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A Fighting game combined with a BRAWLER!
With a huge sword rocket launcher and a FLAMETHROWER!
A Fighting game combined with a BRAWLER! With a huge sword rocket launcher and a FLAMETHROWER! PC/Mac/Linux/PS4/XBone/PSVita/WiiU
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Progress Report! (sort of)



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    1. Tracey Craig

      I love your unfunny funny updates they make me smile even in my darkest hour!! Keep it up! Don't care about delays!

    2. Missing avatar


      So, estimated delivery 2015? Are we getting close man?

    3. Frank Napolitano on

      Have you guys considered moving the wiiu port to Switch? (Sorry if it's already been asked) The guys making snake pass and binding of Isaac have said that it's very easy to port to, with the former getting the game running in about a week. (Their words)

      Obviously I can only speak for myself here, but as a Wiiu backer, a Switch version is mighty appealing. I'd definitely change my copy to it.

      Besides, with each passing day a Wiiu version is looking less likely

    4. Cory Buckley on

      Switch version plz! I backed for Wii U but I would love a Switch version instead.

    5. Tentacle Blue on

      PS Vita backer. Don't worry, just dont be a Mighty n9 =P Take your time if you need we understand!

    6. Pauwels Vik on

      Another WiiU backer here ;) We understand the difficulties of the development for the WiiU version. Personally i kinda hope you guys make a Nintendo Switch port and give us the option to change our pledge

    7. Hernán Diego Saiz on

      I bought two copies of this game just for the WiiU because Nintendo 4 life.
      Later I changed one to PC to have a higher chance of getting it soon-ish.
      Now this.
      I would be mad... IF LYUBO WASN'T SUCH A COOL DUDE!
      Don't worry guys, from the beggining to the end, all of your backers got your back.
      Also, at this point you've put such a dedication to this labor of love that i'd wait up to 2 more years if needed to.
      I wonder if I can send them some chocolates via mail...
      Keep up the good job guys!!

    8. Thedude3445 on

      You guys are pretty much the best video game Kickstarter project I've ever backed in terms of consistent progress, community outreach, and admitting setbacks. Other projects I've backed or tracked will suddenly go six months without updates, or will fail to discuss any relevant behind-the-scenes happenings, just using updates as a publicity arm. Thanks for being great!

    9. Ted Yue

      Good update.
      I really, strongly support the idea of "making all updates to be a comic book" or even creating a new comic book, I will buy it!!:)

    10. Alex M. Lehmann on

      I've crowdfunded a bunch of projects over the years but this (and the updates) by far are my favorite one. You guys just keep on doing what you need to do... Also, at the end you should release all updates as a comic book PDF.

    11. Ivan Gonzalez on

      What do you mean with PC? Windows only? or also Linux and MAC?
      If only Windows, what about Linux and MAC ports?

    12. Missing avatar

      CNPalmer on

      Good afternoon... Vita backer here... I was wondering because of the delay in platform submissions, is it possible to switch the platform of choice for the pledge at least provide that option to those that backed the Vita or WiiU version to perhaps still receive the same "pledge package" but on a different platform?

    13. Missing avatar

      Hemholtz on

      Wii U backer here as well.
      Hearing that the WiiU's progress is slower than others is kinda expected.
      Similar to what other WiiU backers' mentioned, I wouldn't mind dropping the WiiU port to go to Switch. Problem of course is how far Georgi had the WiiU port done and whether it means months of work down the drain if the WiiU port was abandoned. A poll might be suitable once we know more about the Switch, since it might not be what every WiiU backer wanted in a Nintendo console.

    14. O.F. on

      Hey, another WiiU backer here !
      Great update, you managed to make the tedious fun !
      I really wouldn't mind if you Switched (plus it's easier to port to, supposedly, though I have no idea how or why), because by the time you get a WiiU version out the console will be months past relevancy (which is unfortunate but true, especially now that what I considered "key" projects that were the only incentive to keep it plugged through 2017 have been cancelled on the platform) and for a game with a multiplayer focus it would be pretty bad.
      I'm always excited to hear about the game, especially when the updates are so pleasant to read, so please take your time and do your best !

    15. Damien Bradshaw on

      how dare you guys make perfectly reasonable changes to make sure the game gets to us as soon as possible with minimal code changes for specific platforms.

