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CULTIST SIMULATOR: a game of apocalypse and yearning from Alexis Kennedy, creator of FALLEN LONDON and creative director of SUNLESS SEA
CULTIST SIMULATOR: a game of apocalypse and yearning from Alexis Kennedy, creator of FALLEN LONDON and creative director of SUNLESS SEA.
CULTIST SIMULATOR: a game of apocalypse and yearning from Alexis Kennedy, creator of FALLEN LONDON and creative director of SUNLESS SEA.
4,788 backers pledged £82,033 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Joel M Bridge on

      I can't wait and congratulations I can't wait to hear updates and future updates and your plans etc.

    2. Missing avatar

      a.a. on

      Glaedth: "@a.a. Maybe someone just misclicked?"

      They misclicked the 5,000 dollar option and didn't notice until they had made the pledge?

    3. AcesofDeath7

      Congratulations! Hope you enjoyed your bacon sandwiches and look at the river.

    4. Missing avatar

      Glaedth on

      @a.a. Maybe someone just misclicked?

    5. Missing avatar

      Sarah on

      Congratulations!! Eager to see how this project will develop. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, you've certainly earned it :)
      (also, not-so-secretly can't wait to see your adorable daughter again in the later stream!)

    6. Missing avatar

      a.a. on

      "And I am quietly relieved to have got away without a tattoo."

      One of my friends (also a backer) claims he saw someone pick God From Blood and then back out of it in the space of a few minutes. I'm left wondering if that actually happened or if he was just seeing things.

    7. Alexis Kennedy Creator on

      thank you! and congrats to us all!

      I'm going to sit down for a bit an argument with Lottie about whether I should have a spoopy October Twitter name. You lot are the best. Hang on, blog post I just posted:

      stay safe; dream furiously; and one more time, *all* the thank yous.

    8. iqSoup on

      Yeeehaw!!! Huge congratulations!!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Mienski on

      Aaaannnnndddd we're done congrats

    10. Alexis Kennedy Creator on

      Okay that's an hour to go! And I am quietly relieved to have got away without a tattoo.

      I'll do a quick stream as we CROSS OVER. We passed the 80K goal so I will do a more extended livestream later (my daughter made me promise she could be in that one).

    11. Alexis Kennedy Creator on

      A pleasure!

      Re Cards and Slacker Backing I'm going to allow pre-orders at a higher price, probably, and I might yet do cards, but I won't just keep the same total and stretch goals

      Re touch control - I have an experimental build running on my Android tablet, and it does work pretty well

      Linux: yw! What made this easier for me is experience of the quality of feedback that many Linux players provide in trying to work out what doesn't work.

    12. Missing avatar

      Crims on

      I backed this due to the AMA, so thanks for putting it on!

    13. Missing avatar

      Steven Kaplan on

      Any chance of a slacker backer thing like I've seen in other crowdfunding campaigns?

    14. Missing avatar

      Sarah Warren on

      I'm so excited!!!
      (I think a physical card set would be awesome, too.)

    15. Missing avatar

      Sage Young

      That final stretch goal is awesome! I certainly wouldn't mind getting my hands on a physical card set of Cultist Simulator.

    16. Greg on

      Probably been asked, and something I could figure out by playing the alpha, but will there be any touch control optimization? It looks like a game that'll be played mostly with the mouse, and I like the thought of playing those types of games in tablet mode on my laptop, but in practice most of them have some small issue that makes it completely impractical.

    17. Missing avatar

      Clifton Royston on

      Almost to the £80,000 goal, at least!

    18. Missing avatar

      TJ on

      What was will be
      what will be was

    19. James Duffy

      I wanted to add that I love the Linux support. It's much more common these days anyway, but I know we're still a smaller share of the market and we appreciate it.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jon Davis on

      I'll support this on the game play alone. It's one of the most interesting game play ideas I've seen in a while. I'm super excited to see what you do with this :)

    21. Joel M Bridge on

      Other words he needs to get tattooed five times.

    22. 77explorer on

      @ Colin Morley: The stretch totals are in pounds, not dollars...which leaves roughly 25,000 pounds to go.

    23. Missing avatar

      Colin Morley on

      I mean, we only need 1 person to support at the God-who-was-blood level to hop over the 100k line...anyone have some good tattoo ideas?

    24. Missing avatar

      Thibault Leseur on

      even if the 100k are not reached, I would find it perfekt to reach 77777£ !

      I would really like if cultist simulator would see the continuation of something which is not to be spoken of in fallen London and ended at a value of 2 when you left ;)

    25. 77explorer on

      @ Alexis Kennedy: In the case that we fall short of £100,000.00, would you consider doing a digital version of the Hours/Entities Tarot Deck? As the art (for the Hours most likely) will be developed as part of this project, the cards could be in the form of a high quality PDF. Each page would have a number of card faces, alternated by pages with card backs; this would make it possible for the deck to be printed out (at home or via a professional shop).

      This game's story has an odd wonder to it; each card collected and played is like an individual frame from a shredded reel, providing only distorted snapshots into a life in the pursuit of, as you said, a perilous longing. I feel this deck will make a great companion to the story you wish to tell and it would be unfortunate if it never got to see fruition.

    26. Alexis Kennedy Creator on

      Marcus - the physical reward is a USB key in a nice box, so there'll be a digital copy inherent in the physical. Like a soul, I guess.

      Riccardo - I'd like to do one! it depends on all the things you'd expect, chiefly how well the project does.

      Everyone - I don't think we'll reach 100K! But that's *fine*. I sincerely appreciate every bit of promotion that everyone does (thanks, Clifton!) - but only if you're feeling energetic. I'd rather ride over the finish line on an elephant than race over it on a wolf.

