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Athletic cooling shirts fitted with high intensity gel packs to keep you cool so you can stay safe and active in the heat. Read more

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Athletic cooling shirts fitted with high intensity gel packs to keep you cool so you can stay safe and active in the heat.

About this project

Have you ever let the heat get in the way of doing something you love outdoors such as biking, running, or even grilling in the backyard?  We have created the first attractive and affordable solution that will keep you cool, safe and doing the things you love outdoors.  Don't let the heat be an excuse any more!

What is the IceTee?

The IceTee is an athletic cooling shirt for men and women designed and tested to combat overheating. The shirt cools your body quickly and effectively pre, during, or post-workout or for outdoor activity in the heat.

How the IceTee works

The shirt is made of dry-fit, moisture wicking fabric and fitted with high intensity cooling gel packs that stay dry and cool you at critical points on your body - the neck, spine, and underarms for men and the neck and spine for women.

Men's IceTee Design
Men's IceTee Design
Women's IceTee Design
Women's IceTee Design

The IceTee has built-in pockets in which reusable cooling gel packs are inserted at the points where your body needs it the most. For men, this is the neck, spine, and underarms and for women, the neck and spine. The IceTee is the first attractive and effective cooling apparel on the market.

The cooling gel packs are filled with a revolutionary gel formula that has been tested extensively for effectiveness and duration of cooling. The gel packs are produced exclusively for the IceTee. The packs stay cold for up to an hour and are packaged in a nylon/polyester blend material for maximum durability.

The IceTee is the ultimate in cooling apparel as it provides a one stop solution to keep you cool - simply place the entire shirt in any household freezer with the cooling gel packs inserted for a minimum of 2 hours and put it on when you are ready to cool down. You can also take the gel packs out of the shirt and place them in the freezer. Reinsert the gel packs into the shirt pockets and you are ready to start cooling!

IceTee Benefits

The IceTee is designed for all people wanting to maintain healthy lifestyles.  

  • Performance - The IceTee helps you perform your best by limiting the increase in your body’s core temperature before and during strenuous activity. This results in greater blood flow, allowing for maximum amounts of oxygen to reach your muscles. The sweat rate decreases when the body's core temperature is lowered, causing blood volume to be better maintained. The greater blood flow and blood volume lead to increased performance.
  • Comfort - The IceTee is a lightweight, moisture wicking shirt with mesh panels to keep your body cool and deliver cold to the points your body needs it the most. The pockets allow for easy replacement, and at the same time secure the gel packs in optimal placement on your body.
  • Safety - Heat stroke and heat illness are common results of the body’s core temperature overheating. Studies have recognized reduced heart rates when the body's core is cooled before activity. Prevent injury or further repercussions by proactively cooling your body with an IceTee.

Let's be honest, there are performance and safety issues, but the shirt just feels AWESOME to throw on during a blazing summer day.

Additional Benefits

  • Weight loss - The IceTee’s cooling gel packs are held against the “brown fat” target zones on the body. Unlike exercise where one typically has to first burn glucose and glycogen before burning fat, stimulating brown fat can immediately and directly burn cellulite-causing white fat.
  • Relief – Many people who suffer from autoimmune disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis have heat intolerance that prevents them from enjoying outdoor activities in the heat. The IceTee is designed to cool the body quickly to maintain comfort, particularly in warm weather conditions.
  • Cold weather relief – After such a brutally cold winter in many parts of the country, many people are looking for a solution that can also keep them warm in the cold weather.The IceTee’s gel packs can also be heated and then placed in the shirt to provide warmth to its users.

The IceTee in Action

What sets us apart

  • Effective Cools the core temperature allowing you to stay safe and active.
  • Comfortable and Stylish Made of a dry-fit material that stays dry and keeps you cool.
  • Shirts made in the USA of the finest quality 

Our mission is to keep people safe, comfortable, and active!

About Us


We met in college in Austin, Texas where we had a mutual enthusiasm for being outdoors and a mutual disdain for the excruciating Texas heat. Our passion for entrepreneurship and not letting life pass us by brought us to become fast friends.

After years of watching the heat and humidity cause “hibernation” throughout many of the hottest months of the year where outdoor activities are avoided at all costs, we decided to create a solution that would be effective, comfortable and stylish!

Our friends and family love the first iteration of the IceTee. We have spent the last year perfecting the design, durability and effectiveness. 

We need your help, Kickstarter, so we can sell the IceTee to a broader market. We want to prove that our vision will change the market in athletic apparel by allowing people to do the activities they love the most, without letting the heat slow them down.

Risks and challenges

We have existing relationships with our suppliers and manufacturing facility but anyone that has ever worked in product manufacturing knows that there can be delays!

Due to early hiccups in our small friends and family production, we have spent endless time on quality control ensuring that our manufacturer provides the highest quality garments and ice packs in a timely manner to give our supporters the quality and performance they deserve!

Customer service is a crucial part of this process and we will work tirelessly to ensure our supporters are satisfied. We look forward to getting started and providing you with an amazing product.

Thank you for taking part in this exciting project that is going to help so many people continue doing the things they love without letting the heat get in the way!

Megan and Emily

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  • The Men's IceTee Comes in S-XL, color options are grey, navy blue, white and burnt orange.The Women's IceTee comes in XS-XL, colors options are purple, turquoise, and black.

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    Donation of $2 towards us meeting our goal of keeping people cool, safe, active and healthy and the self-satisfaction of knowing you helped us achieve our goal!

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    An IceTee koozie and the self-satisfaction of knowing you are helping a great cause towards keeping people cool and safe so they can remain active and enjoy a healthy lifestyle!

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    Men's or women's IceTee shirt with the high-intensity cooling gel packs (3 packs in women's shirt and 5 packs in men's shirt)

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    Men's or women's Ultimate IceTee package which includes the IceTee shirt, high-intensity cooling gel packs (3 in women's and 5 in men's shirt), and a neoprene carrying and storage case.

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    Men's or women's Ultimate IceTee package plus the Back-up Plan. This package includes the IceTee shirt, high-intensity cooling gel packs (3 in women's and 5 in men's shirt), a neoprene carrying and storage case AND a replacement set of 5 high-intensity cooling gel packs, so can prolong your outdoor activities and never be without a cooling solution.

    Men's shirt sizes: S-XL
    Colors: Gray, Navy Blue, White and Burnt Orange

    Women's shirt sizes: XS-XL
    Colors: Purple, Turquoise, Black

    We will have you specify when we get funded!

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