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A dark twisting adventure game with a beautiful anime art style, branching story and many endings.
A dark twisting adventure game with a beautiful anime art style, branching story and many endings.
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Monthly Update [4]

Posted by Cherrymochi Game Studio (Creator)

Hi everyone,

This is the forth in a series of monthly updates we'll be posting on the last Saturday of every month (JST) until Tokyo Dark's release.

If you want to follow development in more detail and you are an [ Access Pack ] + backer remember to drop into the Tokyo Dark backer's forum for our weekly updates every Saturday. If weekly and monthly updates aren't quite enough, you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook for your midweek Cherrymochi fix.

[ Happy Halloween! ] - Jon

Let's kick things off this Halloween with a monster-sized update!

We've had a lot going on recently: Bison has been recording audio and working on the soundtrack in Tokyo, Maho has been finalizing contracts with some incredible collaborators, Moochirin has been creating some of her best ever art, Chris has been writing up the detailed mythology and history behind Tokyo Dark, Teddy has been working on our beautiful new website and I've finished developing the majority of the scenes for chapter one. Phew!

This Halloween is an important date for us as we are exactly one year out from our target release date. We're looking forward to sharing the next year of development with you!

[ New Trailer ]

First let's get the Halloween atmosphere going with our updated trailer. Lots of new art, animation and gameplay footage.

 As you can see we've made some big changes since our pre-Kickstarter pre-apha. We have overhauled character sprites and animations, improved the quality of our background art and redesigned the UI.

As well as these visual changes we've rebuilt many background systems in the game to accommodate all the stretch goals we hit. We've also made changes that have massively lowered memory use and loading times.  

[ New Website ]

Today we launched our shiny new website at we'll be updating, improving and adding new features to it over the next few months.

[ Halloween Wallpaper ]

In another world, where things are not so dark, here's how we imagine Ayami, Raina and Mai might go to a Halloween party. Grab this as a 1920x1080 wallpaper here.

Halloween costume swap
Halloween costume swap

 [ New Team member ]

We are very pleased to announce that we will be working with novelist Ureshino Kimi on the Japanese localization of Tokyo Dark, we are looking forward to seeing what her fantastic imagination and talent will bring to Tokyo Dark and I'm sure we'll be seeing some of her ideas pop up in the English language version too.

Novels by Ureshino Kimi
Novels by Ureshino Kimi

 [ Animation studio update ]

We have finalized the contracts with the animation studio who will create a number of fully animated sequences for Tokyo Dark. We are excited about this collaboration and we are sure you will be too! We have a few more details on the production timing to agree on before we can announce the studio's name, but we expect to be able to make the announcement by November's monthly update.

If you are an anime fan, there is a good chance you have seen this studio's work before. :)

Moochirin's reference art
Moochirin's reference art

 [ Music update ]

Bison has been in Japan this month, planning the soundtrack and collecting sounds to take back to his lab in England. We fear the poor little sounds won't ever be quite the same once he puts them through his twisted machinery!

 Some ominous tracks have already been escaping from Bison's lab, here are a few early works in progress that managed to break free:

 [ Deeper & Deeper ]:

 [ True Sadness ]:

 [ Pressure ]:

 [ Shinjuku ]:

 [ Halloween special O-mikuji (Curse & blessing) ] - Teddy

O-mikuji are Japanese fortunes that you can get at shrines across Japan. They usually give you a blessing (lucky) or a curse (unlucky) followed by some advice for different areas of your life. If you get a blessing you can tie it somewhere sacred and it will come true. If you get a bad fortune, you can put it in a special box at the shrine to cancel the curse.

Today, for Halloween, you can tweet @Cherrymochii with one of the following areas of life - future hopes, lost things, studies, business, relationships, illness, travel or moving - plus #HalloweenOmikuji  ( for example: "What's my relationship Omikuji?! #HalloweenOmikuji " ) and the Cherymochi twitter account will reply with a blessing or a curse. If it's a blessing, you can digitally 'tie it' with a favorite! If it's a curse, you must reply with "Uncurse me!"  and the cursed tweet will be deleted.

Some of our fortunes are creepy, some are happy, some are serious, but whatever you get, we hope you have fun and avoid the dai-kyō / Great curse!

 [ Things we like ]

 This month we'd like to highlight two games we think are pretty awesome. Wanderer and Pankapu. They were both featured on The Square Enix Collective (where we first saw them) Pankapu's Kickstarter campaign is currently being supported by The SEC.

Wanderer is an RPG / adventure game / sidescrolling hybrid... (We love RPG / adventure game / side-scrolling hybrids!) It has a stunning art style reminiscent of `Sword and Sorcery` and `Gods Will Be Watching`.

Pankapu is a beautiful platformer with really slick animation, featuring a soundtrack by `Secret of Mana` composer Hiroki Kikuta. It looks super cute and very fun!

 That's all for now, hope you have a spectacularly spooky Halloween and we'll be back on November 28th with our next monthly update.

Have a great month!

 Team Cherrymochi

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    1. meteo_snow on

      Awesome! How about that!

    2. Otoshigami No. 40723

      did someone got Cursed by them? :P

    3. Gabriel Martinez on

      Everything about this update is gold. The new trailer, the new art, the new music, it's all so incredible.

      And the hope is to bring this to everyone a year from now? Well, I wish you all the best!

    4. Mr.Monttu

      Sweet update and that new trailer is awesome <3 ^^

    5. Jasmine Clark on

      great update =) so exciting. i'm definitely curious about the animation studio... can't wait to find out who it is!! ^__^