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A comfortable minimalist recliner, made from boxes and customized just for you.
A comfortable minimalist recliner, made from boxes and customized just for you.
166 backers pledged $19,343 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Dan Goldstein Creator on

      Robert - Good to hear from you. I have been sending updates to individual backer groups. You should have received one toward the end of last month. And there is another one coming - the last of the backer rewards should be shipping soon. If you haven't been getting the updates send me email directly at and I can look into this.

    2. Missing avatar

      Robert Geist on

      I find it truly unfortunate that there is still no update here and its almost July.

    3. Dan Goldstein Creator on

      Frank - Thank you for getting in touch. I'm sorry you haven't been getting the updates! There was an update in early March (sent to individual backer groups) and one sent in early April (sent directly to backers' email addresses). Contact me directly at and we can try and remedy this situation. There should be another update coming soon!


    4. Frank

      March and April have come and gone without product or an update. Providing one of the two would be the polite thing.

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      Rachel Alexis Fuerst on

      I saw your 3rd update. I pledged for 2 chairs but under different email addresses because they system would not let me get two under the same email address. I would be interested in getting felt for both, but since they are under two email addresses, the felt upgrade may not work. Can you please let me know how to fix this? Thanks.

    6. Dan Goldstein Creator on

      Elijah -

      The cardboard is untreated. I've found that spilled liquid when wiped up fairly soon doesn't have a chance to stain the cardboard. If you leave wine on it overnight though, it will certainly stain, as will most furniture. I do not recommend leaving the Re-Ply in a rainstorm, or steam-room for that matter.

      There are ways to waterproof cardboard with wax impregnation or lacquer that I am looking into for future versions or products. You can always experiment on an old box if you are interested in treating your Re-Ply at home (please let me know how it goes if you do).

    7. Dan Goldstein Creator on

      Casey -
      Great ideas. I am going to find a way for existing backers to add a cover to their existing order. I will add it to the FAQ once I find the best way to make this happen.

      As for bubble wrap...I will have to do some additional research on that one!

    8. Elijah Nicolas on

      Just wanted to know if the cardboard will have a coating of sorts. Will it or can it be waterproof or liquid resistant?

    9. Casey Paleos on

      Hi Dan,

      I'd like to know the answer to Emily's second question, which was whether or not the covers will be available for separate purchase after the launch.

      As for a stretch goal, it would be really cool if all $150+ backers (i.e. everyone getting an actual chair) could get a cover of some kind. If not faux fur or felt then maybe something less expensive than either but that still adds an additional degree of style & comfort.

      How about a cover made of bubble wrap? I think they make some kinds that don't easily pop. They could be clear or colored!

    10. Emily Chen on

      Yes, thanks for answering!

    11. Dan Goldstein Creator on

      Hi Emily -
      Oh yes, now I understand. There are not many color options for the thick 1/4" felt., as it is typically used in more industrial applications. In order to make the felt possible (it is the most $ component of the chair) I will be bulk purchasing the color shown. If you get the custom chair, we can do additional research and get a single piece of some other color or fabric for your chair (assuming it exists, and not woven of gold and platinum). I have not yet seen the same thick felt I am using in a darker gray. I hope this helps!

    12. Emily Chen on

      I mean, is it possible to get a dark gray instead of the light gray?

    13. Dan Goldstein Creator on

      Hi Emily - Absolutely!
      There are two rewards at the $275 level - the custom graphic version and the felt version. They are listed right next to each other in the right hand column. All models will be available in either reflective zinc plating or blue powdercoat. Does this answer your question? Thank you so much for backing this project, by the way.

    14. Emily Chen on

      Would it be possible to get a charcoal gray felt without upgrading all the way to the custom version of the chair? Alternatively, do you think you'll be offering the covers for separate purchase after launch?