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Nearly 10 years in the making, Michael Zulli’s The Fracture of the Universal Boy is a 200+ page hardcover graphic novel.
523 backers pledged $32,794 to help bring this project to life.

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Rewards Preview V: Bookplate

Posted by Eidolon Fine Arts (Creator)

Presenting the image to the exclusive signed bookplate that will be included with all regular and ARC editions of The Fracture of the Universal Boy.

We're getting very close to the end of the beginning, thank you everybody for your support!

Prototype Lottery

Posted by Eidolon Fine Arts (Creator)

Well, we're almost there, and super excited to officially begin production. We'll have our ISBN numbers this week, we're refining and upgrading the book design, and are very excited to put this on press soon.

As a little thank-you to one lucky contributor, we've decided to give away our prototype limited edition. When out campaign is all said and done, we'll be throwing everybody's name into a hat and picking one contributor at random to receive our prototype in addition to whatever reward has been selected.

There's very few of these out there, and there are variants in each: The four copies from San Diego were our first prototype, and sold out almost instantly. We did some upgrades to the prototype, which was presented as a gift to a certain prominent author and his wife late last year. Our giveaway prototype is the very last one, and the closest facsimile to how the final limited is going to look. And this one is for you.

Good luck to all!

Rewards Preview IV: Limited Print Tip-in

Posted by Eidolon Fine Arts (Creator)

Well, here we are, down to the last ten days of our campaign already. But we've still got some good surprises for all of out very generous patrons out there to tide you over while you wait for the actual book to land on your respective doorsteps. Today, The exclusive print that will be tipped-in to all of the Limited edition of The Fracture of the Universal Boy.

As always, sincere thanks for your generosity, and we hope you enjoy.

On Shipping

Posted by Eidolon Fine Arts (Creator)

There have been lots of questions regarding extra cost or even availability of international shipping. The answer is short, and I believe, sweet. Any of the reward levels are absolutely available for all destinations worldwide. And no, there is no extra charge for said international shipping. We're just delighted that Michael has so many fans the world over, and we'll get your book (print, art) to you no matter where you are!

Rewards Preview III: Limited Prototype

Posted by Eidolon Fine Arts (Creator)

Presenting the Limited Edition of The Fracture of the Universal Boy. This gorgeous volume will be bound in red velvet, with a foil-stamped cover and a tipped-in print exclusive to this edition. Issued in an edition size of 50, each and every one of these will be lovingly crafted and bound by hand.

As always, thanks to everybody for your incredibly generous support!