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A dark twisting adventure game with a beautiful anime art style, branching story and many endings.
A dark twisting adventure game with a beautiful anime art style, branching story and many endings.
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Stats, choice & role-play

Posted by Cherrymochi Game Studio (Creator)

At the heart of Tokyo Dark is the theme of consequences. We have tried to tie this theme into both story and game mechanics.

In Tokyo Dark, dialogue options you choose and actions you take change attributes attached to Detective Itō's profile. This system is inspired by our love for traditional pen and paper role playing games.

The S.P.I.N attributes tracked in Tokyo Dark are:

Sanity [Irrational choices, looking at unexplained objects, interacting with the paranormal]

  • Low sanity leads to hallucinations and eventual breakdown.

Professionalism [Taking actions and making choices as a detective would]

  • Low professionalism gives you options that are not entirely legal, for example breaking and entering.
  • High professionalism makes others respect you.

Investigative skill [Searching for clues, trying to solve the case]

  • High investigative skills let you notice more hotspots and items to interact with.

Neurosis [Repeating the same action more than once, speaking to characters after conversations have finished, randomly interacting with objects]

  • If Detective Itō becomes highly neurotic her sanity decreases faster and is harder to regain.

Every conversation in Tokyo Dark has multiple possible branching scripts that depend on your current stats. If you’ve been making irrational choices and confronting the otherworldly, characters will start reacting differently to you than if you are playing as a sceptical and serious detective.

The choices you make and role you play will lead to many different outcomes, conversations and endings.


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    1. Akemi on

      All aboard the neurosis train!

    2. Michael Brand

      Besides Eternal Darkness (damn it Nintendo, get us a remake of that for the 3DS or the Wii U, pronto!), what immediately comes to mind with Sanity points:
      \(・ω・\)SANchi! (/・ω・)/PINCHI!
      \(・ω・\)SANchi! (/・ω・)/PINCHI!…

    3. Missing avatar

      Steven on

      Wow neuroisis is quite clever. It forces you to play the game with thought and not just spam every character and item to progress through

    4. James Closs on

      Heh, Neurosis sounds great, and I always enjoy a good sanity meter. If I take 0 Professionalism and Max Investigative, does my character turn into Detective Backstrom?

    5. Kilvoctu on

      I'm absolutely loving the neurosis - sanity relationship. It's not too dissimilar to how certain gamers can be, heh. Sometimes I feel my sanity slipping when I'm unable to progress easily, opting to re-check various items and such in hopes of a different outcome.
      This is a very creative stat system.

    6. Otoshigami No. 40723

      me too as it would be a Problematic for Neurotic but since you said it would be a very slow process, I think it's okay. as for Hallucinations are you planning to break a 4th wall where the game itself have deleted saves for no reasons or camera angles that's shaking for some reason? kinda like ETERNAL DARKNESS game. :)

    7. Longeye on

      @Jason, glad I'm not the only one concerned about this. You said exactly what I was going to; eurosis penalises players for exploring your universe. When we explore we have no other method than trying everything, and games HAVE had dialogue and items that can only be "found" after repeated actions. By introducing something that makes you think twice about trying things, you're going to stop exploring.

      It may be slow, but everyone is going to have that thought in their mind "maybe I'll skip looking at this or else I'll raise my insanity/neurotic stat!".

    8. Cherrymochi Game Studio Creator on

      @Jason, don't worry, that's not how it will work. Neurosis is very slow to build up and is only triggered if you try to do the same action over and over again or act in a clearly neurotic way. Also, losing sanity isn't a punishment, it's a beautiful gift from The Dark...

    9. Jason Clem on

      I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the Sanity and Neurosis parts of the system. As gamers, we've been conditioned to investigate every little interact-able object in the environment. This flies directly in the face of that ingrained behavior, if not punishing players for it. It's a strict in-universe liability for a meta behavior. "I want to know what that is, but I don't want to influence my character by interacting with it!"

      At the very least, it seems like it would punish players who want to keep those scores high/low, with less story material.

      If somebody could allay my concerns, I'd really appreciate it!

    10. Toby J. Palm on

      Oh god, neurosis penalty.... I'll struggle with that. Bring it on! :D

    11. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    12. Paul Segal on

      Wow. Penalizing characters for typical adventure-game behavior (repeatedly examining with the same NPCs and objects to see if anything changes) is a clever and daring move. I look forward to taking notes on the game to avoid Neurosis penalties :3

      So, as I interpret it from this description, Professionalism is a lot like a Bioware alignment system, where you can go either way and both directions open up choices to you. But Sanity is purely a penalty, an unavoidable problem that has to be managed? And Investigative Skill is more like experience you build up, that can only benefit you?

    13. Mr.Monttu

      Interesting system ^^. @O.F: Pretty sure i will have some neurotic problems too, lol. :D

    14. Aurelien VANDOORINE on

      Looks very promissing :)

    15. O.F. on

      Poor Itô, she'll end up totally neurotic in my hands,let's not talk about her sanity.
      Then again maybe it will be a game where playing with low sanity will make it more interesting, like Eternal Darkness where half the fun were the hallucinations.

    16. Nickop on

      Sounds like a really fun system can't wait.