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A comedy about bitterness, abandonment, and the great healing power of stupid ideas.


"Accidents" is the story of James, a seventeen year-old from upstate New York, where he lives with his mother, Kate, and her boyfriend, Nick.  James has never known his father; his parents ended their brief relationship while Kate was still pregnant.   Now, nearly 18 years later, Kate is again pregnant. Nick, the father-to-be, decides that, in the interest of family unity, he must forge a stronger bond with James. His plan is as simple as it is ill-advised: Unbeknownst to Kate, Nick is taking James to New York City to meet Peter, his father. While James is perpetually annoyed by Nick, his curiosity about his father wins out, and he agrees to the plan.

With James pressing him for details on their drive, Nick reluctantly admits that Peter is unaware of their impending visit.  When they finally arrive at Peter's place in Brooklyn, things do not go well.  Overwhelmed by the extreme awkwardness of the meeting, James flees on Peter's bike, prompting Nick and Peter to undertake a desperate search of the city.  When Kate learns what has happened, she jumps into her car and speeds furiously toward Brooklyn.  

The movie intercuts the experiences of James, Kate, and Nick & Peter on this very strange night, following twisting paths that ultimately lead to a highly unusual family reunion, capped by a bizarre early-morning pancake breakfast.  "Accidents" is a comedy about the wondrous complexity of family ties, about the real flaws of real people, and about the ways in which the past is always present, shaping who we are and influencing where we're headed.


We are thrilled to reunite the filmmaking team that worked so tirelessly to complete the feature film "Freeloader", which had its premiere during the opening weekend of Rooftop Films' 2011 Summer Series.  Making that film was a great experience, and we're all proud of the result. Now we're dedicating ourselves to the creation of a compelling new film.  For a sample of our past work, check out the trailer for "Freeloader".


Good question!  Frankly, it is a great privilege to be able to make films.  However, even at the ultra-low-budget level, where we operate, tremendous resources are required.  We are indeed thankful that many of these can be supplied by the creativity, enthusiasm, will, and ingenuity of talented people committed to working together to achieve a common goal; alas, others require money.  

Jean Cocteau said: "Film will only be an art when its materials are as inexpensive as pencil and paper".  Well said, Jean Cocteau.  Sadly, we're not there yet; these small independent projects cannot survive without support from the community.  

Should you be inclined to lend such support, you will earn not only our eternal gratitude, but also the satisfaction of having assisted the great almost-art of film on its journey to the mountaintop.


This is an all-or-nothing deal; if we don't reach our goal, we get nothing.  We can, however, exceed our goal, which would be really, really, really great...


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