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A dark twisting adventure game with a beautiful anime art style, branching story and many endings.
A dark twisting adventure game with a beautiful anime art style, branching story and many endings.
A dark twisting adventure game with a beautiful anime art style, branching story and many endings.
5,551 backers pledged CA$ 225,386 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Kashi about 15 hours ago

      I got the Collector's pack and still haven't gotten my Steam key either. I suspect it was sent to a now invalid email address. I already updated my Kickstarter's email but I can't update this campaign's. Who do I contact to have it corrected? Thanks

    2. Nightrogen about 20 hours ago

      Still have not received my steam key either :(

    3. Colton Manville 1 day ago

      Hello, I still haven't received my key, but I know that my email provider likes to filter things. I tried adding the email you suggested to white list, but I'm not sure that it would work. If possible could the key be sent via kickstarter? Thanks.

    4. Jamie 2 days ago

      Just incase it's read quicker than the e-mail I just sent. Received CE upgrade key but not the steam key for base game, thanks

    5. Dany Bean 4 days ago

      Just finished my first playthrough, so glad I backed this. Very satisfying and I look forward to the other endings.

    6. Missing avatar

      Daniel Austin Baysinger 6 days ago

      Still have not recieved my code

    7. Cherrymochi Game Studio Creator 7 days ago

      @Johnson Chen: We'll be sending out CE upgrades to non Steam backers next week. :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Johnson Chen 7 days ago

      Hey so I'm one of the DRM-Free backers that backed at Digital + pack.

      Do i still get access to the Collector's Edition?

    9. Tedra Elliot on September 13

      For those of you who have emailed but not received a reply, please be sure to whitelist also. I have replied to every key request email I have received so far, so if you haven't gotten a response, your email might be filtering it.

    10. Cherrymochi Game Studio Creator on September 12

      Seems some web services have slightly overzealous anti-spam email protection. I've re-sent keys directly via Kickstarter to those who have posted here. Please check your Kickstarter messages. :)

      For anyone else missing their key, please email: with your Kickstarter details. It seems Gmail often places the key in the 'Promotions' folder and Hotmail can bounce mass emails. We'll make sure everyone gets their keys, just let us know.

    11. Alejandro Marquez on September 12

      @cherrymochi I sent an email several days ago and still haven't received my key. Is there something wrong?

    12. Carmen Hewko
      on September 12

      I also sent an email and haven't gotten my key.

    13. Missing avatar

      Francis Roy on September 11

      @cherrymochi I'm in the same situation as Matthew Lynch on this one... :/

    14. Cherrymochi Game Studio Creator on September 11

      @Matthew Lynch, Really sorry! your email must have slipped through the net. I've re-sent you your Steam key via a Kickstarter message.

    15. Matthew Lynch on September 11

      @Cherrymochi I sent an email on the 8th and still haven't received my code. Have I missed something?

    16. Anthony Pierce on September 9

      Just finished my first play through and I'm loving it, looking forward to many more times through the game.

    17. Kevin M. Brown on September 8

      @Matthew change it from windowed mode maybe?

    18. ceark on September 8

      I just played through it for the first time, and the game is quite delightful! well done!

    19. Tedra Elliot on September 7

      If anyone hasn't received their Steam Key yet, please send an email to from the email you use for kickstarter :)

    20. Missing avatar

      finiteHP on September 7

      Hmm. I'm assuming I should have received my email by now. Guess I'll give it till tomorrow morning.

    21. 箇駄目まりの Marino Kadamé on September 7

      Just finished it and it's a damn good story, can't wait to try out New Game+, I'm happy I backed it up.

    22. Matthew Dunaway on September 7

      Hey, is anyone having an issue where the taskbar is still visible after you boot up the game

    23. warpkun
      on September 7

      Lol I messaged and just noticed I needed to email u guys!

    24. FearfulSymmetry on September 7

      I can't remember if I requested a Steam or DRM-free key either (although the rewards tier says we should get both?). Is there no way to check this? I suspect I may have requested DRM-free but given the delay it would be really awesome if we could get a Steam key as well ...

    25. Greg Brodsky on September 7

      I activated the Steam Key, but I'm running mac OS X, and it says it only plays on windows. When will a mac version work? Thanks!

