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Nearly 10 years in the making, Michael Zulli’s The Fracture of the Universal Boy is a 200+ page hardcover graphic novel.
Nearly 10 years in the making, Michael Zulli’s The Fracture of the Universal Boy is a 200+ page hardcover graphic novel.
523 backers pledged $32,794 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Simeon Gavalas on

      A “while ago” I sent you a message regarding my copy. I still have not received an answer, or my copy. It's been so long since this project was funded that I have almost forgotten about this.

      I have long ago realized that I should strike out my money as "lost". (Not entirely “lost” as I'm happy that the book got published but it kind of sucks that I don't have a copy. I am more disappointed than angry, as I really looked forward to this book - Mr Zulli's work seemed amazing, not that I will ever get the chance to read it).

      Anyway I think that you have showed a very poor professional image; not only with the handling and execution of the project but, perhaps even more importantly, with the communication and backer support.

    2. Missing avatar

      Paolo on

      4th of September 2013 and still no sign of my book! I'm speechless! VERY disappointed! :-(

    3. Jean on

      Hi to those who never received The Fracture of the Universal Boy:

      I know it has been a long time since this graphic novel was sent out. If anyone is interested in my signed copy, please post here with your email address and we can talk. No, I am not connected with the graphic novel, artist, or Eidolon Fine Arts. I live in Canada. The graphic novel still looks new -- pet free, smoke free home.


    4. Missing avatar

      Paolo on

      18th of December and still no sign of my book! One year and half since the funding is really too much to wait...

    5. Danny Dillen on

      Still no sign of the book unfortunately. It's a fair distance, I know, but was there a tracking number or anyway to find out where it went?

    6. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Shaxted on

      Have yet to receive my copy.. I'm absolutely gagging to read this thing!

    7. Fredrik Wangel on


      I had a very pleasant surprise when I came home today -- the book had arrived! Post marked September 4, so it was quite a speedy delivery after all.

      The book is a true work of art!

      Thank you Mr. Zulli, Mr. Graff and the Eidolon Fine Arts team.

      P.S. I just noticed I got mentioned twice in the patrons list :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Chris Mendes on

      I just went to the post office and found a book their waiting for me. I opened it up and I loved what I saw, the book looks amazing and cant wait to dive into it.
      Thanks for shipping it!

    9. Eidolon Fine Arts Creator on

      Hello Fredrik,

      Your print went out in a batch early this year. Given your international destination, I know that these have taken sometime to get to where they're supposed to be going. And, unfortunately, far too many international packages have gone entirely errant. I'm re-dispatching today!


    10. Eidolon Fine Arts Creator on

      Hell Chris,

      Many apologies both. Chris, I had thought your package went out in the initial batch of prints over a year ago. This was before I was using tracking on everything. As it's not there yet, it's obviously lost. I've re-dispatched with a bonus book as of this morning.


    11. Missing avatar

      Chris Mendes on

      Why has their been no updates, and why have I not received my book yet? Starting to regret help fund this project!

    12. Fredrik Wangel on

      Still waiting :'(

    13. Brian Holst on

      Just picked up my Limited Edition today, thank you so very, VERY much for the great care taken in packing the book securely!! It arrived without any dents, crushed corners or the like!

      I just had a quick glance through the book and WOW! I am SO looking forward to reading this!

      Well worth the wait!

      Thank you Ryan and Mr. Zulli!

    14. Richard Hare on

      My limited copy just arrived and it's wonderful - thank you!

    15. Missing avatar

      Paolo on

      I live in Italy, still waiting for my signed copy! Any updated?

    16. Missing avatar

      Will Maxwell on

      Hey, I haven't seen my signed print yet... do you know they those will be available? thanks!

    17. Fredrik Wangel on

      Soon, yet another month gone by and still no sign of the book, or even a reply (public or private) from Eidolon for that matter.

      Am I the only one still waiting for the standard edition book?

    18. Fredrik Wangel on

      I live in Sweden and I'm still waiting for my standard edition book. Tracking info would be appreciated. Thanks.

    19. Eidolon Fine Arts Creator on

      Hello Peter,

      Your book was dispatched January 10, tracking info: LJ908859585US

      Please give it another couple weeks, and if it still hasn't arrived ( I know that for whatever obscure and unfathomable reasons, some of these have literally taken 4 months to get where they are going) let me know.



    20. Andrew Lohmann

      Thanks for the update! I'm looking forward to to the book...

    21. Missing avatar

      Peter Seddon on

      Have all the books been sent out to the UK yet?

