pledged of €35,000 goal
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Apr 12 2016
MovieSwapBy MovieSwap
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MovieSwapBy MovieSwap
First created
pledged of €35,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Apr 12 2016

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    1. Roland684 on

      MovieSwap: "We will continue working in this direction and will share our key learnings with you, on this page, in a few weeks."
      That was on 12 April. How about an update?

    2. Gwen.

      I already prepare a box with 200 DVD that I wanted to send you. :(

      And you close the Movieswap website (it's redirected to this KS).

      Really not a good idea for the future of this project.

    3. Missing avatar

      Seb Thompson on

      The coolest cooler, the most funded ever kickstarter project raised millions!! But the truth is it flopped once before the creator tweaked it and re-introduced it with a bit more flair and now hes a millionaire. Please try again with a bit more investment in getting it out there. This is a really good idea.

    4. Missing avatar

      Seb Thompson on

      Please try again

    5. Johnny Comelately on

      +1 david, the whole concept seems very much misunderstood and there are so many questions left unanswered that could have been published in the FAQ to help potential backers 'get' it

    6. Missing avatar

      david on


      I really liked this idea and i think it would be much much more successful if you made a more serious introduction video where explain everything more in detail and show off how the service is suppose to work. Would be really good if you could try this project here on kickstarter one more time

    7. MovieSwap Creator on

      You money was not taken from your account, you simply won't be charged.

    8. Missing avatar

      Leclercq Johan on

      @Jake :
      Your money doesn't need to be refunded, it never leaves your bank account.
      The money is taken only at the end of the kickstarter. As they cancelled it before, no harm done.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jake on

      How will my money be refunded exactly?

    10. Johnny Comelately on

      Too good to be true

    11. Ken Linger on

      While admittedly I'm disappointed, I can say that I at least respect the creators for terminating this early versus collecting the money, having delay after delay, and trying to refund everyone unsuccessfully. I've backed some successful and some unsuccessful projects and would rather it end before it begin like this rather than take years longer than expected only to finish (maybe) with dismal results.

    12. Missing avatar

      Fred on

      In the meantime guys please get Vodkaster outside the French borders. At least you owe us that...

    13. Zak Swigert on

      Literally backed this last night. Lol

    14. MovieSwap Creator on

      @Michael Folwarczny @AllGamer
      We remain convinced that movies deserve a better legal offer and exposure on the Internet that satisfies users, creators and investors. We will continue working in this direction and will share our key learnings with you, on this page, in a few weeks.

      Thank you all for your support!

    15. Loig

      @AllGamer, you mean a couple of hundreds and then some more 5000 missing....

    16. Michal Folwarczny on

      What a pitty. I already started grabbing my tv shows which i planed to send :( I rly hope this idea wont be abandoned completely..

    17. AllGamer on

      So sad, we were only a little over 100 people short to make it :(

      I was really looking forward to this, more alternative to Netflix and alikes the better for us the End Users.

      Are you guys planning to relaunch this again in the near future?

      Make sure to make a bigger splash, get a good marketing team ;) and more word of mouth.

    18. MovieSwap Creator on

      Merci @Stephanie et @Alain, votre soutien compte beaucoup pour nous.

    19. Missing avatar

      Stéphanie Halfon on


      J'ai été dépitée d'apprendre la nouvelle, je suivais votre projet avec beaucoup de joie et d'espoir. J'espère que ce ne sera pas la fin pour vous et que vous trouverez une solution pour aller de l'avant. Vous défendez un modèle important.

    20. Missing avatar

      Alain Kaim on

      C'est avec beaucoup de regret que j'apprends l'annulation du projet, qui me semblait être une excellente idée.
      J'espère que l'équipe trouvera une autre façon de la relancer.
      Je leur souhaite beaucoup de courage dans cette période difficile.
      Merci pour leur honnêteté et transparence dans la gestion de cette crise.

    21. MovieSwap Creator on

      @Freddy Neuhold @Maarten Celen
      Of course we will keep you updated. Thank you for your support!

    22. jeremy gibbs on

      Yea kickstarter needs to be better about their projects I've seen way to many who don't know what they are doing/scams go through

    23. Maarten Celen on

      It has no use to insult this company. Be glad they cancel it. This was you don't lose your money!
      I've backed a project in 2013. Still waiting for my product.

      Better this then losing money. Thank you for being honest and canceling!

    24. Missing avatar

      Freddy Neuhold on

      MovieSwap, Will you keep all backer informed of continued progress? MovieSwap is such a great idea and I want this thing to happen!