    26. John on September 7

      Wow that was very quick, thankyou very much :)

    27. John on September 7

      @cherrymochi, email sent :)

    28. Ashley Mackay on September 7

      @Cherrymochi Thanks! Sending now... :D

    29. Ashley Mackay on September 7

      @Thomas I think they sent out the CE keys first for some...if not all. Weird. Oh well, we've waited years for this game to come out, what's another hour (or so) :P

    30. Cherrymochi Game Studio Creator on September 7

      Hey everyone, if you haven't got your Steam Key yet, we can speed the process up! :) Just shoot us an email ( to the address in the KS message we sent out) and we'll pull your code from our list and email it back to you.

    31. John on September 7

      @Aurelien I'll have to try that :)

    32. Aurelien VANDOORINE on September 7

      Got my keys with absolute no problem this morning (CET time). Wishing you a successful launch and I'll be dwelving in Tokyo Dark starting on Monday after some business trip which I wish I could avoid to stay home and play TD :D
      @John it might be an issue with your email service, maybe you should create an email with another provider to check things :) I believe it might be that on big services a lot of emails being sent shortly can trigger some antispam rules. In my case I'm hopefully on a dedicated server with my own domain and adresse so I've never had such issue :)

    33. John on September 7

      I understand that we have to wait for the emails to be received, but I feel like I am always in that group that gets their keys or games last. its not your fault but I am sick of it :(

    34. Ashley Mackay on September 7

      Hmmmm I got my CE upgrade key before my steam key...sigh..... now i must wait...patiently :)

    35. Missing avatar

      anthony on September 7

      mac version will be released later but you only need 1 key for steam

    36. Missing avatar

      Nuttapol Sittiopasnan on September 7

      Mac version cancelled?

    37. Cherrymochi Game Studio Creator on September 6

      Hi, Steam Keys will be sent out *immediately* after launch, Kickstarter messages will be sent out to let you know the game is live and you key has been sent (later today in Japan time). We hope to get requested DRM keys out within 2 weeks of our Steam launch. Let's all hope for a great launch day! :)

    38. Yazorius on September 6

      Tokyo Dark seems to be released on Steam today (7th september). But I've never had any Steam key. So I was wondering if I've missed something, because it's weird to let anyone to play to this game instead of letting the backers of the project being the first to play. And if I remember, the backers will have both the Steam key and the DRM-free version. So, I hope I'll have a great email soon with my key and the ddl link ^_^ Can't wait to play to your game !

    39. Missing avatar

      Herbivo Cyril on September 6

      I don't remember if I asked a steam or a drm-free key... Someone can tell me where I can find this information?

    40. Kevin M. Brown on August 10

      If you can't get this game on Vita then PSTV is a fantastic alternative .

    41. Edward T. on July 2

      So when is the beta access again? Or did I sleep through that phrase already?

    42. Cherrymochi Game Studio Creator on June 2

      @Devon It was a long time ago but you responded to the survey on Jun 19 2015, right before we sent out the [ Physical pack ] rewards. Your remaining rewards are digital, so will not need an address change. Just keep your email address up to date.

      For the tiers that still have physical rewards to come [ Total pack ]+ we will be in direct contact for confirmation before we send anything. So no one needs to worry about address changes. We won't send out anything without confirming details again.

      Please send us a message if you have further issues so we can solve any problems and discuss your details (address we have on record, survey info given etc.) with you privately.

    43. Missing avatar

      Devon on June 2

      it says i can change my address when there are surveys sent, where are the survay?

    44. Cherrymochi Game Studio Creator on May 25

      @Devon You can update your details via Kickstarter: [ Total pack ] + Backers will receive their art books, box sets & CDs later this year. (We will ask backers to re-confirm their addresses before sending out anything). All other tiers will receive their remaining rewards digitally via Kickstarter email, so no need to worry about physical address changes, though please keep your Kickstarter email address up to date! Drop us a message if you have any trouble for further questions. :)

    45. Missing avatar

      Devon on May 25

      Quick question, if i an noving, how do i change the adress to where i want the game to send when it comes out? Thanks

    46. R on May 7

      The new preview trailer jumps around far too much. That's not an issue in itself (other than giving a low-quality vibe), but if the actual game includes such sharp, jerky transitions, you'll be alienating all of us players with visual perception issues [where such rapid, shaky motions cause us quick and painful headaches and/or nausea, thus effectively preventing us from being able to play the game].

    47. Missing avatar

      Steven Hodgson on April 1

      Nice April fools :D

    48. Marco on April 1

      For a while I supposed the message Wars real ;-)

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