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18th Annual Olympia Experimental Music Festival's video poster
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The noise will set you free!

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The noise will set you free!

KAOS 89.3 FM and the Olympia Strange Music Society proudly presents the 18th Annual Olympia Experimental Music Festival

The Olympia Experimental Music Festival is a true return to roots event, avant though their roots may be! This years' event is being held in it's entirety in the classic downtown Oly theater space, The Midnight Sun, where the festival actually began in 1995, @ 113 N Columbia Street, Olympia WA.

It is running Friday June 22nd-Sunday June 24th. 

Artists include Amy Denio & Emily Hay, XAMBUCA from North Carolina, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Crank Sturgeon, and a one time reunion of Chuck Swaim with the Dead Air Fresheners. 21 mind blowing performances in all!!

Tickets are available at the door for $8 Friday or Saturday @ 8pm, $6 for the Sunday matinee @ 3pm, OR a festival pass for just $18. All shows are open to all ages. For more information call (360) 870-2422.

This kickstarter will be going to pay for the venue, printing costs.This will allow us to pay the artists for their travel expenses with everything we make at the door. All the festival organizers work for free and do not take any funds raised.

Donors of $25 or more will receive a event poster and a program signed by the artist, Aerick Duckhugger! And you never know what kind of goodies I may throw in.

Returning with the space as this year's chief organizer and curator is the festival's founder(or "flounder' as he prefers to be called) L. Jim McAdams, a former KAOS Music Director and DJ from 1993-2003, who now resides in Portland OR. "Olympia is known for being a city of music festivals", says McAdams, "And well it should be. But we are the only music festival to come back EVERY year since 1995 and push the limits of what sound can do beyond all expectations. I'm damn proud of this event, and I look forward to it most as a listener. It makes a very hard year a little bit better to crown it with this."

Our friend Chandra has just added a VERY TANTALIZING reward to our list. It blows me away, folks! Thank you Chandra.


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    A big "Thank you" and a listing as a supporter on our Facebook page.

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    Copy of program and poster of event by local artist Aerick Duckhugger. And a heartfelt "Thank you" and a listing as a "Kickass Supporter" on our Facebook page.

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    From "Oly Music Awards Winner Artist of the Year", Derek Johnson, we have this tasty reward.

    Le Tone Mite - "Ticket to Real Imaginary Places"
    Hand letter pressed covers by McCloud Zicmuse
    mastered by John Dietrich (deerhoof)
    translated into Japanese by Satomi Matsuzaki (deerhoof)
    former Olympian and Oly Exp Mus Fest performer and ticket/poster designer
    Strings by Derek M Johnson, multi-OlyExpMusFest participant
    Performers also include Lois Mazeo, Slim Moon, members of the Punks and Problems. Plus we can include event program.

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    This is Chandra Shukla, I'll be performing at the Olympia Washington Experimental Festival.

    My project would like to add that anyone can have an on-demand performance by my project XAMBUCA if they are willing to pay the full $100.00 donation for the festival on Kickstarter along with a very special package from us which includes gifts and music. Please add this to the Kickstarter page if possible.

    thanks very much and I look forward to meeting you at The Midnight Sun on June 22.


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    Our friend and long time performer(9 yrs) of the Olympia Experimental Music Festival, Derek Johnson, has added a great reward. Not just 1 Casio, but 2!

    Everything works. Battery cover missing.
    Was used by Le Ton Mite and still has a pristine Le Ton Mite sticker on the back, which was hand letter pressed by McCloud Zicmuse.

    Also added as a bonus option:
    Casio SA-1.
    Currently doesn't power on. Some batteries had been left in too long.
    Also a Le Ton Mite instrument.
    Cosmetically perfect.

    Wow, just, wow.

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