Tokyo Dark

by Cherrymochi Game Studio

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    1. Bhaal42 on

      The design look uber cool, can't wait to see it animated!

    2. Yuzchastics on

      Thanks for the Japanese updates page, it's helpful to me. :)

    3. Mr.Monttu

      Nice! :) Keep the updates coming frequently. :3

    4. Sandy Aj on

      I'm loving the Character Styles! especially Reina!

    5. Aurelien VANDOORINE on

      Everything sounds great :) Looking forward the realisation of the project.

    6. Axpere on

      Like @Mr.Monttu I like these frequent updates ^^

    7. Otoshigami No. 40723

      I noticed a CG on the bottom and anime characters on the upper left. hope they can do it on animation gameplay. :)

    8. Jason Clem on

      I love Reina's, "You just might die tonight," stare.

    9. Kilvoctu on

      I've said it before, for me, no game is complete without one or more unhinged characters. Quite interested in seeing Reina in action.

    10. Miss Erica on

      Are we ever going to get a sneak peek of the other two characters that are on the A3 poster?