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CULTIST SIMULATOR: a game of apocalypse and yearning from Alexis Kennedy, creator of FALLEN LONDON and creative director of SUNLESS SEA
CULTIST SIMULATOR: a game of apocalypse and yearning from Alexis Kennedy, creator of FALLEN LONDON and creative director of SUNLESS SEA.
CULTIST SIMULATOR: a game of apocalypse and yearning from Alexis Kennedy, creator of FALLEN LONDON and creative director of SUNLESS SEA.
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    1. Greg on

      As a software dev, these minor patch notes are fun to read. It sounds like it's just multiple rounds of "this is a tiny fix, shouldn't do much... Oh God why is everything broken!"

    2. Yodo

      And of course it's at this crucial point that my computer has gone down. A hardware failure, the machine sacrificing its mind to protect mine, or something far more sinister?

    3. Greg on

      Ok, actually started playing the test build. Is there a way to snap a card into the action area of the card thingy that has focus? (if that makes sense). I thought I'd be able to double-click, but that opens the help menu. So I tried right-clicking and... Also got the help menu.

    4. Alexis Kennedy Creator on

      Yes! I'm working on new content right now.

    5. Greg on

      Will there be any new content over the next two releases before launch, or is it just polishing until it gleams?

    6. Alexis Kennedy Creator on

      @Chirag: If you've redeemed a Steam key already, it'll download automatically. If you're using, just download the current version manually.

      If you're thinking, Steam key? itch key? we sent them out before Christmas, but they've probably been lost in your spam folder. If you have neither, mail and we'll sort you out.

    7. Missing avatar

      Chirag Asnani on

      I pledged for the perpetual edition version. How do I download the new Explorer's build?

    8. Joel M Bridge on

      Sweet my name in the build somewhere! If I run into myself or my writings I will hold it close.

    9. Alexis Kennedy Creator on

      Hullo! Sorry for the slow reply - we've been at GDC.

      I've worked 126 names into the game, 41 remain... but I can confirm that your name is actually somewhere in the current build.

    10. Missing avatar

      Kanishk Tantia on

      Hello everyone!

      I was wondering if the $70 reward (names and pseudonyms) had already been accomplished? I've been disastrously busy the past couple months and haven't been able to follow updates as much as I should!

    11. Missing avatar

      Jamie Murray on

      Thanks Lottie! Looking forward to it.

    12. Lottie Bevan Collaborator on

      We're planning to blog about our public answers in April some time! We shall post the link here when it's live. :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Jamie Murray on

      Hello lovely people!

      Have any of the answers to the Prophet-level lore questions been shared publicly yet? I thought they would be published on the blog if permission was forthcoming, but they haven't been yet.

      Which is fine. I merely wondered.

    14. Alexis Kennedy Creator on

      Niels: thank you very much, we properly appreciate that! You can look forward to seeing your name on a certain book...

      GuesssWho: it's not, but I built the Fallen London setting, nine years ago, and I still have many of the same obsessions I did then, so I wouldn't be surprised if it looks familiar.

    15. Missing avatar

      GuesssWho on

      Is this in the Fallen London setting? There seem to be shared concepts.

    16. Missing avatar

      Niels Malskar on

      Hi guys,
      This is my first time backing any project on kickstarter, and I want to express how floored I am by the game itself (even in its unfinished state) and your handling of the updates/community.
      You should all be so very proud of yourselves. I know that is a tough feeling to cultivate in a British heart, but do try.
      An Acolyte

    17. Alexis Kennedy Creator on

      Matt Bancroft, if you're reading this:

      You've sent us four emails and we've replied to all of them - but we've just got a fifth email saying you haven't seen anything.

      Can you check your spam filters for emails from, as well as support@, and try a different email account? Our mails obviously aren't getting through.

      I'll send this via Kickstarter DMs as well.

    18. Lottie Bevan Collaborator on

      Thai, all stack overflow exceptions should've been fixed in the build we've just released, so update and all should be well!