    22. Brian Holst on

      I had misunderstood and thought that the Limited Edition had also been shipped out, but Update #22 clearly explains that is not the case.

      I'll continue to wait impatiently ;)
      Thank you for the heads-up!

    23. Danny Dillen on

      Is there any way to track the book? Still to arrive to my address in New Zealand.

    24. Brian Holst on

      I forgot to mention that I live in Sweden.

    25. Brian Holst on


      I have still not received my book ($500 pledge) should I start to get worried?

    26. Roberto Zaragoza Gascón on

      Just got my copy in the mail today, haven't read it yet, but I skimmed the pages and it looks absolutely gorgeus. Worth the wait just for the art alone.

    27. Vivienne Dunstan on

      @Stephen I've just received my copy (attempted delivery yesterday, picked up from the postal depot this morning) and I'm in the UK, first name beginning with V, so further down the postal list than you. It's a lovely looking book.

    28. Stephen Kohler on

      Anyone with a first name beginning with S received their copy in the UK yet?

    29. Missing avatar

      cerebus on

      Wohoo, mine arrived :) Happy bunny!

    30. R Tobias on

      I have already received and devoured my book. Although I was not familiar with the work of Mr. Zulli I decided to be a Backer in this project and indeed I am very proud of it. I have read some reviews of the book and I agree it can be confusing...but I have really enjoyed the concept and I can relate well to some parts. It contains great ideas that make you think and interpret, also according to your experience in life. By the way, I was watching the film "The tree of life" the other day and I found some scenes that remind me of Fracture. Have that happened to anyone as well?

    31. Missing avatar

      cerebus on

      Is there a way to check whether my book has been sent? I don't mind waiting (well....:)) but it's impossible to know if the delay is because it hasn't been sent yet, or if something has gone amiss in transit....


    32. Marjorie on

      My copy arrived 2 days ago (to the UK) It's so beautiful!

    33. Missing avatar

      Hayley on

      Have all the books been sent now? I'm an H and in the UK should I start getting worried about my book?

    34. Missing avatar

      Nando on

      The book arrived yesterday in my post office in Italy. Wonderful object!
      Thanks again for your effort and the hard work.

    35. Louise Allen on

      I picked my copy up from the post office today (UK). Gorgeous book, looking forward to reading it! Thank you! I would definitely back another project like this - totally didn't understand the logistics of it all and the last update really opened my eyes and made me realise I was being an ungrateful moaner.

    36. Missing avatar

      S Duncan on

      Thanks very much for the update. I've sent a direct message with a change of address; would greatly appreciate if you can confirm you've received this and that there aren't any problems with this. Thanks for all your hard work. Very much looking forward to receiving my copy.

    37. Missing avatar

      Catherine Holcroft on

      I recived my book and it is beautiful.
      Thank you for your hard work.

    38. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    39. Guido Rosas on

      Got mine today! What a beautiful edition! Congrats to all involved, especially Mike and Ryan, obviously!

    40. Missing avatar

      Donal O'Connell on

      Just got the book, it's a gorgeous looking piece. Thanks Michael for all the work and props to Ryan on his efforts.

    41. Missing avatar

      Nando on

      Thanks for your effort and for the update! I'll wait patiently in Rome for the book.

    42. Vivienne Dunstan on

      Thanks for the update Ryan. I guess my package is still to be sent - sometimes having a name starting with 'V' can be a disadvantage! But that's a relief, rather than worrying it's lost in the post.

    43. Eidolon Fine Arts Creator on

      Thanks Michael, very glad that you like it! We worked very hard to make the production values amazing, and we're very happy that you agree!

    44. Missing avatar

      Michael Thornton on

      Ryan the shipping may have taken a bit longer than expected but I must say for the quality of the book I'm more than happy to have waited that bit longer! All the best for your future publishing efforts. If they are anything like this one you will do well! And for anyone that hasn't received the book it is definitely worth the wait!

    45. Louise Allen on

      I'm in the UK and still awaiting my book. It would be great to hear how you're getting on. Is there a particular order to the shipping? Is it done by country, backer type, phases of the moon?

    46. Dee Cunniffe on

      Received mine yesterday (In Ireland) - absolutely delighted!

    47. favve on

      Haven't received mine in Mexico, should I begin to worry now?

    48. Eidolon Fine Arts Creator on

      Ah Gary, such a charmer you are!

      Your book was posted on Tuesday, and you were sent an e-mail notifying you of such.

      Thanks for your patience!

    49. Gary Gray on

      Still not got mine, and have emailed Mr Zulli twice and no response to my email. To say I'm getting pissed off would be correct. And no responses to those emails.

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