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A dark twisting adventure game with a beautiful anime art style, branching story and many endings.
A dark twisting adventure game with a beautiful anime art style, branching story and many endings.
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Monthly Update [5]

Posted by Cherrymochi Game Studio (Creator)

 Hi everyone,

This is the fifth in a series of monthly updates we'll be posting on the last Saturday of every month (JST) until Tokyo Dark's release.

If you want to follow development in more detail and you are an [ Access Pack ] + backer remember to drop into the Tokyo Dark backer's forum for our weekly updates every Saturday. If weekly and monthly updates aren't quite enough, you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook for your midweek Cherrymochi fix.

[ Dev update ] - Jon

We've been busy as ever this month. Yesterday we wrapped up the first pass of chapter 1 and over the next few weeks we'll be polishing and tweaking it, so we can start the new year with a good chunk of the game ready to show at events.

We're very proud of the fantastic collaborators that are joining us. Last month we announced that novelist Ureshino Kimi will be working on the script, this month we have some very exciting news for anime lovers (see below) and we're having discussions with another amazing collaborator that we hope will join us early in the new year. So it's a great time for Tokyo Dark! As the year is starting to wind down it feels like we're gearing up to do awesome things in 2016.

 [ Animation update ] - Maho

We're pleased to announce that Graphinica will be producing the animated sequences for Tokyo Dark.

Graphinica's production credits include:

  • Hellsing Ultimate (Animation Production)
  • Expelled From Paradise (Animation Production)
  • Psycho Pass (Key animation)
  • Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- (Game) (Opening animation)
  • Bayonetta: Bloody Fate (Key Animation)
  • and many many more.

Have you seen any of these anime? Or any in Graphinica's credit list? Which are your favourites? Let us know what you think in the comments!

We're sure you'll agree that Graphinica are a very talented studio and we're excited to start working with them on the animated sequences for Tokyo Dark early in 2016.

 Moochirin has been working hard storyboarding animation sequences.

 [ Art preview ] - Moochirin

Reina character design study

 [ Things we like ]

 Dogma: Eternal Night

'A new sandbox MMORPG world with the atmosphere of modern gothic and punk, vampires and other mystical creatures.`

If you follow our weekly updates over on our backer's forum you'll know we are fans of tabletop role playing games, Dogma: Eternal Night immediately reminded us of White Wolf's World of Darkness. A few years ago Eve Online developers CCP announced they were working on a WoD MMO, it looked fantastic! But last year it was cancelled and recently CCP sold White Wolf and the WoD IP. So things were looking bleak for a WoD type MMO. Dogma: Eternal Night looks to step in and fill this gap. The game looks great, and we love their art design / concept art.

MMO's are the most expensive and challenging type of game to develop, but Prelude Games Factory look like they have a strong foundation. We hope they can achieve their goals. If you're interested be sure to check it out.

 That's all for now, we hope everyone in the US has recovered from their Thanksgiving food comas. :)

We'll be back on Boxing day December 26th with our next monthly update.

Have a great holiday season!

Team Cherrymochi

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    1. meteo_snow on


    2. Ash Blue on

      Keep up the great work guys. I've been telling a lot of peeps about your game and how awesome it's going to be :D

    3. Ultra Magnus

      graphinica doing the animation for Tokyo dark you guys really should have given me a warning before you drop an awesome news bomb like that I had to change my pants but seriously Tokyo dark is quickly becoming one of my most anticipated games one that I'm eagerly awaiting updates for every month keep being amazing guys and girls!!!

    4. Missing avatar

      Eric Tsai

      I actually have seen most of Graphinica's work, but what I really liked are the K series, Pyscho Pass, Expelled from Paradise, and the Idolm@ster series.