      David, I don't have an email with your name in it in my inbox! Email me ( and I'll get you your key at once. :)

    19. Missing avatar

      David Ellis

      How do I go about getting my key so I can play? I sent a message previously when it was mentioned but still nothing received...

    20. Thái Thiện on

      StackOverflowException: The requested operation caused a stack overflow.

    21. Missing avatar

      Angel on

      I tried to play the game for the first time, but I honestly found it a little disorienting. Is there a tutorial available? If so, how do I access it in my game? If not, would you pretty please consider adding even a short one? It might seem very straightforward to some, but not everyone (like me) will find it to be so. Either way, very excited to observe as it develops. Fantastic concept.

    22. Missing avatar

      James Olsen on

      Thanks for the reply Alexis. It's odd. I get a similar error when trying to delete the .exe downloaded form as well. It won't actually let me delete the game unless I rename the folder to something other than Cultist Simulator.

      I've tried everything suggested in the thread, but the file is still locked for me. I'll give steam support a try.

    23. Alexis Kennedy Creator on

      Someone else had this problem: resolved itself a few days later, apparently, but another user suggested some things in the thread that might be helpful.

      It might also be worth rolling the dice on trying Steam support, too.

      Do let us know if you find the solution! We can't reproduce and I'd like to know what's going on.

    24. Missing avatar

      James Olsen on

      Is anyone else getting the CONTENT FILE LOCKED message on Steam? My game refuses to download, and I can't seem to find any info online about the problem. Has anyone else had this problem? Anyone know how to fix it?

    25. Alexis Kennedy Creator on

      ugh, I wish we could pin comments; this keeps getting lost upthread. is the address to mail. Do check your spam filters first (I know, I know, it's like 'have you tried turning it off and on again', but we do get abashed followup mails)

    26. Chris Robson on

      I too have not received my steam key. Where should I email?

    27. Missing avatar

      David Ellis

      Hello, I still don't seem to have my steam code. Thanks

    28. Zachie on

      Do you have plans to add a tutorial? I’ll admit to being a bit confused when I started the game.

    29. Alexis Kennedy Creator on

      @Ben Tresman we love and embrace polite constructive criticism! which you lot are supplying by the bucket-load. Don't worry :)

      This build *is* shakier than I'd like. The autosave should still be running, and the backup save should still be working, which will make life a bit easier if you're struggling. The next build will, I hope and expect, much more stable.

    30. Missing avatar

      Ben Tresman on

      @RoyalBologna thanks for those tips. I wasn't sure if it was my computer setup or my play that was causing it. Figured out if I remove the cards in wrong order it creates a stack overflow. Just makes the stakes that much higher. Really like the puzzling aspect of this game. I apologise Lottie if my comments where reviewed as criticism, enjoying the creativity of the game.

    31. Lottie Bevan Collaborator on

      heya! we're aware of a number of stack overflow errors (along with other bugs) which we'll be addressing shortly. don't worry - this is the result of these early versions being dev builds, not representative of the final game we'll release. thanks to all who've submitted reports so far!

    32. Missing avatar

      RoyalBologna on

      Thanks to AK for making such an incredibly evocative game though, and the team will surely have bugs ironed out by launch

    33. Missing avatar

      RoyalBologna on

      @Ben Tresman

      Yep I did get that problem too, but I figured out that for me it was happening when I was replacing cards in tiles that already had cards in them, either from dragging cards into tiles without opening them, or opening them and dragging cards onto already occupied spaces. The overflows stopped once I first removed cards from tiles before slotting new ones in, (which you can do by just opening the tile and hitting remove) and I got quite far before wasting from disease, my massive fund stockpile unable to buy the health slipping from me in my desperate travails for power.

      Also if you feel you have gotten quite far and fear a stack overflow killing your game, save your game by going to the menu periodically, then if one happens, alt-tab/task manager and kill your game process, then reload it and you can continue from your last save. If you try to exit to menu while stack overflowing though you will corrupt your save beyond repair

    34. Missing avatar

      Ben Tresman on

      Has anyone else had problems with stack over flow making progression impossible?