      I am appalled at this insightful and straight forward look into your development processes and hurdles you have met when attempting to get a game running on like 2000 different consoles.

      I cannot stand how amazing you have all been throughout this whole process and I hope all the hard work pays off with an amazing game everyone is proud of.

    16. Missing avatar

      Edmund Chua on

      Quick question guys, I noticed that Mac wasn't mentioned in the update.. does that mean you won't be porting it to Mac?..

      I was kind of hoping for it since the start of the campaign.

      Sorry I had to ask, I know you guys are doing your best.

      Thanks for your hard work.

    17. Nick DeFeo on

      Stay strong. As I am only one backer, I still have all the faith in the world. You guys are all truly amazing.

    18. John Michael Guerrero on

      As a fellow game developer, I feel your woes. D:

      But as a backer, you two make these updates worth the wait. Keep it up and hang in there! :D

    19. John Archer on

      How could anyone be angry with you if you release your news in such a lovely, insightful and interesting way!? I really hope one day we will have a comic book just with your updates.
      It is a really cool way to illustrate the core and common code and merge problems. I will show that me colleagues soon.

      Take your time and thanks for the transparency!

    20. Peterious on

      Hi, WiiU backer here.

      A lot of projects that I've backed have dropped their WiiU support for the Switch. This seems like an obvious choice as development would be more in line with the PS4/XB1 ports. I know some would be disappointed, but I hope this is the direction you guys go. I'd rather have the game on a console I'm good by to be using for the next 5 years or so than a console that I'm probably not going to be using too much more in the near future.

    21. Kailan May on

      Honestly, don't worry about how dull this update seemed to you. I've backed things whose updates were far-n-few and whose updates were as dull as eating wallpaper paste. In comparison, your comic style is still really charismatic, and the information actually interesting. So don't worry, and thanks for this update!

      It's cool to see release is in sight (well, 2017 release date "in sight"). Hope you're surviving through development though, especially as this and the previous part does sound like you guys are going through a hectic time. I'm really looking forward to reviewing this for a website (by the way, I'm that awkward guy who interviewed Lyubo with a notepad and pen at EGX 2015, including some cool details about your next game), but take your time. Rather a great game than a game released now. I'm sure it'll be really cool to play in the end though.

      I did try to play it recently on Steam, but for whatever reason it seems to collapse in on itself upon launching. Just goes black and stays black. I'm hoping a new update in the future does fix it though, as I just finally got a controller so playing it should be a ton easier than keyboard + mouse. I can share details about it if it helps with your debugging, but I'm just hoping it irons out on its own.

      Anyway, sorry for the long comment, and thanks for sticking with it through the thick of it. Last I played of it (at EGX Rezzed 2016, for fun honestly) I really had a blast and really got my skull caved in by the secret boss I managed to meet finally.

    22. Jean Anthony Abrahamsen on

      I forgive you guys, keep working! :)

    23. Michael Barnhart on

      As a PC Gamer this update makes me happy. :-) just one more proof that the PC gaming industry is alive and well for a good reason.

    24. Missing avatar

      Andrew Anderson on

      Understandable, I'm still looking forward to the full game. With that said, a question. I backed at Dark Swordsman (unlimited Dark Mode) and selected Vita as my platform. If I buy a Steam/PS4 copy as well, can I get those rewards attached to that copy too?

    25. Katelyn McGill on

      Stay strong you guys! Your game is going to be amazing and though it may be stressful we are behind you and support you! Take the time you need and we will look forward to updates and the games launch when it is ready!! :)

    26. Xi The 11th Weapon

      It's okay you sometimes have to be serious. Unfortunate to hear about all these set back but you're upfront with us a much as possible. Here's hoping you guys can get everything sorted with the wii u and vita versions but focus on what you can do first then backtrack.

    27. Joshua Johnson

      Don't worry, cross platforming is a b!tch to manage, and even major gaming companies screw up with it all the time. I prefer waiting for a good game that runs well as opposed to getting a buggy game right now.

    28. foducool

      you friggin' genius, managing to make unfunny stuff funny

    29. Weakwall on

      ...I understand. *hugs the whole team*

    30. Beh Kok Seng

      Take your time! Just don't do any new project and put this project on hiatus!