Dungeons of Infinity is a board game for 1-5 players set in a mythical kingdom ruled by King Farnsworth. His land is full of dungeons built in the distant past. He recruits teams of Heroes to delve into the many dungeons to free the land from the evils that lie within.

You enter the unknown dungeon as the hunter. Turn by turn, the dungeon reveals itself to your party. You must adapt your strategy, choose when to forge ahead, or when to step back and regroup. The dungeon can be unforgiving and even in competitive play you might find it necessary to forge alliances to survive. Your team makes noise as they explore. The more noise they make, the more they risk awakening the dark evil that lurks within. Soon you realize that you have become the hunted.


Infinite Play

How do you want to play? The choice is yours. You may play one of the 10 scenarios that offer a unique and varied experience each time you play them. Do you prefer a story driven game with puzzles and surprises? The Hero Mini Campaigns might be for you. Are you a solo gamer? Perhaps you prefer a competitive game? Or cooperative? There's a game mode for you. The versatile game system in Dungeons of Infinity offers all of the above! Your choices and game experience are infinite.

Solo: Enter the dungeon with as many heroes as you like. Do you want the ultimate challenge? Enter the dungeon alone.

Competitive: Venture into one of the competitive scenarios with other Heroes, but don't turn your back on them.

Cooperative: Each of the cooperative scenarios offer different means of success. Work together to achieve your goal, but be warned: If one Hero dies, the quest is lost.

Campaign Mode: Play any 3 scenarios in either cooperative or competitive mode. Heroes carry stats and equipment over from previous dungeons as the enemies increase in strength.

Story Mode: A series of 3-game campaigns - each with surprises and puzzles - for each Hero that link together to form a story. And there are two complete stories consisting of 15 games each.

Each one of these game modes has been play tested and modified over the last three years. It was a huge undertaking balancing the different aspects of the game. Taking feedback from play testers and then making necessary changes to ensure that each play mode offers a challenging and rewarding game experience. The end result is a game with almost limitless versatility.  

There are three types of enemies that lurk within the sunken catacombs. While pluming the depths of the dungeon, enemies may assail Heroes entering a room, rendering them vulnerable or allowing enemies to initiate an attack. Proceed wisely as you explore the unknown; death can come swiftly to the foolish.

There are many Minions that will attack your Heroes in hoards. Some have elemental strengths and weaknesses, while others have special abilities, such as the Insane Wolf that causes an additional point of poison damage when attacking.  

The Sentinels are very powerful foes. In addition to their brutish strength, Sentinels have special abilities that make them especially dangerous. The Evil Knight will bolster the defense of other Minions and the Skeleton Boss can regenerate life if it's health is brought down to a certain point. 

This deadly adversary is not aware of your presence. But when it awakens to the sound of intruders, the Dungeon Boss will pursue any and all who wander it's dungeon with extreme prejudice.


The Heroes have varying strengths and weaknesses that provide them an edge in their dungeon-delving or help round out a party of unlikely allies. Each one has their own play style, augmented by a Hero-specific deck of 8 ability cards for a unique approach to the endless adventure before them.

The Warrior Akachi Bello's Ability cards


Fire Wizard Cephenrene Iaomai's Ability Cards


Alchemist Sasha Fotia's ability cards


There are a whole host of things you can do as you set about your quest. Outlined below are a few foundational aspects to the expanse of Dungeons of Infinity.

Explore the Dungeon

Heroes will travel through the discovered rooms with the knowledge of what lies within or reveal the unknown and draw Risk Cards, reaping the effects of the good and bad.

Each dungeon tile in the finalized game will have many different room configurations! The tiles in the example above show the only dungeon tile currently illustrated.

Room Contents & Risk Cards 

The Room Content Charts determine what Risk a Hero will encounter in each room: a treasure chest, debris, a body, or the dreaded mist. Perhaps you will come across a quest from the King or unearth an unexpected danger. With over 100 unique events that can be triggered from the four Risk decks, each play will not be the same.

Fighting Enemies

When Heroes encounter enemies, the foes are placed above the Hero board; 3 enemies to a lane and each lane receives a Reward Card.

Depending on the Risk Card that is drawn, a Hero may encounter up to 10 creatures in a single room! 

Gaining Experience & Leveling

Heroes can gain experience by landing successful hits when attacking or using Ability Cards.

They increase level when their experience reaches the marker of the subsequent level indicated above the Experience Track. In the example above, Cephenrene gains enough experience to ascend to Level 2, thus increasing her health by 1  as she restarts on the Experience Track to begin progressing to Level 3. Each ability also increases in strength, and she also gains a new ability card to use.

For more details about combat, movement, and gameplay, watch the Learn to Play video below. 















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After manufacturing, we'll ship your rewards at our cost to our hub(s). Following, is a rough estimate for shipping a standard game package.  Keep in mind these are just estimates, and costs may rise based on weight increases from unlocked stretch goals.

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Risks and challenges

I have never done a Kickstarter campaign before, but I have gone through the process of creating a prototype. I know what is involved in communicating with a manufacture and what is needed for a successful printing of a board game.

The art is all going to be redone so that will be a time consuming process. There also can be delays with printing and shipping.

But I have a team in place and if you compare the prototype in my preview and review videos with what is presented in this Kickstarter, you know we are well on our way with the new design.

I have coached a National Championship team and know what kind of commitment and dedication it takes to make something excellent. That is my promise to you the backer. I will do whatever it takes to deliver a product that is both excellent and a blast to play. I also promise to communicate with you, the backer, frequently though out the project.

Jack Spoerner

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