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Yes Man Watches: for your time, with a new kind of buckle's video poster

Our unique watch buckle creates the perfect fit, every time. This is more than just a watch; It's a way to consider your use of time. Read more

San Diego, CA Fashion
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This project was successfully funded on February 14, 2014.

Our unique watch buckle creates the perfect fit, every time. This is more than just a watch; It's a way to consider your use of time.

San Diego, CA Fashion
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About this project

We're blown away! Your support is incredible and we couldn't be doing this without you. Time for our second stretch goal! If you've already supported and want this awesome white on navy design, simply add $99 to your pledge amount. At the end of our Kickstarter campaign, we will send you a survey where you can specify which models you'd like.

As seen in the Huffington Post: 3 Lessons This College Entrepreneur Is Teaching Us About Living Life to the Fullest

As seen in Entrepreneur: Link

First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to check out our Kickstarter page. We truly appreciate all of your support!

Most people consider a watch just a sleek way to tell time. Time is invaluable and everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, yet so few actually consider how they spend their time. This is more than just a watch; it is a way to consider your use of time. Don’t go about life wondering what you could have been. You and I both don’t want to be those guys. Regardless of your past or present, there is still time to do what you desire.

We have spent the last year developing what we think will empower people to realize It’s Your Time. We had this innovative watch buckle design in our heads, but didn't quite believe we had the necessary resources to make this happen. After sketching out designs, building prototypes, and tweaking those more times than you could imagine, we are now ready to present the original Yes Man Watch- exclusively on Kickstarter!

Our Patent-Pending Buckle:

In our first model, we strived to incorporate our lifestyle directly into our watch. Your life shouldn't be constrained, neither should your wrist. Our new buckle has twice as many sizing options, guaranteeing a comfortable fit every-time. Instead of holes, we have a row of notches inserted in the leather. When you put our buckle on, you slide the leather through the buckle, and the buckle catches on these individual notches, making for an abundance of sizes. 

After seeing similar apparatuses being applied to waist buckles, we thought to utilize this concept and innovate watch straps. From this initial spark, we realized the benefits and worked with world-class designers to ensure our watches will fit perfectly on anyone’s wrist. 

Leather Health: 

Nowadays most watches have straps with holes that damage the leather. The strap gets worn out from pressure every time you adjust it. Never rock a worn out leather strap again with our buckle that keeps the leather looking new by taking pressure off the leather. Use our buckle to ensure your leather strap continues to look fresh. 

Logo Placement: 

There is a reason our logo is placed at the 5 mark. Too many people feel restricted by tiresome 9-5 jobs. Life is full of constraints, but truly there isn’t anything holding you back but yourself. Start chasing your dreams and who knows where you'll end up. Your potential is limitless; maybe you won't need that 9-5 job anymore.

Logo Design: 

Originally our logo was designed as a Yes Man, yet we’ve gotten feedback that it looks like a martini glass. Our logo is what you make of it, just how time is what you make of it.

Our Yes Man Story: 

Founder Nathan Resnick and friends cliff jumping
Founder Nathan Resnick and friends cliff jumping

As college students, we are always doing more than just going to class. Our friends envy our ability to get the most out of our day. Upon completing this past school year, we were excited to start what we thought to be amazing summer jobs. Though after weeks of working the tiresome 9-5 job, we realized how constraining that monotonous routine feels, and started Yes Man Watches out of our passion to inspire people to consider their use of time. Be a Yes Man by learning to live your life as you please. We continue to learn, and hope you're willing to learn with us.

We Started By Saying Yes:

We've truly come a long way since beginning this project. To design our first model, the Yes Man Watches team looked at thousands of watches and identified different aspects of each one that we liked, then applied those aspects to create our very own. To choose our leather, we screened hundreds of suppliers to identify a sample that feels great and works smoothly with our one of a kind buckle.

Originally, our team directed our manufacturer to put Be A Yes Man on our watch face. We believe the most powerful aspect of anyone’s life is taking action; we thought to directly incorporate this into our design. After receiving feedback, we decided to redesign our watch face to feature the smooth YM logo you see on it today. All these design aspects put together into this watch is what makes this a true Yes Man original.

