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You are part of fascinating Vortex of life where players compete for dominance. There are many strategies, but only one winner!
You are part of fascinating Vortex of life where players compete for dominance. There are many strategies, but only one winner!
You are part of fascinating Vortex of life where players compete for dominance. There are many strategies, but only one winner!
452 backers pledged $8,941 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Piker on

      I agree. For me, it is exciting to get that email saying there is an update for xxxxxx. It is fun to watch the process, especially for unique projects like this one.

    2. Missing avatar

      Nabend on

      @RUDY, while I I think it admirable that you do not want to spam us with rather minor updates, it is one of the selling points of a kickstarter to see the project grow and develop. Just don't make the mistake of promising thighly calculated dates on anything :-)
      Gamers are like little children: if we don't get the promised toys, we bawl. If there never was a promise, anything that comes is a welcome surprise

    3. RUDY3 Publishing Creator on

      @Ethan Player Boards are hardest. But they are 'doable' :-). Advice... 1. Print player boards PnP and glue them to cardboard (all four boards to one bigger card board) 2. Cut out holes with carpet cutter 3. Cut out player boards 4. Cut lower layer (size of player board) from other cardboard or from hard paper 5. Glue both layers together Optional 6: If cutting the holes out damages printed top layer, just print player boards again and make holes with small scissors. Then glue this new nice print over the top layer. :-D

    4. Ethan Furman

      Nice! Roughly 16 days until PnP! Now I have to figure out how I'm going to create an inset player board... ;-)

    5. Clarisse

      Thank you! Might be good to put it in the update area, though, to ensure everyone gets the message! :)

    6. RUDY3 Publishing Creator on

      Hello everybody! :-)

      Just a quickie update as I don't want to spam your email boxes with (relatively) minor info...

      In 2-3 week from now we were promised to get Envyra production sample. After final check (hopefully without major problems arising) we are going to approve Production Process. At this time, PnP files are going to be available as well.

      Until then, have fun!


    7. Angela: #Doomfiable #frostedBrownies

      Survey completed and donated 😄

    8. Missing avatar


      Survey completed.

    9. RUDY3 Publishing Creator on

      Unfortunately not right now. But thank you for caring anyway :-)

    10. Vertical Monkey on

      Any way other than paypal to donate towards the Equilibrium production? I dont have access to a paypal account but would like to make a small contribution

    11. W. Chad Hanson on

      I'll add my thanks too! When many KS projects try to squeeze every last penny out of us, it's nice to feel like we were rewarded for our patronage. It will be noted and remembered.

    12. Missing avatar

      Stephen Spackman


    13. Missing avatar

      Ryan Campbell on

      Yes thank you for including equilibrium for free, that is amazing! Very excited to play this game with friends and family.

    14. Missing avatar

      Lance Ryan on

      Thank you for the free expansion!

    15. Carl D McArthy on

      Looking forward to playing this with my family! Congrats on getting fully funded and more!

    16. RUDY3 Publishing Creator on

      Hello everybody. I've postponed a little my next update because I want to say final word on Equilibrium and I'm obtaining all necessary info to make responsible decision. I hope for tomorrow/Monday at the latest update. Have a great day, Rudy

    17. Vertical Monkey on

      Congrats on getting this intriguing little game over the line!

    18. RUDY3 Publishing Creator on

      @Carl @CaLiBaN @Angela @Peter @all your sustained support and your trust through whole campaign period allows me now to make plans with Envyra and beyond... now it's my turn to prove you that you choosed right project among many :-)

    19. Carl D McArthy on

      Congrats on a great game and campaign!

    20. Missing avatar

      CaLiBaN on

      Congrats :D

    21. Angela: #Doomfiable #frostedBrownies

      Congrats on a successful campaign 🎉

    22. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      Congratulations!!! Looking forward to the game in my shelf!

    23. RUDY3 Publishing Creator on

      @Vladimir I have replied through KS in-mail. We plan other language rule book versions, maybe even printed. Btw...thank you again for your strong support! Rudy

    24. Missing avatar

      Vladimir on

      Rudy, will the rulebook be just in English or as you hopefully have big CZ/SK fanclub, could it also be in mother tongue version? :) Have backed for 3 pcs yet and thinking about the fourth one...

    25. Henry So on

      I don't see how two handed will work since each hand is vying for position. You'd have to split-brain the hands to make that viable.

    26. Missing avatar

      Dr. David Ross

      Hi! Is there no solo variant? Solo gamers are the second largest guild on BGG! Even if you don't have an official solo variant, can this game be player solo by controlling both hands? Thank you!