    35. Missing avatar

      Ben Tresman on

      Might be an idea to email twitch and see if you can get your game added to their list of games I think at the moment the is video of game play under creative. That will help potential new customers find more info and pick up streams of your game more easily. I haven't heard of people trying to pass games off as their own but sadly wouldn't surprise me.

    36. Lottie Bevan Collaborator on

      hey Ben, thanks for asking! we're happy for any fans to stream/make videos/benefit from official monetisation (e.g. subscriptions), provided they credit weather factory/us and don't claim it as their own work (?!). but surely no-one would do such a terrible thing.

      let us know if you make anything, we can share it around. :)

    37. Missing avatar

      Ben Tresman on

      Do you have a youtube / twitch policy regarding the cultist simulator? I am considering making some content but want to know if you offer permission to do so and if you allow people to benefit from youtube / twitch monetization programs?

    38. Alexis Kennedy Creator on

      We're talking to itch about the Steam key issue now. We hope it'll be fixed in hours or days; if it turns out to be longer than that, we'll find another way to get them to you.

      Sorry for the mix-up!

    39. Jordi Kroon 'erbkaiser' on

      Like others, I cannot find the Steam key on the page.

    40. Failstar on

      I got my Ich key, but am not seeing any sort of Steam key anywhere on the Ich download page or anywhere else, email or otherwise.(Just as an FYI!)

    41. lee grenter on

      same as others are posting here..... I loaded the perpetual from itch when my kickstarter key was sent end of last year. logged back in there on receiving the email but there is no sign of any steam key! I can download the Neville edition from itch itself. I did not purchase from itch but was a backer.

    42. Lottie Bevan Collaborator on

      Hey all! Every backer who pledged £8 or over will have been allocated an itch key, which was sent out in December. But there *is* a known issue with Kickstarter/Mailchimp emails being eaten by spam filters, which might explain why you didn't see it come through?

      Email me at if you're missing your itch key and I'll sort you out. The only info I need is the email you backed with - I can snag your key for you with that. :)

      ItsCarlGustave / Trenton, you've run into a v annoying problem with our Steam key plan, which is Steam keys apparently are *not* redeemable via itch to users who've redeemed itch keys (you have to have bought the game from itch with Actual Money for the Steam key to appear).

      We're looking into the best way to get you all keys in the meantime, so please bear with us! Neville's available for all via itch in the meantime, and we'll sort Steam keys for you all ASAP.

    43. Trenton O Barber on

      I also do not see a key for Steam when I visit It shows I have the perpetual edition but no code and if I click on Neville's build, it wants me to pay for it.

    44. Catherine Brooke on

      I never received any codes for this game either.

    45. Missing avatar

      ItsCarlGustaf on

      Looking on, I don't see where to get the steam key? It's not on the Download page, although links to the Win/Mac/Linux downloads are.

    46. Tamahagane on

      I have the same problem that other people have, I've not received any codes to my email and I've checked my spam folder as well :(

    47. Missing avatar

      Ben Tresman on

      I think my codes were also lost by spam filter / didn't receive it. Sent email but thought I would also post here just incase spam filters are conspiring against me and you don't get my email lol. Would it be possible to resend the keys / codes? Sorry about the trouble :(

    48. Aidan on

      Hihi, I've got the same issue as Sergio. I didn't realise we were emailed the keys and I was waiting for the Steam release before trying it, now I can't find the email containing the key.

      I've searched my entire mailbox and theres no email containing the key. Would it please be possible for me to get another email sent please?

      Sorry for and bother and thanks for any help

    49. Sergio Gomez Garcia on

      Okay stupid me didnt know we received the codes for itch io time ago and I´ve already looked on my email but... I think junk mail got rid of that message :C
      Is there any way to receive the e-mail again? Sorry for the trouble I should check the mail more often hahaha

    50. Lottie Bevan Collaborator on

      Ask Lehrmann - I've just double checked and you should have received a code through as normal. Could you check your spam box just in case? It would've come through from me (, I think. I'll email you your key again now anyway. :)

      a.a - good idea! I have not compiled notes from our Stolen Name backers yet, but I shall certainly see if there's interesting juice to be pulped there. Mmmm.

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