    27. Missing avatar

      Clifton Royston on

      Please all keep promoting the Kickstarter for the last few days! I put up another FB plug for my friends yesterday, maybe I'll reach a few more that way.

    28. Vryl

      I wouldn't worry about reaching 100k... well, maybe a little since the project does end over the weekend. Might hurt the traditional 48 hour rush.

    29. Riccardo Previdi on

      "if" we don't reach 100k, will a separate Kickstarter for the Tarot Deck be considered further down the line? :D (I'd 100% buy it)

    30. Missing avatar

      Marcus on

      Hey Alexis - will the Disciple reward be physical-only, or will we also receive a digital copy?

    31. Vryl

      While I'm certainly not suggesting it be in the game - it seems like a very ambitious addition - another cult that *isn't* under your control would be quite an avenue for intrigue. Working against them by stealing cultists or infiltrating to steal arcane lore...

    32. Missing avatar

      Jasper Carmichael on

      I oringinally found out about this project from Fallen London/Sunless skies. When I tried out the Alpha version and was hooked; the game shows great promise. The design is very interesting, feeling like solitaire at certain times (but with Cthulu). However, when initially creating a cult, I wondered if there could be two or more soceities/cults working (together or opposed) at the same time. As you control both, the risk increases but the rewards (for yourself obviously) increase as the networks grow larger and may conflict. A bunch of backstabbing cultists controlled by a equally duplicitous leader/high preist/harbringer of chaos, selfishly using their followers for enlightenment/power. Maybe an idea for a DLC ? Other than that, I can now only wait for Cultist Simulator, in great anticipation.

    33. Vryl

      The Cult of the Ebon Hand. The Order of the Hidden Eye. The Society for Late-Night Takeout. The Sanctimonious Brotherhood of Truth or At Least Convenient Lies.

      I'd have fun getting to name things.

    34. Joel M Bridge on

      I person like the name as they are but for written work it would be interest in the have some type of name generator. If I am being to bold by asking Alexis unless you prefer Kennedy what is you possible feature list?

    35. Vasil Asenov Tsakov on

      Wow, I didn't actually expect you to write back. Thanks for answering my question Mr. Kennedy!

      Oh and I wanted to tell you that when I was playing the alpha I noticed you could pick up cards and their timers would stop. I assume we won't be having that luxury later down the road, will we?

    36. Alexis Kennedy Creator on

      Actually, it's not moronic! One of the *possible* features on my list is allowing players to name cults they create and books they write. But it's not a core feature and it means addressing a bunch of nuisance problems (how would the UI work, which items would be nameable, that sort of thing) so it's no more than a 50/50 chance of going in, I reckon.

    37. Vasil Asenov Tsakov on

      No, scratch that. That was a pretty moronic question to begin with.

    38. Vasil Asenov Tsakov on

      I have but one question Mr. Kennedy, - can we name our cults in the final version?

    39. Alexis Kennedy Creator on

      Thank you both! To be absolutely clear, everything I put out here or on the blog is 100% fine to share.

    40. Missing avatar

      Glaedth on

      I just want to be sure, because Im running the discord and want to be sure that we can discuss this stuff in there despite it being only for the backers.

    41. Vryl

      @Glaedth - if they were intended to be private there'd be something saying that they were for backers only. It should be fine to show non-backers the updates.

    42. Missing avatar

      Glaedth on

      Hey Alexis I wanted to ask if its okay to discuss and show backer updates to non backers?

    43. Missing avatar

      Sarah-Nelle on

      To Richard's point, I was one of those who heard about the campaign via Fallen London; I checked out the page right away and decided which level I'd splurge on. I didn't back until Sep 12 — and felt I was jumping the gun a bit even then.

      When people have time, we'll wait until we don't anymore. We're silly that way.

    44. Richard S. Hetley on

      You commented recently on the funding slowing down. Typically, projects get most of their funding in large bursts at the start and the end; this is one reason that Kickstarter itself encourages you not to run your project for very long. The middle is an agonizing slog if you're trying to advertise loudly every day.

      I checked daily data for you, and, yes, the slog itself seems to be slowing down, but that's just as you said about the advertising. You've easily got more waiting for you when (a) interested people are reminded to pledge before the thing closes and (b) totally new people see it as a successful project "ending soon." I'd bet about 2/5 of the sum you got in the initial burst.

      Meanwhile, you've got a lovely page with an audience full of people eager to hear from you. I think your most recent fiction post was great writing (up to the standard set by Fallen London for sure), and, now that I've finally played the demo, I'd say everything is looking great. I hope you feel better soon, and I can't wait to see what comes next.

    45. Missing avatar

      Rafael Eisele on

      Can't wait for this game to come out. I played through the Alpha once and that had me convinced already to pledge to this kickstarter as soon as I could. Big time fan of your works so I'm looking forward to the full release of Cultist Simulator.

    46. Alexis Kennedy Creator on

      Peter - if the backer in question okays it, I'll publish it on the Oracles page!

    47. Peter Cadow Kopciak on

      @Alexis Kennedy: Will you publish the question which have been asked to you at the Prophecy Level? Even without an answer it would be really intertesting to know that answers to some specific questions exist - just to tease people; everybody loves a good tease :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Timofei on

      Steven Crane: They actually did! Failbetter sent an email talking about it to their players. That's how I came to learn of it, actually.

    49. Steven Crane

      @Alexis Kennedy: Wouldn't Fallen London not run a cheap or even free little ad for you given your history?

    50. Missing avatar

      Clifton Royston on

      Vryl: Rather than posting a spoiler here, I suggest you check the Weather Factory subreddit at where there is lots of discussion of the prototypes, including the answer to your question.

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