    27. RUDY3 Publishing Creator on

      I would describe it that in every player count Envyra offers same conditions and game play environment (few random tiles out, different numbers of tiles displayed, etc.). Thus only difference arises from personal preference (some like more 2p, some opposite, but most would enjoy all player counts).

    28. Henry So on

      How does the game change with the different player counts? I'm asking more about the feel of the turns than rules changes.

    29. RUDY3 Publishing Creator on

      Interesting idea indeed. :-) But 'logistically' it could be hard to hide your secret goal this way...especially if you have small 'table space'

    30. Chris Mussett on

      Just a thought - you could print a choice of two secret Equilibrium objectives on the reverse of each player board.

    31. RUDY3 Publishing Creator on

      @Angela: I second that, we tested Envyra without Equilibrium for one year! Only then come an idea to create Equilibrium as an OPTIONAL expansion. And we still play both 'versions', with and without E. Either way, you, supporters who helped me with my Envyra dream, will get an option to get Equilbrium easy and ...... simply to say you are not going to be unhappy :-)

    32. Angela: #Doomfiable #frostedBrownies

      The game is still fun to play without equilibrium, so that shouldn't stop backers from pledging.

      We'll just see where we end...

    33. Carl D McArthy on

      I just upgraded from early bird to Red to get us closer to the end goal! Looking forward to playing the game with my family!

    34. Burtram Anton

      After reading over the rules to the Equilibrium Mini-Expansion, I’m really liking both variants.

      The hidden goals for end game points is always a lot of fun to add to games where you are making secret selections for simultaneous reveals.

      Plus the other variant with public claimable goals is awesome, kinda like the Noble Tiles in Splendor.

      Really excited to get this game to my gaming table 😀

    35. Missing avatar

      Nabend on

      Since you are already going to produce the box, maybe remove it from the stretch goals altogether and just add it to the product.
      At first glace someone new to the project might see the amount collected, compare to to stretch goals and decide not to back since we will not make it to equilibrium anyways. On The other hand, seeing the addon already included might attract backers.

      But thats just me - I never got the appeal of stretch goals.

    36. RUDY3 Publishing Creator on

      Hi. As I said in Update#9, Equilibrium will be produced. I don't want to ask backers for more money as my plan was and still is to give Equilibrium to my loyal backers for free. But in any case don't be afraid. After campaign ends (and I check final numbers) I'll find and offer preferential and simple way for backers to get Equilibrium. :-) But right now, let's focus on easiest way ;-)

    37. Angela: #Doomfiable #frostedBrownies

      Yeah ending over a holiday weekend is never good.

      Any chance we could add-on the SG instead of we don't reach that goal?

    38. Missing avatar

      Piker on

      I have a bad feeling that ending over a holiday weekend is going to hurt the final push. I just posted a link and info on the Fireball Island page. They have 23,000+ backers so even if a small percent take a look it could help. Good Luck!

    39. RUDY3 Publishing Creator on

      Overall graphical 'feel' and appearance of Envyra remains, but we are going to polish (more or less) almost all graphical elements (box, tiles, boards, shields). Actually, we are already working on it. I want you to have Envyra in the 'front row' of your board game shelf :-)

    40. TyDeL

      Has it been stated, is there going to be a graphic design/art update to the game, or is this the final art?

    41. RUDY3 Publishing Creator on

      Thank you Carl. That is precisely what we need.

    42. Carl D McArthy on

      I was asked on Sprawlopolis what other games I was supporting. I was able to share about Envyra to the 3750 people supporting that game. Hopefully some of them will come over here to support your game also!

    43. Ethan Furman

      I liked everything I could find on both platforms. Hope it helps with exposure!

    44. Carl D McArthy on

      Just liked a bunch of Envyra posts as well. Good luck!

    45. RUDY3 Publishing Creator on

      That is right! Posts are important for us as they are following our progress... Best, Rudy

    46. Missing avatar

      Piker on

      So just to clarify, if I like the page and 4 posts that would equal 5 Facebook likes? If so we are much closer than it seems.

    47. RUDY3 Publishing Creator on

      Social Stretch Goal mini update: We are safe with BGG. :-) ...and we are only around 80 likes short on Facebook (cumulative page/posts likes)

    48. Ethan Furman

      Reminder Alert! Don't forget about the Social Stretch goals! 250 likes on Facebook and 100 fans on BGG! :)


    49. RUDY3 Publishing Creator on

      Thank you a lot! I'm really proud of your support.

    50. David B. Talton Jr. on

      I wish you good luck, Rudy! :D

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