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A dark twisting adventure game with a beautiful anime art style, branching story and many endings.
A dark twisting adventure game with a beautiful anime art style, branching story and many endings.
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News, Music & Updates

Posted by Cherrymochi Game Studio (Creator)

Here in Tokyo things have been a bit shaky recently, with a big and wobbly 7.8-magnitude earthquake hitting us on the weekend. Ironically earlier on Saturday I had been working on the screen-shake and earthquake effects for Tokyo Dark, I'm now worried that our in-game effects are a little too effective!


 Today we have a sonic treat for you! Another preview track from the Tokyo Dark soundtrack: Tokyo Darker and Dirtier

Matt Steed [ Tokyo Dark's composer and audio wizard ] shares his plans for the sound of Tokyo Dark

I am excited, very excited. Being a musician/composer is the best job in the world but every now and again you start work on a project that really pulls at the creative strings. Being allowed to freely explore your art is a rare gift and not one i take lightly, but it's one i am very grateful for.

My musical influences are broad. Anything from death metal to j-pop, from folk to experimental noisecore and i will be making full use of this. Invading my sonic consciousness at the moment are the likes of Boards of Canada, Merzbow, The Rosemary's baby soundtrack, NIN, Portal(aus), Pink floyd, Autechre, Igor Stravinsky and many more.

My mind has been running wild with ideas for the soundtrack, squirming like a toad as Mr Morrison would say. Incorporating the idea of a slipping sanity into the music really speaks to me, one i intend to explore at varying degrees of subtlety. In preparation i have been creating custom sample libraries, building bespoke percussive instruments and getting my hands on old 70s reel to reel recorders and VCRs. My studio now looks like a lab......Or perhaps more like a lab :) 


Pledge for [ Digital + pack ] tier or above for a copy of Tokyo Dark's soundtrack

 We've been really impressed by your Tokyo Dark cosplay and fan art. Keep them coming! 

Post your pictures to our Facebook page or on Twitter with the tag #tokyodark

[ Limited Edition Rewards Updates ]

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Jon has been chatting to the guys over at Rice Digital you can read his interview here, Matt is doing strange things to VCRs (see above) and Moochirin is hard at work on some new super secret artwork. So it's full steam ahead here at Cherrymochi. 

We're now in the final week of our Kickstarter and what an amazing three weeks it's been! Let's have one last push to try and hit our two remaining stretch goals!


 Disgaea meets Persona YES PLEASE!

Finally a shout out to Regalia - Of Men And Monarchs we love the look of this one! Pixelated Milk are combining the strategic combat of Disgaea with the social links of Persona to make a beautiful and original fantasy tactical rpg. Regalia has just launched on Kickstarter (early bird rewards still available) and is well worth checking out!

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    1. James Closs on

      Definitely a fan of that sound clip. Good stuff. Sounds like a dark night in a city with mystery and danger on the prowl.

    2. Matt Kiefer on

      Great current listening list. That newest Boards of Canada LP has the perfect feel of desolation and dread.

    3. Fedor Nikulshin on

      Speaking of music - will it be possible to buy the digital soundtrack later, on the release day (on Steam)? Sadly I won't be able to x2 more money (25$ -> 50$) to get it now...

    4. Kai on

      Amazing sound! The reason I went for the higher tier was the soundtrack and with this as an example its worth it :D

    5. Contemplar on

      That music, hnngh. I would have loved to purchase a copy of the soundtrack but I can't quite justify the leap in pledge price on my wobbly budget, given beta access really isn't my kind of thing. If it were an add-on or perhaps available as a separate purchase after release, I'd jump on that opportunity in a heartbeat.

    6. Michael Bird on

      I'm right around the corner from you (Kawasaki), That was a good one, eh. Even took the wife outside, because apt is old and not "quake" proof. Love the work you guys are doing so far and am proud to be a backer on this!

    7. Bruxae on

      That soundtrack sounds truly amazing, so dark and creepy. I really love it.

    8. Lilith Erickson on

      Music sounds great! I upped my pledge for beta access. Keep up the great work!

    9. Sandy Aj on

      Awww! I could only afford the game tier. If only the kickstarter were a month longer i could have sold enough manga to donate more waaaahhh. Im really loving the music

    10. Ron Au on

      Aaah the pitch meandering slightly up and down at the fade out is so brilliant! Love the subtle ways Matt is representing insanity through music.

    11. Paul Segal on

      The tone of the music strikes me as very much like Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross's film scores, which is a good choice for this game.

    12. Charlie Bell on

      That sound track is oh my god some awesome. Its every bit of how a imagined it sounding yet even better. I'm really looking forward to alot more of this :)

    13. Mr.Monttu

      Nice update :) ..and the track sounds cool. ^^
      @Dablue: How about moneyhole for this campaing, so every dollar sucks into it. Do your magic! \o/ ;)

    14. Missing avatar

      frank on

      This soundtrack could use a little less distorted sound, like its has death metal or something. Tone it down a little and it would be perfect.

    15. meteo_snow on

      I liked Main theme very much!
      It's so cool...and sorrowful.

    16. SweetLilyCake on

      Aaaaah! So excited, and love the preview track! :D

    17. Kevin Bacon on

      This song is AMAZING! If the entire sound track is this great.... I will be absolutely blown away!

    18. Kilvoctu on

      I remember reading the update about the quake on the Tokyo Dark Facebook page. So y'all were indeed inspired by it, hehe.

      Also, for Matt Steed, that arrangement of the theme is twisted... I love it. If this is any indication of the musical direction for this game, I'm very pleased.

    19. Dablue

      Please dont put black hole effects ibto the game , i like Tokyo where it is.