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A Fighting game combined with a BRAWLER!
With a huge sword rocket launcher and a FLAMETHROWER!
A Fighting game combined with a BRAWLER! With a huge sword rocket launcher and a FLAMETHROWER! PC/Mac/Linux/PS4/XBone/PSVita/WiiU
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QnA Dec2017


Hello Everyone!
 Sorry for doing a text update...but there is a lot of information to cover :(
First I'd like to personally thank those of you that supported the change in the Dark Swordsman! Thank you all so much! But I am afraid that those of you that do not, have a valid point.
I completely understand why some of you guys are not happy with my desire to change the Dark Swordsman. You have an absolutely valid point. With all the support and understanding you've shown us throughout the project and all of it's delays, we should at the very least deliver what was promised. It really isn't fair for me to change it like that at the last second, no matter what.
I am really sorry for any confusion this has created.
We are going to deliver the Dark Swordsman in it's original design!
The Destroyer is put on hold for now. And if it ever DOES make it into the game-he will not be replacing the Dark Swordsman.

Ok! On to the QnA!

Q: When is the game coming out on PS4/XB1?
A: We are aiming for a late February or early March for a simultaneous release on PC/PS4/XB1. But it will all depend on how the submissions for consoles go. Pray for us!

Q: When are the Dark Gods coming?
A: The plan is to have one Dark God be released (as an update...not DLC) each month after launch for a total of 3 months. Hopefully this will help keep player interest and give the game enough time to find it's audience.

Q: Are you guys doing a Nintendo Switch version?
A: The platform looks amazing, but we don't even have a devkit for it :( So for now the answer is "not at this point" 

Q: Are you going to be offering refunds?
A: We are broke as f*ck...the only thing we can do is, despite delays, deliver what we promised no matter what it takes.

Q: I no longer play on my WiiU/Vita. Can I change platforms to *something else*
A: We totally understand...The lack of love that both those platforms have been getting from their respective companies has turned a lot of people off of them....
So the answer is "Yeah!".  But we will need Team17 to pre-order the keys for those different platforms, so we would like to ask all WiiU/Vita backers to fill out this online poll, regardless if you'd like to change your platform:
  WiiU change Poll
  Vita change Poll

Q: Any news on the Linux version?
A: Georgi is on it! If all goes well, the game's released version will have Linux support on launch.

Q: Will the change to the Dark Swordsman impact the artworky things we backed?
A: The backtracking on the Dark Swordsman change makes this question a bit weird to answer. But the artwork thingy will have all the art I've done for the game. Including a lot of artwork that was scrapped along the way and a short summery of what the character was.

These are designs for characters from the very beginning of the project...even before the PS3 version.
 The 4 armed chubby guy was a DPS focused minion (he was dropped because Georgi felt that "the 4 armed thing is too generic" even though I thought "the two armed thing was MORE generic" :D:D:D)
 The two characters with the swords were actually early versions of the Main Character.
 The Dragon Centaur and the Floating Knight were bosses.

Q: Is Version 1.0 coming to the steam version? The last  steam build says alpha 0.03
A: Team 17 will be updating the Steam Version immediately after new year :)

Q: How do I play multiplayer in the DRM free version?
A: OMG! I am such an idiot...I didn't explain that in the update...s*it...ok:
If you are in a Local network with another PC you can just select Find Match on both machines and they will find each other.
If you want to connect with somebody from an Outside Network-you will have to enter each others' IP in the Invite Friend window. Your IP will be displayed on every screen in the main menu so that you won't have to look it up. (I know it's a pain entering your IP with the WASD keys, but it will remember it from then on so you guys can easily play with each other after that)

Q: When can we expect our Posters/Tshirt/ets.
A: As soon as the game releases, we will start sending out stuff.

Q: I am having trouble logging in to the Web-Store-Thingy.
A: Maybe you've missed an email a long time ago. Maybe something is wrong with the account. Whatever this is we are setting up an email just for addressing that:
Please write to us from the email that your KS profile is linked to. That will be the verification we need to know that it's you ^_^

We tried to combine a lot of the questions into just these 11 in one way or another. But if you've got more questions or follow up questions, or we just haven't answered a question you had: leave it in the comments and we'll address them in another one of these QnA sessions. Since the bug-crunch is over, we will be doing one at the end of each month until well as a few more comic updates about little features and stuff ^___^

Again: Sorry for the Text Update :(








THE END IS NIGH! (:in the best of ways:)








Hey guys,
It's me, Lyubo...WE ARE STILL IN THE STUPID CAVE....working on preparing for the Technical Submissions. 
We keep thinking "next week we'll be ready!" but it's been like that for 2 months and stupid little stuff keeps popping up.
Some days it feels like every Fix, creates 3 new moral keeps teetering between "casually suicidal" and "hysterical"......good times T___T

If any of you would like to keep track of Georgi's daily progress, he has just started posting on our facebook page (I assume as a form of if you do check it out-please like it or comment something nice on it to keep his spirits up!)

Sorry for not posting for yet another, what is it now...3 months... ....f***k....F***************K.....I am sorry.......................................

This is all my fault...I keep thinking "I'll do a lovely comics update to give you the good news once it's all done".......that day is not here yet...I keep getting bogged down in hundreds of little tasks that need to be done for us to be ready for submission...
As a "wonderful" example:
Testing this weekend reveal a brand new problem with our "DAMNIT_FINAL_NEW_NEW_WALLS TRANSPARENCY4" system that we were hoping would solve ALL the issues with the camera getting obstructed by we're working on a brand new "FOR_THE_LOVE_OF_ALL_THAT_IS_SWEET_AND_HOLY_PLEASE_WORK_DAMNIT_FINAL_NEW_NEW_WALLS TRANSPARENCY4" system...since it requires a bit of very fiddly work on every level in the game, we're gonna test it on one level in the next few days and if it DOES work in 4 more days we will have it implemented all around the game...
We are very excited about it and not at all going f*****g crazy over it.

To the point:

I'm writing this update because I want to apologize to all of you that feel like you've been wronged by us...we are truly sorry about the huge delay, and with all the other kickstarters that have been failing some of you in one way or another, I honestly can't blame you for wondering if we are one of them...But I swear to you, we ARE GOING TO DELIVER THIS GAME (even if it's the last thing we do)!!!
And it will not be done by cutting features.
It will not be done by compromising quality.
And It will not be done by half-ass-porting it to whatever console you've chosen.
We will do right by's just...gonna take some more time...please forgive us...

Some of you may not know this, but we've been working on this project for almost 8 years...yeah...8 years...
And this is not a job for us.
We do not come to work at 9, "do the job" and leave at 6.
We have no concept of workdays and weekends.
We are here, doing our very f*****g best, to make a game that is "worth it" instead of just "done".

Do not get me wrong! We are WELL AWARE that we are not perfect(not even close)....and neither will the game be(no game matter how awesome it is).
But whatever our shortcomings, we are not con-artists, and this is not a shameless money-grab or a scam.
We will finish what we started no matter what happens.

If you're still reading this...thank you for your attention and your patience.
We will not fail you!

Progress Report! (sort of)