    25. Missing avatar

      Qualified backer

      These kinds of hidden goals should not be allowed on Kickstarter. You posted a public displayed goal, we helped you to get there and now you do not deliver. Why should I ever want to support your company ever again?

    26. jeremy gibbs on

      Thats all you have to say movieswap?

    27. MovieSwap Creator on

      Of course, you card will not be charged.

    28. Robo Durden

      It has be stated here many times, that the creators were already running www.vodkaster.com and when asked here about the needed infrastructure they replied with "everything is ready to go".


    29. Roland684 on

      @oliver: It's in the e-mail you received from kickstarter: "As a result, your ... pledge has been automatically canceled and your card will not be charged."

    30. jeremy gibbs on

      Your money never got processed Oliver. They cancelled a couple days before hand

    31. Missing avatar

      oliver on

      Do we get our money back?

    32. Highcooley on

      A bit of a strange approach you took here. The funding progress was flattening out over the last month. Two weeks ago you talked about the magic $100’000 mark which would have been three times the funding; a very respectable success for the non-informed backers about the “secret deal” with your investors. However, this would have brought you another 700 backers with the average pledge of $18 or 1250 backers max, if everybody went for the cheap. So why go down this road if you already knew you would only make it to half of the requested number? I don't mind the deal with your investors, which in my mind is legit if somebody should capitalize on a high risk startup. But some effort through other channels and platforms as well as clear communication definitely would have helped. Anyways, good luck next time.

    33. jeremy gibbs on

      Also with investors involved people usually run away from a crowdfound. Thats why I respect ones that cancel when they potentially found and investor and use things like thunderclap

    34. Lone Backer on

      As an early and enthusiast backer I'm very disappointed. I felt quite committed to this project, spend some time for it.
      I've registered three more backers (family members) to get them free access. If we were more backers to do this, then the hidden 10000 backers goal would have been reached easily.
      But I guess investors wanted to count real persons, not slot members made for others, that's maybe why they didn't tell about the 10000 goal.

    35. Liselle Awwal on

      It boggles the mind why you were not upfront about your actual goals from the beginning. That is more disappointing, actually, than you suspending the campaign.

    36. jeremy gibbs on

      One of the points is this rule that was used towards the skarp laser razor "in violation of our rule requiring working prototypes of physical products that are offered as rewards," in other words nothing to show towards the stick and the media site. Sites like crackle and shudder have made simple sites off of little to no money and have been successful. Also goes to show they weren't here for us as they were here for "investors"

    37. Matthew Carter on

      I just want to point out that I was/am giving my food for thought in case the movie Swap Team decides to crowd funding again.

    38. Matthew Carter on

      It was not communicated well enough that it was 10,000 or bust. While that is what you need to succeed, setting a backer threshold is not in the nature of Kickstarter and can't be communicated to first-time Kickstarter (on top of how Kickstarter works, on top of your service concept).

      Getting to 10,000 backers requires getting people outside of the Kickstarter network to overcome the friction of pledging. Doing this is hard for any category outside of the video game space.

      Not only is 10,000 hard, I'm fairly sure it hasn't been done in the web or app categories. I could be wrong. If it has, I wouldn't be surprised, but

      It was probably done by
      a) an existing entity//ip
      b) a second Kickstarter for the same project (because it gained followers but failed)

      If you aren't a or b, then you need to exploit a press network. Again, video games have an established press network.

      I'm not sure what the 'established movie streaming services' press network is...Fandango? Forbes? Gizmodo? Tech Crunch? Movies.com?

      I'm fine with it being cancelled. Better to get no product then a poorly supported one.

      But I am really really curious about this 10,000 number and what went into deciding it!

    39. Loig

      what were those points?

    40. jeremy gibbs on

      I find it funny how I call them out for missing some key features that needs to be on kickstarter to continue to be a project and a couple hours later they cancel it.

    41. jeremy gibbs on

      So it was a scam?

    42. Loig

      now let's watch the world burn :) lol

    43. Loig

      well what a surprise..... NOT

    44. Missing avatar

      david on

      The project was more than 200% funded and you fking cancel it becouse it wasn't enough? why not set the real goal from start then..

    45. Martin Amelsberg on

      My english is to bad to say how disappointed I am about you and this misleading campaign.

    46. Missing avatar

      Stephen Donaghy on

      What on earth was the point in setting a goal of €35,000 if more than twice that was never going to be enough? Poor show.

    47. Helene de Ixe on

      On est toujours avec vous ! Prêts à vous soutenir pour la prochaine aventure !
      Longue vie à Movie Swap !

    48. Missing avatar


      sadden, great idea and concept please keep backers inform on your progress and journey.

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