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The SWITCHbck rack allows you to use roof-rack bike trays behind your car. It's simple, light-weight, and works awesome.

The SWITCHbck rack allows you to use roof-rack bike trays behind your car. It's simple, light-weight, and works awesome. Read More
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HEY EVERYBODY! Thanks for visiting our Kickstarter page. Our product is the SWITCHbck bicycle rack (patent pending). A super simple product that allows you to use fork-mount roof rack trays in a hitch-receiver application (tray and hitch-receiver provided by you). It's light-weight, easy to use, PERFECT for smaller vehicles, and an all-around great solution for transporting your bike.

As an industrial designer, Jonny has been a part of designing a range of products for all sorts of industries, but has specialized in the outdoor market and Todd has used every bike rack known to the human race. Together with the great team at Ferreus Industries (a metal fabrication shop in Utah that has produced outboard motor mounts, motorcycle racks, disc brakes for ATV's and more) the SWITCHbck has gone through multiple prototypes and we've racked up (pun intended) over 10,000 miles of freeway speed testing in our daily commutes and road trips (always with a bike or two on board). All orders of the SWITCHbck made possible by you and Kickstarter will be made here in Utah. They will be made of high-quality steel, laser cut, and powder-coated with a durable finish.

Because of the SWITCHbck's simple design, we knew we could make and sell it for less than other racks that are currently available.  The result has also proven to be much lighter than available systems (weighing a total of 17 lbs with a tray), making it easier to remove from your vehicle for car washes and occasions when you don’t want a rack on your car.  The SWITCHbck is also ideal for the cyclist who owns a smaller car and only needs to carry a single bike the majority of the time, with the option of adding a second bike tray in minutes.

Another reason the SWITCHbck is awesome is because it adapts fork-mount trays, which are more secure and more aerodynamic than racks that hold your bike upright with the front wheel on.  No other hitch-mount rack offers this option.  Also, you probably know someone that has some old roof rack trays collecting dust in their garage because they don’t work with their new car.  The SWITCHbck makes these racks usable once again, in a better location- behind the car.  It's also sweet that you can see your bike in your rear-view mirrors.

When we began this project we did some research on the availability of hitch-receivers and learned that they’re surprisingly inexpensive and made for a broad range of vehicles.  In many cases, you can install them yourself.  The SWITCHbck is designed to fit the smaller hitch-receiver (1 ¼”) which is available/recommended for most small cars.  With an adapter, it will fit in a 2" receiver.  If you don't already have a hitch-receiver, see what's available here:

With your support, we plan on shipping the SWITCHbck rack and all other rewards by the end of November 2012.  As stated above, the SWITCHbck will be made in the U.S. Your help will allow us to get manufacturing off the ground, launch our website, and meet order minimums.


Jonny & Todd



  • The SWITCHbck works with 2" hitches so long as you use an adapter. We hope to make a rack specifically for 2" hitches in the future, but for now our focus is on smaller vehicles which have the 1 1/4" hitch receiver.

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  • We have 10" arms that accommodate the larger upright trays (where you leave the front wheel on). However, the quality of upright trays varies widely...There are some that are bomber and work great on the SWITCHbck, while others are sketchy even on the roof where they belong. We leave the use of upright trays to your discretion at this time.

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  • Of course! It's footprint is so small, and it's profile is so low, there's no need for it to fold or hinge out of the way for you to be able to get into your hatch-back. When you have bikes loaded, you'll have troubles, though:) As with any hitch mounted rack.

    Last updated:
  • Totally! The loop above the crossbar is meant for you to be able to use your own lock to secure your bikes. (No more $15 locking cores!...if you've been there you know what I mean)

    Last updated:
  • Yep. You can have the bikes facing the same way, or they can face opposite directions. Whatever adjustments you need to make so they nest well.

    Last updated:
  • Yes, this is totally possible. There are a lot of anti-rattle hitch pins, and locking hitch pins on the market. While we offer our rack with a simple hitch pin and cotter pin, the SWITCHbck will work fine with a third party pin of your choice.

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    Sport a SWITCHbck sticker on your car, lunchpail, or pet! This $6.00 pledge gets you the SWITCHbck sticker pack (3 stickers). These are high quality vinyl. (Shipping Included. US only)

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    Your pledge just earned you a Specialized water bottle with the SWITCHbck logo emblazoned upon its side. And... the sticker pack. (Shipping Included. US only)

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    Do you like shirts? Your pledge will be rewarded with the stickers, the water bottle, AND one of those t-shirts that all the kids have been wearing around these days. See the pics by scrolling to the bottom of the page! American Apparel shirts. Great quality. (Shipping included. US only)

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    SCORE! Allow me to introduce the SWITCHbck. You will be shipped one complete SWITCHbck rack with one set of arms. Retail on these sweet puppies will be $179.99 and that price doesn't include shipping. Yours does. (Shipping included. US only)

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    Pledge $200 or more
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    NO WAY! Use your complete SWITCHbck rack, while looking great in a SWITCHbck t-shirt, all the while keeping thoroughly hydrated with the SWITCHbck bottle...Don't forget the stickers. Bottom line: You get one of everything- complete rack, t-shirt, water bottle, and sticker pack! (Shipping included. US only)

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    YES! Everything from the $200 pledge PLUS an additional set of arms so that you can take a bud and his bike with you on your next ride. (Shipping not included...just kidding, it's totally included. Seriously, shipping is included. US only)

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    SWEET! Take everything from the $250 pledge, THEN add a Rocky Mounts Pitchfork tray to your reward. Do you feel good about yourself? Of course you do. (Shipping included. US only)

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    ARE YOU SERIOUS!? The SHOP STARTER KIT!! 10 SWITCHbck racks, each of which come with an extra set of ams. (Shipping included. US only)

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