds out there, and I observe people talking about this project in a myriad of different languages. And while I certainly can't read them all, it is wonder to know so many people the whole world over are watching and cheering us on.

So once again, and though we'll never be able to say it enough to convey the depth of appreciation we have every single one of you, we'll keep saying it: THANK YOU.

For the Kind and the Willing

To all of you who have pledged and may be thinking of doing so, my deepest heartfelt thanks and gratitude. It seems that we have hit our stated goal. What's next? What now? Well, the first thing that will happen is the future of Fracture of the Universal boy is assured. This is a very good thing, but as you may have noticed, there are quite a few days left in the campaign to see this project through. Now, at the risk of sounding both arrogant and greedy, continued support means a lot. Frankly if we continue, we, you and I both, besides getting one book out to you, it also means being able to bring you even more beautiful things both from me, and the artists represented by Eidolon Fine Arts. I personally pledge to you all that not a single dime will be wasted, not a penny will go towards new suits, nights on the town or even just a few new cd's. Every dollar raised will go to the making and production art, be that books, prints, or whatever quality works we all can dream of. It sets me free to work without fear, or disruption. I can do the things I've always dreamed I could do and was never able to in a company structure, and to be absolutely sure they reach you.

So, As thrilled and eternally grateful as I am, I ask you to please consider continuing your support until the fat lady sings and we can all go home secure in a more creative and wonderful future.

Michael Zulli