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A dark twisting adventure game with a beautiful anime art style, branching story and many endings.
A dark twisting adventure game with a beautiful anime art style, branching story and many endings.
5,551 backers pledged CA$ 225,386 to help bring this project to life.

Monthly Update [25]

Posted by Cherrymochi Game Studio (Creator)

 Hi everyone,

This is the twenty-fifth in a series of monthly updates we'll be posting on the last Saturday of every month (JST) until Tokyo Dark's release. If you want to follow development in more detail and you are an [ Access Pack ] + backer remember to drop into the Tokyo Dark backer's forum for our weekly updates every Saturday. If weekly and monthly updates aren't quite enough, you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook for your midweek Cherrymochi fix.

 [ Dev Update ]

This is going to be one of our shorter updates. For exciting reasons. There will be another update along soon with all sorts of goodness, before next month's usual monthly update is due.

What's that I see in the distance? It's coming this way! Looks like a train, could it be the Yamanote line? Or... wait... maybe it's the HYPE TRAIN!


[ Team Work ]

We're at our busiest ever right now, a stack of 'one day jobs' that are regularly turning into '3 day jobs'. But our to-do lists are growing shorter and shorter and we think all our hard work is showing in the final game.

This past month has gone by in a blur, sorry we've not been posting much on Facebook / Twitter etc. We've been heads down, non-stop. We're still here and everything is going well, but like with all big projects there is always a push to try to find time to get everything wrapped up towards the end.

I couldn't be more proud of the Cherrymochi team. Like a graceful swan we're gliding smoothly across the surface, while kicking like crazy below the water!

 If there was ever a time when the team could use a bit of ❤ and motivation from you, for a final push, now's the time!

- Jon

 [ Game, stretch goals & final rewards schedule ]

There will be a lot more info with specific details & dates soon to come, but I wanted to briefly cover the steps we'll be taking to get everything out to you all. The exact schedule and order is not locked down yet as we are working with 3rd parties on a number of these steps.

  • Launch Tokyo Dark on Steam for Windows
  • Launch non-Steam Tokyo Dark Windows version 
  • Begin work on Mac build
  • Update with Gamepad supportAs all you alpha players know, Tokyo Dark has supported gamepad since day one. Right now though we are not happy with our gamepad controls, they are not to the quality we'd like them to be & we don't want to rush them out. We're planning gamepad support to come as a post-launch update once we can get it right.
  • Patch any issues that come up from launch – Though Square Enix helping us with QA is awesome, we'll be ready to quickly catch and patch any issues that slip through the net.
  • Produce limited edition physical copies of Tokyo Dark on disc for backers who pledged at those tiers. (We will start production after digital updates added, so the disc copy is not missing any important patches etc.)
  • Create [ Fan Sub-support ] update, guide and tools
  • Send final physical rewards (Box set, Audio CD, Art books) to backers
  • Launch Mac version

Once those steps are complete our work on Tokyo Dark will be done!

 [ Backers credits ]

Here's a little preview of the backers credit section. You can access this from the main menu after starting the game & features a sideshow of our concept art.


[ Part of the Game ]

Thank you to all [ Part of the Game ] backers who have returned their likeness release forms, it's great how positive everyone has been! We can't wait for you all to 'meet' yourselves in game!

We've not heard anything from a handful of [ Part of the Game ] tier backers (We have sent follow up messages to these backers we're missing. So if you have sent yours but haven't heard anything from us, that's a sign we have it, and all is great!) We really don't want to have to remove your characters from the game. So please get in touch with us asap! We'll do our best to get in contact with you again over the next week too.

Here is a look at one of our backers you'll meet in-game:


 That's all for now.

We'll be back sooner than usual.

 Team Cherrymochi

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    1. Cherrymochi Game Studio Creator on

      Travis / Cucky,

      Please get in contact with us to let us know what problems you are having / return the likeness release form within 24 hours if you would like the character we have written and created for you to be included in Tokyo Dark as part of your [ Part of the game ] Kickstarter reward, otherwise for legal reasons we will unfortunately be forced to remove your character from the final game. (Though we will still fulfil all other [ Part of the game ] rewards, such as printed artwork of the character we designed for you etc.)

      We have also sent this message via Kickstarter messaging & direct email.

      Thank you.

    2. Shteen on

      I'll take his character then :P
      Hahah!! Hope you can reach him in time!!!

