Michael Zulli: The Fracture of the Universal Boy

by Eidolon Fine Arts

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    1. Eric Arsenault on

      The Pleasure is all us, I cannot wait to have this book in my hand and read it.

    2. Regina Van Meter on

      I'm excited about this book--i've been a fan of yours for some time.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jane RM on

      I'm just so delighted and a little bit humbled to be even a small part of making something so beautiful come to life. Thank you for the opportunity (and hope you don't mind shipping to the UK!)

    4. jmballard on

      I've admired your beautiful work since I was working in a comic shop while I was in college. It's sincerely my pleasure to have some small part in producing something with which you've been involved. Thank you for the opportunity.

    5. Missing avatar

      Phill Warren

      It feels great to have been a part of this, I cant wait to see the finished product. Would it be possible to publish Sweeney Todd like this...(hey, I can dream can't I?)

    6. jmballard on

      Phill, I echo your sentiment, and would TOTALLY support that initiative!