Spec Breakdown:

Case Material: 316L Stainless Steel

Case Diameter: 42mm  

Face Diameter: 40mm  

Case Thickness: 11mm  

Band Width: 24mm  

Buckle Material: 316L Stainless Steel  

Movement: Japanese Miyota Quartz Movement

Water Resistance: 3 ATM

Warranty: One Year

Lead Time & Delivery: 

We have verified the quality and workmanship of our manufacturer who built the prototype you see in the pictures here. Our watches and buckles will be made by them. They can accommodate a small production batch or a very large mass production run. The branded packaging will also be provided by them.
Once we receive the watches and buckles from our supplier we will inspect each of them thoroughly. If they pass our quality control we will pack them securely and ship them to you. 

The Monthly Yes Man:

In the future we will be featuring a Yes Man of the Month that immensely fits the Yes Man lifestyle. No matter what your dream is, we want to hear it, and know how you are taking action to accomplish it. Share your Yes Man story with your friends and family, and believe in what you're doing. Each and every month we will choose a Yes Man of the Month that we will help become closer to living their dreams.

We Need Your Support:

We want to be completely upfront about the fact that we need your support to make these one of a kind watches. Remember with Kickstarter if we don’t reach our funding goal, we get nothing. Our reach only goes so far beyond our networks. If you could do something as simple as tweeting about our project, or just sharing our Facebook page, it can really go a long way (Click For Facebook and Twitter). By supporting us today, you are pre-ordering a Yes Man Original, guaranteeing you one of the few in our first production run at this special Kickstarter price. We want to reward all of our early backers with this special price over $100 off retail value. Also all US backers get FREE shipping.

Where does the $$$ Go? 

All of the money raised during this campaign will go straight towards the production of Yes Man Watches. This production run will hopefully be the first of many to come, as we plan to successfully launch Yes Man Watches. If there are any questions, please feel free to drop us an email.

Risks and challenges

One of the challenges when dealing with any physical product like this is complications in manufacturing. Rest assured, as we have already found reputable and highly capable suppliers to produce our watches. Everything from where we source our leather to the movement of the watch to final assembly, we've got it all dialed in.

We work directly with our suppliers from start to finish and even conduct all quality control in-house. Please remember that production won't begin until after this campaign ends. There may be speed-bumps along the way, but we will keep you informed throughout the whole process. We couldn't be more excited to get a watch on your wrist and inspire you to consider your use of time!

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  • Of course you can! For each additional watch you want, simply tack on another pledge amount to your current pledge. For example, if you're in at the $109 level, add an extra $109 for each additional watch. If you want two watches at that pledge amount, you'd pledge $218 (free shipping within the USA and an extra $22 for International).

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    Be A Yes Man. Pledge $1 or more and receive exclusive updates about stretch goals and other exciting news as our Kickstarter progresses. Every dollar counts! Thank you for your support.

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    Want to just check out our new Yes Man patent-pending watch buckle? We'll hook it up! This unique buckle allows for twice as many sizing options and a sleeker fit compared to traditional watch buckles. Apply our buckle and strap to any watch that fits a 24mm band. Includes free shipping within the USA!

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    SUPER YES MAN SPECIAL-- Easily the most exciting offer we have. Be one of the first 100 people who support us and receive a watch at over $100 off retail value plus free shipping within the USA! We are extremely grateful for your support.

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    YES MAN SPECIAL- Missed the super special? No sweat, we still have you covered. Only the next 100 backers will receive a watch at over $90 off retail value and free shipping within the USA! Same amazing deal as the one above and we truly appreciate your support.

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    YES MAN!! Here is your final chance to take advantage of these KICKSTARTER ONLY prices over $80 off retail value, including free shipping. Don't let this deal get away. Time is invaluable, let Yes Man empower you to realize It's Your Time!

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    Spend a whole day with the Yes Man Watches team! We will utilize the full 24 hours in a day, and make the most of our time. Be prepared to have a blast on the most adventurous day of your life. Get a good nights sleep beforehand, as we will be up early and be out late! We'll cherish every moment and truly make this a remarkable experience. Airfare/ accommodation not included- date will be mutually agreed upon.

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    YES MAN LEGEND- You will not only have the above experience of a lifetime spending a whole day with the Yes Man Watches team, yet will also receive our first prototype. Seriously, the very first Yes Man watch we ever received. This watch is truly invaluable and will be awarded to one amazing supporter.

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