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A film about the life and work of André Gregory, visionary theatre director, storyteller and the My Dinner With Andre guy
A film about the life and work of André Gregory, visionary theatre director, storyteller and the My Dinner With Andre guy
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    1. Nathaniel Taylor on

      Cindy! So glad you have cleared the mark! Congrats to you and all involved with this riveting documentary film. I cant wait to SEE IT!

      Love Nat

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      Jane Orleman on

      Congratulations. I am so glad to take a small part in this project. Jane O

    3. Medb Riley on

      Congratulations, Cindy! I've been away from my computer all day, and just now logged in to see how things were going. How absolutely splendid. Much love, Mary-Ann.

    4. Cindy Kleine Creator on

      I wanted to share an email I just received:

      Dear Cindy,

      Triumph! There is no better word to apply to your film. We watched it Friday evening, but yesterday was an all day Festival and this is the first quiet moment I've had in 48 hours.

      You have done an extraordinary job of story telling, laying layer upon layer of recollection, weaving and ducking, doubling back, and keeping. The product is coherent and deeply, deeply moving. I am bowled over by the photography in the new scenes.

      I think you have another big success on your hands, and I can't wait to see the film projected on a movie theater screen.

      Congratulations to you

    5. Cindy Kleine Creator on

      We received this very sweet commentary on the story and wanted to share:

      just viewed the entire piece. It's wonderful coverage and I'm pleased that the writer covered more than a couple of angles. Can't wait to see the film.

      The parts of the film shown in these previews are provocative and moving and much more. If there's a "negative" here, it's that I'd like to resurrect Andre's parents for just a few minutes in order to torment and then stab them. Perhaps that's not a negative? Am I being immature here?

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      Sharon James on

      The team behind this project are awesome and I really want to see this documentary completed. It's projects like this that make indie film what it is. Andre Gregory is himself a true indie artist and i'm proud to have backed this project. Its a very personal, intimate portrait from a great story-teller, a life worth exploring. Good Luck :)

    7. Cindy Kleine Creator on

      Thank you so much Stephanie!!
      Please share with everyone you know
      Via e-mail, too, if you can... The wider the
      Circle the more chance there is we'll meet
      Our goal!!

      Eager for you to see the film!!

      All the best,


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      Stephanie Fox on

      I was very moved with André's stories in "My Dinner with Andre". As a young Jewish woman, your description of what Andre learned later in life about his father moved me even more. I can't wait to see this film.

      While I may not have a very large Twitter or Facebook following, I've shared your project in both places. You never know where it might lead. :-)

      Thank you for making this film!!

    9. Robert Clements on

      I've seen it. Hoping for a little bit of extra teaser footage. Doesn't have to be footage from the final film - it may be a short out-take, something good enough to see, but not relevant enough for the final print. Anything to keep webpage changing for anyone who visits

      Good luck

    10. Cindy Kleine Creator on

      Robert, The trailer of the film is on the Kickstarter page. Please take a look! Thank you for your support and comment!

    11. Robert Clements on

      By the way: is there any chance of teaser footage appearing on this site? It would be great to see & link to

    12. Robert Clements on

      A fascinating project. Mind you, i'd love to see the extended interviews which get editted down for the documentary. I hope they appear on the DVD

    13. Cindy Kleine Creator on

      Love this tweet posted on Twitter, and it isn't even from anyone we know!
      The classiest film in post-production: at @kickstarter by @BeforeAfterDin Film fans take note.

    14. Cindy Kleine Creator on

      Wallace Shawn, who is in the film and is Andre's collaborator, has this to say about the film:
      "Before And After Dinner" tells the story of a fun-loving bohemian woman from a middle-class background who is not looking for a husband (either on the internet or anywhere else) and a fascinating theatre director many years her senior who has come from a wealthy but rather cold background and who in certain ways has never quite been able to calm down, relax, and enjoy his life. It's a story about two people falling in love and ultimately a story about how two people (both already fully-formed adults) make a life together. It is also a portrait of that notoriously difficult-to-portray subject, a happy marriage.

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      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    16. Alyssa Rallo Bennett on

      I met Andre when I was 14, as he was a friend of my Dad, Martin Steingesser, who is a poet, now living in Maine. He invited me to work on Alice in Wonderland, but being a NYC kid, i just wanted to get out of the city and go to camp up on the Hudson. Never-the-less, I saw his "Alice" and was very moved and inspired and remember it today as if i saw it yesterday. Later bumping into Andre on the subway in my early 20's, very involved in theater and optimistic - Andre seemed down on theater and companies. After a passionate talk and meeting or two, we started a theater "meeting" at my apartment, and then later in some NYU gym we acquired ending up in Edward Whitmont's Jungian "space" with the likes of Florence Falk, Mary McDonnell and other wonderful artists. Later, Angela Pietropinto, "Alice", who is forever flying through the air in my mind, became a friend and teacher at my independent film studio, Stonestreet Studios. Can't wait to see this film and share it with my NYU Tisch Drama students who train with us at Stonestreet!

    17. Brad Howes on

      ‎Amanda and I met André Gregory and his wife Cindy Kleine in San Miguel de Allende. We had a wonderful time visiting with them in their rental, which happened to be a house owned by a couple that are close friends with my mom. I can only assume that this film will be at least as charming and fascinating as was our conversation. Unfortunately, no dinner with André.