    3. Cherrymochi Game Studio Creator on

      Apologies posting on a public thread like this, but we have still not been able to get in contact with Cucky (previously Travis). We've been reaching out to you via both Kickstarter and direct email, but are not getting any response at all back.

      We noticed you've been able to log into Kickstarter to change your username and photo, so you at least have Kickstarter access still. If you feel your Kickstarter PMs / replies are not getting to us (We are not seeing *any* replies to our messages to you). Please contact Kickstarter for assistance, there may be an issue with your account.

      We have had no issues will any other [ Part of the Game ] backers who have all returned their 'Likeness release forms' to us and have been happy with the process. It seems whether technical or otherwise, unfortunately the communication issues appear to be on your end.

      At the very least please leave us another post on this thread saying you are trying to get in touch, and we'll do everything we can to resolve any issues you are having with your [ Part of the Game Pack]. We have changed deadlines and are holding off locking this down for you, we will continue to be as flexible as we possibly can, but obviously we are under time pressure to resolve this, so the sooner you can contact us, or let us know what the problems you are having are, the better.

      Thank you.

    4. Missing avatar

      Braden Chow on

      meteo_snow - I think that's a fair request. I can understand Cucky's sounds like there was some form of communication breakdown between Cucky and Cherrymochi. Maybe something got lost in the internet (aggressive spam filters are a possible reasoning for example). Losing what looks like 600+ USD and not getting what you wanted is a pretty hefty loss for most people.

      That said, it does feel like an overreaction. It sounds like simply contacting Cherrymochi would have likely rectified the situation. There's no need to go on a profane complaining storm...I mean, I've found Cherrymochi to be one of the best run Kickstarter projects. And comparing it to the projects that I've run, certainly one of the best organized (with exception of already established studios or minor projects which are more "sale" than actual Kickstarter).

      It's been quite amazing that there's almost never been any hiccups in the delivery of updates and that the backers have been kept in the light with regard to progress every step of the way. This is one of the biggest signs of a well run project IMO...I'll accept blown deadline as a standard with Kickstarter...but not falling back on simple cliches like "We're getting things done, just sit tight" for the most part makes things feel that much better. Delivering updates like clockwork is a terrific touch too and gives a great sense of professionalism.

      It'll be great to see the finished project. Every step has felt true to what I envisioned from day one and it's nice to see things come together so beautifully...really more to the edge Kickstarter was built on (as oppose to the cynical edge that I've fall into big name projects).

    5. Connor Farrell on

      Tokyo Dark was the first project I ever backed, and I haven't regretted it for a moment in the two years since. Only thing I do regret is that I wasn't more active on the forum, but I've kept up with every update email. I appreciate how much work you've put not only into the game, but into keeping your backers all thoroughly in the loop over the course of development. Have to admit, it's going to be a little sad once those updates stop coming, but I'm happy you guys are so close to realizing your vision and we all can't wait to finally get our hands on Tokyo Dark! Best of luck in the final stretch!

    6. meteo_snow on

      Sorry, Would you please refrain from making disrespectful and offensive remarks for the creator?
      I was proud that funded this project.
      When I found my name in the "backers credit", that feeling will more strong.

    7. Ron Au on

      I used to have complete faith in you guys.

      I still do, but I used to, too.

    8. Cherrymochi Game Studio Creator on

      HI Travis, sorry! We've heard nothing from you since sending over your [ Part of the Game Pack ] Great to hear from you now though! :) (No messages or PMs from you logged on Kickstarter). Of course we'll still include your character in the game! I've sent over details in a Kickstarter message so you can check out your pack and get the release form back to us. I know it can be frustrating sometimes when things don't seem to be working out, but really there is no malice or grand conspiracy here. We've worked hard to make your art and character awesome! :) If you could get the release form back to us this asap, that would be amazing. Thank you!

    9. Cucky on

      This game is fucking bullshit. Why I donated as much as I did, I have no idea, especially since the devs have done nothing but jerk me around the past two weeks. If I wanted them to steal almost $1000 from me, I would've gone somewhere else. Fuck this game and fuck the developers. I demand a refund for this bullshit treatment

    10. Missing avatar

      Chris Ewens on

      *Patient waiting intensifies*...

      Go get 'em, Cherrymochi! Thanks for all of the updates and good luck with that final push.

    11. Benjamin Parker on

      Hooray! A Mac version! I was hoping for that!

    12. Gabriel Martinez on

      With every update that has landed these past two years I've grown to love this game more and more. So I'm confident that the final product will be wonderful!