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The sound & music for this audio book project, which began over 1 year ago, is ready to commit to CD. Please visit
The sound & music for this audio book project, which began over 1 year ago, is ready to commit to CD. Please visit
22 backers pledged $5,027 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Audio Book News!

Just wanted to let you know that the audio book will be shipped from the replication company on Sept. 3, so I should have them the following week. Then I can get incentives out to all the backers. In addition to the set of 8 CDs, the audio book will also be available for MP3 download from a variety of sites - am working on that, too.

Some good news is that the audio book and Book Two are finalists in the Readers Favorite contest - winners to be announced on Sept. 1!

I've also expanded the number of pages in the audio book section of the web site at The amount of material has been growing over the last few months, and reviews have been coming in, so I had to add more pages. I will also be restructuring the nav into a more manageble format soon. If you haven't yet, be sure to go up and listen to clips and music. So much to do, so little time!

Please stay's coming together!

Audio Book Progress!

Hello Kickstarter Contributors,

This is just a quick note to let you know that I have NOT forgotten about you! As I sat working feverishly to get the final final final editing done on the audio book, I realized that it's been one month since the fundraiser ended! So it's time for a quick update.

The project is getting verrrrry close to being done. I'm almost ready to announce the audio book release date. It'll be sometime in August, but not sure of the date quite yet.

I've included a peak at the DVD cover work (the set will be in DVD packaging) and CD artwork, which is nearly final, too. What do you think?

After I get the masters in the mail to Oasis for replication, then I'll be able to focus on the incentive items, the release party, and other details about the production.

So hold tight, I'll be back soon with another update!

Thanks so much for your patience (and faith!).

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We Did It!

I knew that something (rather, someONE) would come through - and they did, last minute! Thank the Universe for angels, which I swear do exist!

Now that the funding has arrived, I will continue to prep the audio book files and get them to press. Once I have the CD sets, I can get the incentives out to everyone.

Also, there's more news to come on the audio book release party, which will be hosted by The ARTs Council of the Southern Finger Lakes, in Corning, NY. Date still TBD, but will let you know the details once they're hashed out.

Thanks again, everyone, for believing in this project! Stay tuned...

Thank You to Cover Model, Caitlin Hatch!

Caitlin Hatch was in junior high school when I photographed her for the cover art. Now she’s a college sophomore studying environmental biology.

What is a book (or an audio book, for that matter), without a cover? In creating the covers for my books, I needed a face that perfectly personified Alysa. I also needed a pose that conveyed Alysa’s feelings of doubt, and hope, and wondering all rolled into one – and Caitlin found that pose for me on the day of our photo shoot (the photo below is her senior photo).

I truly appreciate Caitlin for putting up with my odd requests: to wear that long dress and shawl on a simmering summer day in 2005; to wander around the yard until we found just the “right” tree; and she came up with the perfect pose and expression, without my help! And then she did it all over again for Book Two…Many readers have said that she looks exactly like the Alysa she portrays. Thank you, Caitlin! Are we on for Book Three?

There are before photos of Caitlin on the web site comparing them to the finished artwork:

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Introducing: Cindy Scott as Many Various Voices!

Cynthia Scott has been involved in theatre since early 2006. A regular on and back stage, her last bit of theatrical work was for the Lake Country Players’(Watkins Glen, NY) production of "Babes in Toyland," in multiple roles, with the Bear in the Spider Forest of her favorite. When not on stage, Cindy has been known to manage the stage, most recently in 2009 Elmira Little Theatre’s (Elmira, NY) production of “The Diary of Anne Frank.”

Cindy came to the production later on to participate in the background voices and song, and her hearty laughter and raucous disagreement can be heard throughout the audio. Unfortunately, I don’t have any specific clips of her that I can include here, but trust me – she is one of the strongest background voices in the production! Thanks, Cindy, for lending your voice, and enthusiasm, to this project!

Remember to visit the audio book web page at for the full cast list and many more clips.